Change OS X MAC Address

Change or Spoof a MAC Address in Windows or OS X

So here is how to tell. The actual network adaptors present in your computer are all that XP lists. Vista and 7, on the other hand, lists many additional possible network connections, even if they aren't being used.

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But the Wireless and Local Area Connection sections are the same. If you have Open Transport, use it. If not, while you are connected to an ethernet network the Internet, for example , do the following:. Several people tried this command for me. Most got the MAC address, but some didn't. I have no idea why. Skip to main content Accessibility Resources.

Academic Computing and Communications Center. Search form Search. IP Address There are several ways of determining your computer's IP address: Visit online tool sites like whatismyipaddress. You will have a physical address for each network connection that you have. The is the ipconfig output on Windows XP. My XP computer has two network connections -- an ethernet connection, labeled Local Area Connection, and a wireless connection, labeled Wireless Network Connection the wireless connection isn't currently set up.

Click the Advanced button. Click the Info button. The Hardware address is your MAC address.

How do I find the MAC address of my iOS device?

Linux Become root, using su. The wireless is en1 ; it is being used and its MAC address is ether f:5b:c7:ee:2f. OpenBSD Become root, using su. The name of the adaptor in this case is ef0 , its MAC address is called Address , and it is aa:4a In older versions of HP-UX, you might have to use lanscan. IRIX Become root, using su. Become root, using su. If that does not work, it is possible that the output from running dmesg will include the MAC address amongst a lot of other information. Of course, if you have a local sysadmin they can probably determine this information for you.

If all else fails, you can always get Magma to tell you the MAC address.

How to Change MAC Address (Macintosh)

If you have followed the appropriate steps above and still been unable to determine your machine's MAC address, you can always get Magma itself to tell you what MAC address your machine has. When you try to start Magma without an appropriate magmapassfile , it should print an error message and exit. Part of this message will be the MAC address es that it detected for your machine.

How to Locate a MAC Address in Mac OS X

Any one of these should work. Note: you will have to run Magma from a shell or command window in order to see this message. Otherwise the window will close before you have time to read it! The drawback of this approach is that you will then have to send us your MAC address and wait for the magmapassfile to be generated.

Locating the MAC address during Chromecast setup

If you are able to tell us the MAC address ahead of time i. Any should work, as long as it is nonzero. As a general rule it is best to use the first one outputted by the methods above. You can specify it in the appropriate section of the order forms , or simply email it to us.

The order form expects the MAC address to be specified in one of a few ways; if you use a different format then it will be unable to recognise the MAC address. The MAC address must be specified using hexadecimal digits 0 to 9 or A to F , possibly with separators between them. In the following format descriptions, X will indicate a value which must be such a hexadecimal digit, and Y indicates either 1 or 2 hexadecimal digits.

The formats understood are:. Formats other than the above will not be recognised. Note that it doesn't matter whether lower case or upper case letters are used, and when separators are used a leading zero may be omitted from any component.

How do I find my MAC Address?

In most cases it should be possible to directly copy-and-paste the value obtained by following the instructions above. If you think that you have followed the format but are still getting an error message, re-type the entry carefully; it may be that you have accidentally used a letter instead of a number or vice versa. Send us the new MAC address and we will send you an updated magmapassfile for use with your new hardware configuration.

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