Tutorial #21 Motion Tracking all in AE! (CameraTracker)

You can only really export camera data to Hitfilm but these videos explain the basics of how they work together. Yes that would be awesome. But unfortunately, You'd have to buy mocha on its own software to make it happen. You see it's incredible addition to hitfilm to have this possibility to use mocha hitfilm, but it's so cheap, there's no way mocha would allow the usage outside hitfilm. It is a "bundle deal". I suggest you to try out blender, it has 3D tracking inside, it's free I think it's easy to use, accurate and really fast! Tho there's some problems yet to export tracking data from blender to hitfilm, but I hope it's fixed soon.

Apart from that, if the modo can import for example, maya ascii tracking data, There's no problem exporting from blender to modo!

As suggested above, it would be worth checking out Blender - it's free and could be integrated into your workflow. Thanks everyone for the responses. I'm aware of Blender and have been meaning to look into the tracking capabilities I was just hoping that there was another way that might have been a bit simpler.

What is Camera tracker

I recently started using it again with the Blender 2. It is very accurate and faster and well worth spending some time with it. Initially it looks complicated but in reality is straightforward. That is cheap!! Yes one thing I'd like to see is "rotoscoping-tools" from mocha, or whatever they're called.

Camera Tracker For After Effects | Foundry

I looked some tutorial and it was plain awesome, to track 3D stuff, it makes matte's bay itself without the need of manual labor, and also, somekind of tracked 3D-painter to remove for example, tracking markers from the footage! The main point of creating mocha HitFilm was to that we could get 3D camera solving included in the software, and switching mocha HitFilm to match mocha AE would completely remove that, meaning a huge step backward. Also, HitFilm already has basic wire removal, or tracking marker removal, by way of the Clone Stamp tool. Its not an equivalent to the tools in mocha Pro, but it is hugely powerful and not to be overlooked.

So Hitfilm has made its name on no plug ins and when you do one amazing plug in its hard not to get envy when you see certain things missing and don't fully understand how to do comparable things like digital makeup. Advanced tools for shape editing: per-point edge feathering, join layers tool, transform tool, group layers, and motion blur.

Now with faster with GPU rendering! Remove unwanted elements, wires, rigs, tracking marks, and cameras. Generate clean plates for massive time-savings. The Remove Module is an amazing alternative to traditional clone and paint techniques for getting rid of unwanted pixels and removing objects.


It automatically detects temporal clean frames to blend and align pixels with little user input. Learn how Mocha is used to remove the camera at the nadir. Render accurate match moves and screen inserts with realistic motion blur or mesh warp distortions.

Render graphics onto your tracked screen surface within Mocha Pro or back to your host timeline with the new plug-in option. Smooth camera jitter and lock down shots. The Stabilize Module can lock down camera motion or stabilize moving objects based on planar tracking. The smooth option with selectable anchor frames helps reduce high-frequency jitters while maintaining original camera motion. Center, scale or crop stabilized footage based on user-driven tracking.

Calibrate, correct, and remove lens distortion.

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This simple and easy-to-use interface allows users to calibrate the distortion introduced by camera lenses. Unwanted lens distortion can be removed or matched for realistic compositing. Stereo 3D planar tracking, masking, and object removal workflow. Solve 3D match moving capabilities with planar ease.

Blackmagic’s Fusion 8 for Mac in Beta

Unlike feature based camera tracking, Mocha solves the 3D camera based on user-selected planar data. This fast and easy-to-use solution is ideal for set extensions, 3D text, and particle tracking. Additionally, the 3D solver can be used to assist other 3D tracking applications on difficult shots with low detail or significant foreground occlusions.

Mocha Pro now includes all of the features from Mocha VR for mono and stereoscopic video workflows. Award-winning video tools for tracking, masking, horizon stabilization, object removal, nadir patching, and spherical video post. The native optimized workflow simplifies spherical video post-production challenges. Work across seams with less pre-comps, nesting or rendering. For years, customers asked for mocha to export 3D.

The 5 best 3D tracking tools for CG artists

The intent is not to compete with 3D tracking, but to offer an alternate methodology and approach. Sometimes this approach will be very fast and useful, but I do not believe that there is really any "one solution" for all 3D tracking challenges. Hi Ross, here's a late question for you. Thanks again Mac. I tried with the free version of mocha and didn't get very far--so I'm not sure if it's a solution, or maybe I just wasn't pushing the right buttons.

Sorry to miss your question. You will then get a 2D corner pin to match the perspective. It sounds like you wanted a "3D track". In this case, the AE camera tracker is great for basic camera moves. This has been discussed in past threads, so I hope it helps. Perspective corner pin is what you want for most screen inserts and to have text elements follow realistic motion.