Boy group young men Hotdog costume, dragon costume, wrestler, a castle Rock music. Americana song Music video, gray haired man, living by himself in an RV, harrassed. I believe the whole band was male. All I really remember …. He received phone call from his girlfriend. Similar to Sade. The music video features red, black and white objects. I remember seeing a black and white …. Pills and guns In the music video there is a female who takes a mass amount of pills in the beginning. Then at some point there is a male who threatens himself with ….

As far …. They are also snapping to important …. Surreal Music Video Theres this music video that has like a little kid in some store at the beginning, then further and further into the song he meets these weirdly dressed …. What is this music video? It likes they are giving hope and motivate people through messages on signs …. Pop Song showing people fall for each other at a party Saw it on youtube. I believe it was released in this time frame. It was Pop Song that might have been in commercials.

In the music video was set had …. Drums are intense and driving. Song was really emotional, maybe about a breakup? Featured …. Music video- chased by guys with tattoos on their necks Music video starts where a guy and his ex girlfriend are fighting. Then the guys with tats on their necks come breaking in and the boyfriend fights them ….

Drink can advert infectious contagious dance Pop video is the filming for an advertisement for a can Ned drink. Everyone gradually begins to join in the infectious dance moves. Reggaeton song Reggaeton song. Two males performing with multiple females in background. One male in blue. Need help! Female artist Female artist, dressed up as a alien or is at least differ brighter colors. I think it starts with her outside her front door.

She lays in bed and …. Little to no information Style like graphic novel, blinded man, humanized dog on motorcycle, apokalypse, both fight against female enemy Style of the song reminded me on …. It sounds pretty relaxing. Band performing at a high school dance in two different time periods A band is playing at a school dance. The lead singer wears a hat. There is an interracial couple that met as teenagers and reunite in their elder …. Girl in dress underwater. Rock music video drifting car in snow? Guy driving car with beanie, girl in passenger seat. Guy in backseat.

Stop at farm and eat canned soup. Rides a motorbike across snow. Possibly Canadian …. LGBT video The video started with two guys and their supposed girlfriends hanging out etc. There was definitely smoking involved, a pool and I think a chainlink …. Black and white rock alternative Music video had a Michael Cera look alike as lead singer, and hpthe video was black and white.

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Guy Running through the woods The song begins with him humming. There was these blue orbs in …. I instantly liked it, but I successfully miserably failed …. He was wearing a black hoodie. He was using a baseball bat to break up an office. Help, been looking for over a year A music video where a car is parked on the side of a hill at night, there is a man and woman singer and the video rewinds and starts again repeatedly.

Running with orange uniform The song is in French. The singer was with darker skin tone and he was running from a prison I think in orange uniform. He was running on a empty …. This one party hit Guy buys liquor. Goes to party uses the bottle for spin a bottle. Something goes wrong time travel to past. Happens again till he gets the girl …. Country video where he is sitting in a chair singing in what looks to be the living room of an empty house He is singing a country song alone sitting in a chair, in the living room of an empty house. Raining outside. Had the community out listening and dancing…had ….

Confession song?? It was famous for its choreography. The were around 5 people?? Who stood …. Video in night club Artist has weird shaped face and is shy at starts and then takes selfies with people. Music video — A sad love pop song. The girlfriend rests on the boyfriend and they talk ….

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Music video — A couple was happy at the beginning and talking about their future but they had problems towards the middle-ending A lady sang but the music video is centered on a couple that seems happy and are in a sitting room. Pop song, black women, black hat red suit. Smashed glass. Music video, rich house, dancing girls in body The main theme of this music video are girls dancing, worn in red body chicago bulls probably.

Somewhere strongman sitting on a couch and pulling …. Spanish girls Spanish two girls singing, lying in bed, in a garden,. Young Female Wears Black uniform In the video, she touches somewhere and her twin come out there,and she go downstairs while other twin upside down. She is at the front her twins …. Techno music video Techno video where a man in a food truck is robbed and loses his arm. The man has a big mustache and is fat. I think Saw it about 2 years ago but it is most likely older …. In this music video a persecuted beast man is trying to find love This music video is from 3 or 4 years ago.

I believe it was done by a European artist and appears to be shot somewhere in Europe like Holland. The …. The video is …. An old black man is crying outside the room. Inside the room …. Starts out with Waylon Jennings-esque guitar picking. Flashy lights. High tuned song. Music video Song about not being able to stop moving?

She had short read hair, there are other people in the band but the only other one I remember is a blonde chubbier …. It was a young girl falling in love …. Couple had a fight. The guy grab gun want to rob. The beginning of the music video is a family run out of money. The woman tell the guy about this and the guy grab a handgun go out about to rob. Two male singers in a colorful room Black light and bright colors. Country music video — Outlaw Outlaw. Old house. Digging A hole. Music Video — gold dress I seen the music video on a huge flat screen It was 1 female singer in the video she was blonde and I belive wearing gold dress maybe she might have ….

Asian guy playing a guitar Videoclip around , calm song, Asian guy playing a guitar in the middle of a field. Stop motion with what may be felt. Has a man digging his way underground with a shovel. I believe the music was slower, a male …. Pop song? The video went like this. A guy bringing home random women, possibly hookers, …. Not a famous song — college Music video where a guy likes a girl but leaves The girl goes to college The guys is singing in a field The girl dies in the end. Vevo ad on youtube The ad featured an elderly black man going to the beach every day with a metal detector.

He finds tons of junk until he eventually goes to a packed …. Indie cute video with people singing in a room with stop motion It was around the s, an indie music video which was really adorable in which i believe two people, a boy and a girl were singing and playing …. It is set in a taxi and …. Music video sci fi Women in sci fi context. Like an army of robot. One tried to escape. I saw a music video where the man cheated on his woman.

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In the end, they both get to the hotel room of girl and sit happily on sofa. Metal video -hostage Man and woman are held hostage by a group of men they shoot the man bury the. Woman with him she digs back out and gets revenge on …. The girl singing was a blonde girl and it was a pop song. The music video had her …. Looking for music viedeo with nerd dancing with crowd nerd glasses suspenders dancing with crowd nerd girl in black skirt.

The music video used to air on …. Red Hat A boy in a red ball cap that eventually he gives to his son to wear, country song. Boy dancing on a beach Dance music boy on a beach dancing. I saw a video last night on bblack tv, but missed the title. Two black women sing in the desert. Lots of close up shots of their …. Music video of a girl band at house party with host is a woman dressed like a man Music video of a girl band at house party with host is a woman dressed like a man? Indie keyboard monster Indie rock band with a keyboardist, towards the end of video the floor cracks open and a monster comes out and slaps musicians.

Low budget video, …. Music video featuring an American flag? A rock band, 4 or 5 members, video is on YouTube, song was on an advert a few years ago, lead singer has long, blonde hair. Guy dancing in the rain and girl appears from behind him and dances with him This song is stuck in my head from when I was younger. The guy is dancing and singing outside and then it starts to pour down rain then the girl …. She is mixed-black, he blond. They fight on the edge o a cliff. Straight couple, cutesy love, duet, upbeat The music video had a guy and a girl singing back and forth to each other — the song and video were both very wholesome.

Music Video — Store robbery. Guy working hard Music Video It was about an African american working in a quarry, riding a bicycle to and from work, wearing a white tank top, and a white guy dressed …. Video with people pushing hospital beds on ice. Song about girls kidnapping guys I used to love this song about several girls liking these guys so much that they kidnapped them. It was a pop song set in a tower or attic or something …. It was a fairly heavy dubstep song by a male solo DJ. The video started off with an old lady getting ….

Music Video hunt Rope House I saw a video where a man was sitting inside a house that was slowly coming apart into rope that was being pulled in all direction. It went on until …. Planets in background Planets in background Druming with feet Female lead. Man dancing in front of a kaleidoscope? Pain and Pleasure or something like that?? Music Video — neon blacklight edgy paint throwing Music Video — I remember this from a long time ago very vaguely. There was a girl with short hair. She was in a plain white room. She started throwing …. Young adult american rap group, very summery Group of 4 young american rappers wearing the dye t shirts, very summery vibe.

Like Mac Miller. Animated video of a guy with a red tie on a roof Guy on building undoes his red tie and throws it while singing slow for a minute, then jumps off and is falling past windows and people in the building …. A young blond girl walking down the neighbourhood A blond young girl, which is the singer also, walks down the neighborhood. There was different backgrounds that were changing while she walked. It uses …. Violence Indie band Couple met eachother in a party Redhead girlfriend They became violent Both are hidind their bruises Girlfriend kill boyfriend on stairs Blood ….

Looking for the song to this music video — white dress It is a music video of a girl, teenage maybe in a white dress following a little girl also in a white dress through like a forest on like an island …. The music video is inside of, and in …. I remember it …. Highschool dance set in gym High school dance set in a gym. London urban female singer Think it was shot an estate and it was a girl trying to stop her boyfriend going out to be in a gang or something. Old man dancing in city A video where an old man dances around the city greeting everyone.

The man has white hair and a white beard. The music is mostly bass music! Video of a female singer eating peppers with a guy The video happens at a restaurant with the female singer and a guy eating peppers. Huge bonfire outside Tough looking girl burning instruments At the end of the video, ….

Snow, emo Emo singing in the white snow dressing black, I think the song is called jar of hearts. Music Video — Guy pov follows girlfriend pours drink on her breakup So this is a music video that did not sing the lyrics of the song. Pop Black kid white background colorful bubbles So there was this one black kid with small, square Afro. He was singing some simple and fast song, genre -pop. I think …. Seen on YouTube at end of August I saw the music video on you tube. It was a music video ad between the songs that I was playing. It was a man singing and rapping almost but he had ….

Light skin black girl with blonde curly hair House song, with light skin black girl, on the beach in a bikini, fast tempo, blonde curly hair. I remember a slow motion training montage as the girl practices her dancing, especially a bit on a bridge. Then she goes to a parking lot at night ….

The song is about being true to yourself and how …. Punk Guy Beatboxing Looking for a music video where a punk guy is essentially beatboxing over a beat. Definitely not saying words. His clothing is very strange and it …. I cannot for the love of me remember anything about the song but… There was one particular scene on the music video that I remember whilst me and my mates were absolutely pinged. I remember the song was intense and …. Synth playing in the background — — Synth pop or rock — Music video is just the band playing instruments and a Caucasian girl taking selfies or posting for selfie — ….

Theoretisch whole music video is in a red style and at some point there is a devils mask. Around …. Everyone was wearing interesting attire. I think there …. Scandinavian Female Singer mostly in the nude Watched in , a blonde female singer walks around a city entirely naked, except for her cowboy boots.

She walks with a monkey on her shoulder and …. There was a music video — birthday there was a music video where the singer was a girl. And there was some sort of a birthday so a lot of people were in a house. And in the middle …. Music video Thumbnail with Girl walking in front of the ocean rising The music was an electronic rock vibe and is around years old. The thumbnail has the female artist of the group walking in front of the ocean with …. Fuchsia coat walking down a snowy road The song became popular within the last 5 years. Music video with drag queens dancing and touching mans face Hunting for a song I heard he other day.

Saw the music video. I only saw parts of it. The main singer was a white guy with a buzz cut hair, black hair. An indie song which was slow and eerie but very emotive Indie song. There was a music video about 4 years ago. It was slow and eerie but really emotional — think Open by Rhye. Rap or rb video — back in time I seen the video in like I think.

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The music video is almost …. Cartoon music video there was a cartoon boy and girl and they were in the desert and they were running from lions and vultures and then the boy pushed the girl off the …. So it was an adult …. Male singer driving truck Male singer driving a truck while friends and family pop in and out, I think it was about having friends no matter where you are or something.

Blond singer — only In this musicvideo there is a blond singer , she is the only singer , there is a guy who appears to be the boyfriend which is riding a motorcycle …. Man and woman on beach. Man and woman sitting on chairs under an umbrella on the beach.

Male singer Both looking out to sea. Guy wears a hat and has long hair …. Love duo song Love duo song female annd male vido clip in the airport someone is travelling. Looking for Upbeat electronic song with animtated suitcase video SO the song is upbeat and a female singing with what appears to be a saxophone. Girl kidnaps singer The singer or band is in the back of the truck, and a lady locks them in and drives off. A few guitarists, a drummer, a keyboard. They have arm sleeve …. Systems video Girl bumps into guy and spills coffee Spoken lyrics.

I doubt anyone will find this — learning martial arts Ok. So I saw this from a radio station commercial on Nickelodeon. It only shows about ten secs. It is an Asian woman and she looks like she is learning …. The first lady is in blue as is the props. Black rain on invisible people close up Video where 2 invisible people are being rained on with black rain or oil. Blind date music video set a night time old large man and early thirties woman It was a random youtube music video that i found some years ago.

It starts with some electronic sort of modulated singing as we are shown a man and …. Music video — cliff A guy in a trunk gets outside and then follows other guys to a cliff they all jump to the water and get to a house moving on the water playing instruments …. Mexican music video the video was from it was a mexican male singer in a field playing the guitar singing to a blonde in a flannel shirt it sounded somewhat …. Female singer, Black Female singer, Black — I think..? She …. Guy who recorded sounds without having any sounds The song was probably from or For example corn ….

Rapper walking on a street anr random objects fly out of shirt Rap song. Country Song. Sang by a blonde. So in this music video there was the singer a blonde female who was while singing sitting on a white staircase in the middle of a field. There were …. Black and white, rose, male and female vocalist Looking for a music video. Was in black and white with both a female and male vocalist. Rose or roses …. It is a rock song Rock song by a band, the video features a man beating his wife until his son grows up and eventually hits his dad back.

Dad seems to realise his bullying …. Which club song s is having black and white music video? Club song. Charlie Chaplin. Dance move. Female singer, blond long hair. She is standing in a theater or auditorium up on the stage alone. Only hey in the whole video. Evil dance music video This music video appeared as a Vevo ad on YouTube. Creative Video Video starts with a elderly man in retirement home and then moves to a basket ball court where two elderly men dance off. Great song after for …. It continues with him with a blue …. Pop summer song from ish I have been trying to find this one for the longest time.

The music video was probably from and I saw it on youtube. I was young at this time and …. Celtic Redhead sings in nature to her son Celtic Redhead sings in nature to her son The female singer is a redhead. She sings in a celtic …. Rock song heard back in The whole video is about this homeless Filipino man who looks disheveled who goes areound the neighbourhood collecting junk and garbage and he ends …. Sad song by femail singer walking on the street or sitting while its raining Back and white video with girl singing sad song about her love, its raining in the music video in the background and she is either sitting next to ….

He chloroformed people and put them into his van, including the …. The band is on a road Country pop soubdtrack. It was a video made up of a variety of short, repeated …. Sad indie song? The music video is at a high school dance and there are two girls and lots of pastel. All the guys dancing with the girls are very passive and at …. Waterfall Some guy was riding a horse with a girl in a bikini. Old song. Robotic woman white piano Blonde robotic woman White outfit White piano Bubbles in background Repetitive movements.

Alice in wonderland themed, animal costumes, starts in bar Video starts in a bar with background music from another song of the bands. Girl kidnap exboyfriends Girl breaks out of prison and kidnaps three guys. Music video electro guy dies at the end? The music is electro rock, like apparat ou jon hopkins. The clip starts with a dude leaving his home and going on a road trip. There is two versions …. Think its rock type music with maybe some electronic Unfortunately I remember the video more than the song… but the song was good!

I know it was …. Floating man There is a young blonde dude floatig down the street singing. Guy leaves with young women …. Band playing in a field The band are playing in a field including an upright piano. People are jumping around getting muddy. Mid tempo with piano and acoustic guitar picking …. They swim at one point. Came out last yesr …. It starts in bed with 2 women and 1 man two of them are making out.

Pool guys …. The friends then knock on the door and our …. Guy in a basement singing with a piano Like a semi-hipster guy with a powerful and dirty voice just standing by the microphone and singing, and accompanied by some sort of a piano in second …. A girl went to a diner wearing a red dress i think.

The beat is kinda edm with a lyrics l. I believe it starts simply, with her getting up and leaving the house for the day. Rapper with crazy dreaded hair sitting on chair with shades in the thumbnail In the begining of the video and in the thumbnail, the rapper sat down in a leather chair, in what seems to be a dark green lit room, while wearing ….

Guy with beard Hi im looking for that song: a young guy with beard and playing guitar, in the nature, moving, maybe at a creek. I think he has a grey sweater. House party Music video starts with someone in a car smoking, later it has people at a house party and there is a boy after a specific girl but he ends up being …. Music video with numbers in song title Women in sunglasses green jacket in nightclub. Guy wakes up and people around him are kissing So I saw this on youtube. The song is really light and kinda summery. A guy wakes up and goes out and people around him are kissing.

He then interrupts …. There was a blonde woman dancing ballet in the video and she had black paint all over her fingers …. Music video from — pool Its a black lad by a pool with a few girls. Its mid range tempo and a summer tune. Some lyrics about bottles on ice not G6. There is a high pitch …. His girlfriend is home crying an at the end she finds out she is pregnant.

Music video — boy growing up Demostration of a boy growing up wanting to become a singer, he would spend a lot of time writing songs, it starts of with a young boy in the Park …. Song cast on a ship I am looking for the name of the song that was released a few years back cast on a ship. The lead singer is male. I vaguely remember it being stormy …. Sloths a music video filmed in a office.

As the sloth is leaving the office the entire office …. Country music — living in a motel A girl living in a motel thinking about her ex boyfriend, working as a waitress, meets a new guy, takes a picture of him sleeping in bed before going …. The video takes place on a planet in space I think.

Mac Miller - Avian

I remember …. The music is some kind of elcttric-pop thing. Part of the video shows a couple in a subway, they might be french. The guy has dark hair …. Rap song with models taking pictures of each other A number of model girls just living and having fun, smoking and partying. The main girl in it is a dark skinned and dirty blondeish girl with freckles. Animated clip Animated red guy with dollar on his face.

this issue you are looking for Boats planes trains lyrics

He was eating a burger. Whole clip was psychodelic like. Clip starta with a boy face also animated. Reminds me of cee lo green Video of song is a fat black man walking outside in a neighbourhood. Song kind of reminds me of cee lo green, forget you because of cee lo greens …. Walking and singing in nature and not wearing shoes. Slow song.

Short hair. Blue eyes. Summer song whit an eletronic drop Im looking for a music video whit jay alvarez and Alexis rey where jay climbs a montain, rides a jetski, jumps from a roof into a swimming pool, …. Alternative song set in bizarre rocky desert with hairy monster At one point the hairy monster throws a giant boulder, and the song has a slow build. Man and a woman are dancing on a rooftop. They are not …. I am looking for a music video where blonde girl was a painter,then she met a guy with a dark hair.

I remember that video were showing …. I love …. Man remembers girl with wig So first he is signing some papers then they wire him something around his head and he remembers his ex a girl with a wig that has a pony and is bright …. One of them is boy, other is girl. When boy wear black glass and look on scary people, they transform to kids and they …. Girl imagining her boyfriend A girl is writing and videochatting with her boyfriend Then she wakes up and he suddenly is in front of her.

They are seen at different places together …. Pop rock band A chubby guy playing bass guitar wearing an orange blazer is the singer and they were playing the woods with lights strung up. Animated music video about a man and a monkey The video was about a man and his monkey. Both were locked inside a car. Man in rain Man in rain singing alone after car crash.

I think she raps …. Country music video — love song Make artist, blonde, country music, love song, him alone singing on the stage of an empty theatre or walking down the street, his name was advertised …. Lead singers burned at the stake! What music video?


There is a group of people both adults and kids dressed as lost boy types that bring the lead singers a male and female through the field and then …. It starts with these two explorers, a male and a female and they are in an arctic …. Set It Off maybe?? Guy controls his girlfriend with a remote control.

Black guy wearing yellow. The music video featured two black men, a son and a father. They were surfing together having fun. On an island, potentially in tje caribean. Used …. Upbeat pop song where main guy had a big afro The main guy has and Afro and drives around.

Is either a cop or is being chased by a cop. Very colorful. Fighting Dragon in Snow — not Reload I remember two people running through a snowy forest, being pursued by a dragon. In a clearing, the dragon is confronted. I think there was also …. In a cottage Victorian looking setting in a village. Man getting ready to leave. Wife or Girlfriend stood by the sink in the house. Country love song music video Female country artist, early s, love song about a man. In the video they ride horses, the male is on a white horse.

The guy is also building something …. African guy singing with a yellow t shirt of Lakers His hair is blonde! The video is recorded in Africa! We can see it because we see a lot of African people and girls with carnival clothes! The first …. What is the song with this strange music video? A girl is on and beach and running though corn fields.

In the end she …. The music has no lyrics and the video is of a couple by the coast …. It was …. Alternative Rock music video — Girl Breaks Guy Out of Hospital for Day The music video starts with a guy struggling out of his hospital bed to get into a wheelchair. A dog runs down the hall, and the nurses leave to chase …. Man breaks tv Man break tv and other things. Grey color affect added to songs. Single male singer. Brown hair. Girl with guitar It was a pop song that emerged around the summer of ,or a little before that.

The video was of a super chill girl,playing and dancing with a guitar,and …. Singing on roof. What song is this? I watched its music video on YouTube. In the music video all lyrics were on paper sheets. Camera moved around in one room …. Girl with short blonde hair in a white dress digs herself out of a shallow grave and follows a man through the woods holding a gun, last seen on YouTube around 12 months ago?

Girl with short blonde hair in a white dress digs herself out of a shallow grave and follows a man through the woods holding a gun, last seen on YouTube …. Sad song — drowns Red hair girl with a red dress and flowers in her hair is singing. She is in a wood shop with two boys than she drowns. Woman singer with shirtless male backup dancers A woman wearing fancy clothes not dress and a fedora. There are lots of shirtless male backup dancers.

She takes off the fedora and some other accessories …. Female singer — chair Female singer has brown curly hair and is sitting in a room by herself sitting in a chair. Radio Indie pop circa Radio indie pop band from several years ago similar to grouplove passions pitt the music video take place with a white backround , the band consist …. Find video — EDM animated It was an EDM animated video, it was a band that had blue sking y the leader had a orange nose, it seemed asian or something like that,. Black artist where mv has female dancing with fire wings Black artist where mv has female dancing with fire wings on some high pillar with only spotlight shining on the female dancer.

Blonde and blunett girls partying truck Blonde and Burnett girls partying around trucks might involve solo cups. I can see the music video but cant figure the song or the artist out. There are blue and pink neon lights and the …. Recent pop song, white artist, high pitch voice. Guy playing guitar Guy playing guitar with a hat, in a room with white walls. Find music video Boxing ring Boxing ring, boys band.

Video music with live animated tattoos I need to find one music video the whole the video is one man sleeping lying down on bed, and while the song is playing a lot of tattoos on his …. In the clip there is a woman dancing in the street in a choregraphy way. She is wearing a …. Girl knitting on a subway, girl under a hairdryer in salon, boy in suit cleaning toilet, boy behind desk. Upbeat song. Male singer- solo ….

Reggae maybe? Upbeat music where the guy is walking through the streets of Brazil, Jamaica or Cuba and everyone is signing along. Zombies with glowing balls?? Humans are turning into zombies with tube and then ball coming out ….

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Blonde singer in hospital setting, dancing on piano, nurse outfit I saw a clip of it on youtube, set to other music, unable to identify who it is. Frame grab included. She tries to wash it off but it continues to spread. Thinks its an EDM song A teenager is sitting on a couch with friends and walks trought the streets with a ball in his hand , next shot is in his room again with the ball …. A female singer wearing beautiful dresses singing some genre of pop walking around in various ….

Singer is a young woman y. It has vocals but also some artificial sounds. In the videoclip you see her …. Girl in short shorts, roller skates and Teddy bear uniform head I believe this song came out in the mid — Summer. The band is a all male band and I think the genre would be considered Indie. The main parts …. Girl dressed as waitress.. Very slender female with jet black hair and wearing a black leather coat with jeans.

Indie heartbreak song Hi there! Looking for a video I saw can remember the beginning of the song but none of the lyrics The artist is a blonde female solo. Rock Band Music Video — animated bad guys In the music video, the lead singer hero of the band is trying to save his girlfriend from animated bad guys who have captured her.

The hero is fighting …. Brunette girl …. Maybe balkan low possibility. The singer is female. It might be in …. The music video starts with one of the black teens male texting his friends about a party at his home.

Watch ‘Hurt Feelings,’ From Mac Miller’s Final Performance (Video) – Variety

Music Video — pop song sung by a male holding a guitar flying around Music Video The male singer was flying around with a guitar in what looked like an extremely distorted landscape. It was very colourful. It was supposed …. Music video set in a laundromat Music video starts with some kid riding his skateboard and then the scene changes to a laundromat with a bunch of different people in it some lady with ….

YouTube Music Video as an Ad While watching YouTube videos July 12, , a very strange music video played as an advertisement with option to skip after 5 seconds. Even though it …. In the video she seems to be speed dating or blind …. Boy riding an 80s bicycle through suburbia with a balloon attached Indie song, with a boy in his late teens, possibly early twenties riding a bicycle around suburban america.

At one point the band is standing on a …. MV with seducing women and taking valuables Music video should start with women seducing men and taking their jewelry, watches and wallets, giving them to the male singer. Sunglasses woods drums Sunglasses on woods drums drummer tattoos. Love song about a guy travelling back to his girlfriend Guy sings about how he can cross oceans to get back to his gf. Female latin singer singing in a bar I just returned from Colombia and am trying to find the name of a song that I heard and saw the video for while there.

The singer is a female, the …. Teenage male wearing knit hat Love song written and performed by teenage male. I remember reading an interview where he says he wrote …. New sexy country music video I saw a video on Facebook a few months ago that was super sexy. Has a dark haired guy singing to a blonde girl that looks like Kate Upton. He is sitting …. Girl cooking and danceing pov Music video where propably russian girl cooks eggs for guy.

Guy is sitting near table with gopro on forehead and watching how she dance. Im sure …. New country music video for love song I recently saw a country music video on Facebook that someone posted and it started out with a guy dark hair and a girl blonde hair, big lips …. It was a music video on an underground train with a female artist dancing in the train The music video had a young female artist and she was about 18 or 19 years old.

She was wearing all black cloths and she was in an underground train …. Music video with obscure rapper Ok, the music video is of a skinny white rapper who starts out rapping from a couch. It features a guy sending a golden mixtape in space with a slingshot. And then …. Sang the song in a school talent show. Female singer, Male members. Female had green hair Originally saw the song on xfinity on demand a couple years ago. In the middle of the video the band members female …. Dance music video Guy picks up girl from work or other way around they take a long drive and eventually end up in a desert, day turns into night, they dance together, ….

Song Fromm around , includes a party, a girl in shower It is a music video of a party from around , i think it was one continuous shot and went through all the rooms. In one room there is a girl in …. In the music video lyrics were on paper sheets. Probably was a indie song and something similar …. EDM Song It starts in a white hotel? Shes walking down the ….

Music video with female Asian dancer with male dancers in dance hall, pop. The video is set in a dance hall, the band is on the stage, all male, pop. Single female dancer, Asian, dances with several male dancers. Music video with short haired asian girl working in restaurant asian short haired girl working late in restaurant slow modern music. First person at party First person at party. Music video where guy sits in a chair playing his guitar, whilst a flame behind him engulfs his home Basically, what I remember from the video is that he was sitting in his chair, playing the guitar and signing the song, with a small flame behind ….

Blond singer.. Singer is a bigger lady mix race rnb song where she has a man tied up in the video as she sings. Trying to figure out song title or artist by music video description — dark mood I remember seeing the music video on tv in the last five years. However, he stopped taking this before he started filming his reality show, Max Miller and the Most Dope Family. In August , Ariana and Mac were caught kissing by the paparazzi and the couple confirmed their relationship a month later. A few months later, Ariana disappeared from social media and as she buried herself in her work, they did not make as many public appearances.

The split is reported to have happened because of their busy work schedules but the pair intend on remaining close friends. Find out more here. Out of left field! A quarter of Apollo Astronauts were lefties and 13 more amazing facts about left-handed people It's all right! Nine things left handed people find impossible to use That's owl folks! Celebrate International Owl Awareness Day with these 11 amazing facts about the majestic birds What's in a name? How Canadian cyclist Michael Woods went from breaking running records to riding in the Tour de France It's not the national sport, the winters are 'horrific' and ten years ago they had no stars.

So just how DID Canada start producing tennis champions-in-waiting? KFC is now offering mashed potato and two more sides, and the fans can't wait to get their hands on it Raise the roof! The England captain is ready to make history World Ocean's Day: Check out these amazing inventions currently cleaning our oceans 7 ways people can help save the oceans as individuals 7 ways oceans are crucial in the fight against climate change Love Island Famous phrases revealed ahead of series 5 release. Most watched News videos Teen completes a flawless sextuple kaboom in back garden Terrifying moment snorkeler has close encounter with nurse shark Hilarious moment DLR worker announces train in boxing style Luisa Zissman excoriates EasyJet flight attendant on Instagram 'Gunman' storms a shopping centre with a replica Glock pistol Millionaire causes outrage by slapping models' bums on private yacht Cannonball!

Moose takes daring leap off steep cliff Hero pilot makes landing in corn field with passengers onboard Sharks close in on seal and eat it near a public beach Cyclist crashes into car while pulling wheelies and blames driver 'Big Oaf' motorist launches foul-mouthed tirade at coach driver Millionaire Italian playboy crossdresses while dancing with models. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Rapper hints she has secretly tied the knot with her ex-con beau Kenneth as she changes her Twitter name to Mrs.

As Princess Anne turns 69, her decades-old outfits prove she's the ultimate recycler in the family Fashionista Stephen Merchant's staggering 6ft 7in frame towers over his 5ft 6in girlfriend Mircea Monroe as they hit the red carpet at Good Boys premiere in LA Brian Austin Green enjoys a chat with a Megan Fox lookalike as he steps out in New York Today's headlines Most Read Father of 'miracle' IVF toddler twins drowned by 'narcissist' mother, 38, to punish him for forcing her to Tory Ken Clarke says he IS willing to be a caretaker prime minister at 79 as Remainers push dream team with Kirstie Allsopp hits out at her cocaine-snorting middle-class friends who do not consider the 'horror of Murdered PC, 28, was a newlywed due to go on honeymoon next week: Family pay tribute to 'loveliest person Malaysian locals saw a Raindrops KEEP falling on our heads!

Heavens open over Britain again as a month's rain is set to fall while