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It's well-known that 'Rumours' was based on the dissolving personal relationships between the band members at the time both Buckingham and Nicks and John and Christine McVie broke up as 'Rumours' was being made. This song added a professional wrinkle to the turmoil. The breakup song was later released as a single from the live album 'The Dance' and included on the reissue of 'Rumours,' where it rightfully belongs. Stevie Nicks' prettiest song has had a long and winding path on its way to the Top 10 Fleetwood Mac songs.

It was originally released on 's self-titled album, buried on side two, where no one really paid much attention to it. But over the years, as other artists -- including Smashing Pumpkins and Dixie Chicks -- covered it, 'Landslide' has become one of the band's enduring songs. Nicks wrote it before she and Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac. She was in her mids at the time, but she somberly looks back on her past and forward to years to come, like there's a lifetime of regret behind her.

Is 'Tusk' the weirdest song to ever hit the top 10? It's certainly an odd choice for the first taste of the long-awaited follow-up to one of the best-selling albums ever made.

Top 10 Fleetwood Mac Songs

There's no hook, it's powered by an unwavering tribal drum beat and a freakin' marching band blasts its way through the last part of the song. And don't even bother trying to figure out what it's about. If nothing else, the song is a cornerstone to the consistently magnificent and occasionally baffling 'Tusk,' Lindsey Buckingham's finest moment as studio guru.

Stevie Nicks' witchy-woman rep starts here, and it remains her most supernaturally spiked song.

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Nicks likes to say 'Rhiannon' -- which was released as a single in and just missed the Top 10 on the charts -- is about a Medieval Welsh witch. Whatever the case, the haunting melody and fairy-tale lyrics have served as a template for her songwriting over the years, as well as the go-to name for classic-rock-lovin' strippers across the nation. The song -- Fleetwood Mac's only No. We'd say it best summed up the heart-scarring battleground of 'Rumours' if it wasn't for the song at the very top of our list.

If you weren't percent certain that ''Rumours' is a breakup album, the first single from Fleetwood Mac's gazillion-selling LP drives a sharp, pointed stake straight into the heart of the subject and holds up the bloody mess for all to see. There's lots of general bitching on the album, but 'Go Your Own Way' is the nastiest kiss-off -- basically Lindsey Buckingham airing out his crumbling relationship to Stevie Nicks for all to hear. His cathartic guitar solo at the end of the song says it all, and it's all you need to know why 'Go Your Own Way' sits at No.

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It resulted in a beautiful song and another surrealistic video based on several paintings by Rene Magritte. The band was not getting along at the time of the video shoot, and their tension is palpable in the final version. Talk about "F You" songs! While the song is sunny and bright on the surface, the deeper context is the anger and pain Buckingham felt.


Somehow, he transformed it into an instantly recognizable song. The production and style of the song are indicative of popular adult contemporary music in the late '80s, and the video gained heavy rotation on MTV and VH1.

Next up on our list of the 10 Best Fleetwood Mac Songs is perhaps the Mac's most ambitious production. The only Fleetwood Mac song to reach No. She wrote it in one sitting on a Fender Rhodes in the back room of Sausalito, Calif. It was recorded the next day and has been covered numerous times, and it remains a classic rock radio mainstay.

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Not only is this our pick for No. Is our list of the 10 Best Fleetwood Mac Songs missing your sonically sweet, emotionally messy fave?