Che cos’è un errore 502 bad gateway?

You Window DNS cache has just been flush.

Come Risolvere l’Errore 502 Bad Gateway

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This really worked for me. Sometimes clearing DNS cache will help you see the recent changes made to any site you visit. Hey, I mistakenly typed dscacheutil — flushcache. I put a dash and a space after it. Now is that an issue or something. Is there any way I can undo that. Hope to hear soon.

The Linux variant is just wrong.

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The instructions for Linux are incorrect. The Linux kernel does not do DNS caching.

How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Firefox

Applications such as Firefox also perform DNS caching by default. Best to also check that the service is set to start on startup within the Right-click Properties dialog box. Chances are the issue was with an upstream DNS server or maybe your firefox cache as per. Also, there could be other daemons installed instead of nscd, dnsmasq or bind for example Bind is generally not the best for a desktop — but is still installed on a lot of servers.

Dnsmasq I believe has to be restarted for the cache to be flushed. In case your current DNS server has the incorrect info cached, try changing your caching DNS server settings in your Network Settings to use a different server. Thanks for the advice. Hi daftwill, i suspect your PC was infected by virus. Do a full system scan with your anti virus. I tried what Kyle said and it pretty much changed nothing. FireFox instantly began resolving again.

Go figure. Just have Wine installed and then use the PortableApps Firefox browser. The rest is what is written before the command prompt. Click the Microsoft Vista Start logo in the bottom left corner of the screen 2. Click All Programs 3. Click Accessories 4. Select Run As Administrator 6. You will see the following confirmation:. To whom ever it may concern…………… Can you give me a solution for this……… Here we are using Terminal server with more than 50 clients at a time…….. Please can you give me a solution for this……………..

And we are using Domain environment also. Please give a solution for this……. On my Debian machine, the nscd daemon is not installed by default. Description: A daemon which handles passwd, group and host lookups for running programs and caches the results for the next query. Does anyone know a better solution, let me know. Questo sito utilizza sia cookies persistenti che di sessione. Quelli di sessione non vengono memorizzati in modo permanente sul Suo computer e svaniscono con la chiusura del browser.

Questi cookies, vengono memorizzati in modo permanente sul Suo computer e hanno una durata variabile. Hanno solo un valore tecnico e ci aiutano a far visualizzare alcuni elementi della pagina web in modo personalizzato per ogni utente. Entrambi sono gestiti da Google Inc.. Anche la funzione monitoraggio delle conversioni di AdWords utilizza i cookie. Gli utenti possono disabilitare i cookie del monitoraggio delle conversioni di Google nelle impostazioni del proprio browser Internet. HTTP cache is fired when the server sends the correct headers , you can't access with javasvipt.

Cache api in the other hand is fired when you want, it is usefull when working with service worker so you can intersect request and answer it from this type of cache see: ilustration 1 ilustration 2 course. I would recomend the third one see. Fist option is best I thing. Learn more about Teams. Clear the cache in JavaScript Ask Question. Asked 10 years, 2 months ago. Active 3 months ago. Viewed k times. How do I clear a browsers cache with JavaScript?

Chrome (OS X)

We deployed the latest JavaScript code but we are unable to get the latest JavaScript code. Dylan Brams 1, 1 1 gold badge 13 13 silver badges 28 28 bronze badges. I guess you mean, how to force client browsers to use your latest version of javascript and not their cached version - in that case you need Greg's answer.

How to clear the Firefox cache

If you want to know how to do it in your own browser, it's David Johnstone's answer. A common approach is to attach a? Every new build will request a new version of the JS file. JuanMendes This does not always work. This same step is suggested when people have issues trying to see the latest favicon. It's just not guaranteed to work. Kevin Hakanson Kevin Hakanson Wow, thanks! I had an old manifest that wasn't being removed from memory, so one browser that had it cached just wouldn't show newer files.

I typed this in the javascript console, and worked fine. Is this same as user click on the refresh button? Manuel It will only disable accessing the page from cache of the exact url that you called location. It never clears the original page from the cache as it simply appends a time stamp to the new request, and if there are other calls made asynchronously by this page, those requests will NOT have their caching behaviors disabled.

If you refresh a page with reload true that loads some html, and that page has a script that makes a second ajax call for more html to display on the same page, the second request will not have its caching disabled. Schei Jun 29 '17 at A common way is to append the revision number or last updated timestamp to the file, like this: myscript. Greg Greg k 48 48 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

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Note however that many proxies won't cache a file when it has a query string. See answer of Kevin Hakanson. How can i clear the cache when the entire HTML has been cached?

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It wont affect even when the version number is added because of cached HTML. Try changing the JavaScript file's src? Barry Gallagher Barry Gallagher 3, 4 4 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 28 28 bronze badges.

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  • Thanks now its working fine. So the file name need to be changed too? Or just the src path that need to be changed? Other than caching every hour, or every week, you may cache according to file data.