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If you restart steam and can run TF2 without Steam warning you about the in game community being disabled; and it is enabled in the properties for the game Run the game, try to shift-tab a few times while in game. Finally - if you have any other games installed under steam the simpler the better - does the overlay work for any of them?.

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Existing questions. Related Questions Why is Obama pushing for a universal access to abortion when there are much more pressing issues in the US? How do i stop my mac screen from scrolling with the mouse. More questions. TF2 on my mac book pro? Block internet access for other wireless devices- MAC? Answer Questions Checking Wi-Fi passwords? Can someone see a skype video who is not the person you are video chatting with if you are connected to their wifi? On alltalk servers, a team-colored speech bubble is shown over all talking players, including cloaked and disguised enemy Spies.

Additionally, a talking player's name and team are displayed as a colored bar on the right side of the HUD. If they are waiting to respawn, will appear by the side of their name.

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October 1, Patch. March 12, Patch. November 18, Patch. December 21, Patch. An unused bubble was going to be used to indicate typing, similar to the one used in Left 4 Dead. Jump to: navigation , search.

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May I borrow your earpiece? Before I go, do you know how to enable the framerate monitor while in-game? Maybe I could use the graphs to get a better idea of how everything is running. Let's just say that I'm having the same problem as everyone else in this thread.

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The best fps I get is perhaps while running around and dropping intolerably low in the heat of battle, and this is with all the available settings as low as they can get. I have tried running the game windowed and fullscreen without a noticable change in fps. Just with the frames issue, Crossovers demo isn't convincing me that it's worth the investment. Watching this thread and waiting for some tips and will any of these issues be fixed in either Leopard or Crossover 7?

Oh, I have a mid macbook pro running OS We will do our best to reproduce the problems ourselves and fix them. I will leave the game the ship out of consideration. It is an unsupported game, and I have no idea which things it does that might be not well-implemented in crossover render target locking for example.

Regarding dxlevel 90 support, I am working on that, and I want to enable it on Linux for Crossover 7.

On the MacOS side, as explained in other threads, I hit a couple of graphics bugs which I just cannot workaround. I reported the bugs to Apple, but until they fix them there isn't much I can do about dxlevel 90 support on MacOS. Runs fantastic. Oh and I still do not know how to fix the not being able to read what is typed in game. Could someone point me in the right direction?

The older radeon X and geforce cards work somewhat reasonably now.

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We didn't look much into the Intel GMA cards regarding games because they are rather slow anyway. The Geforce and radeon HD drivers still have many problems. The gf cards are bugged with crashes and broken rendering, and the performance doesn't fullfill our expectations yet. From the radeon HD cards we heard about crashes in the beginning, but somewhen Apple seems to have fixed them.

Now there are still performance troubles, as you report. In the last weeks we've been working on the geforce cards, and we have isolated some bugs that cause rendering issues and reported them to Apple. Unfortunately we still have problems with disappearing geometry because our workaround triggers a bug in the alpha test. The original report about performance problems on a X puzzles me though. That card is working pretty nice for us. Are you sure that you don't have some process running in the background that eats CPU time?

Also, the X is not the strongest card. Running the game on the highest resolution x here with shaders and textures set to high will be slow, because HL2 with high shaders uses very heavy pixel shaders, and the X is just too weak for this at such resolutions. Well, I tried running TF2. I checked the framerate using the command suggested.

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It was a little hard to read it, but the colour changed when it went high or low, so that helped. It went as low as around , and never seemed to exceed It was usually around There were only 2 or 3 other people around me, and fighting had not yet started. The game crashed around the time I reached the locked gates in the center.

By the way, it is still very dark! How can I fix that? Oh, and I forgot to mention. I am running in a window at resolution x which is enough to cover everything it can while windowed. I thought that since the game defaults to windowed that that was the best choice. Brighid, it sounds like there is something wrong.

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Can you check a few things for me? Can you send me a screenshot with the darkness to stefan codeweavers. Propably one from in-game and one from the main menu? The darkness and slowness suggest that the game is in dxlevel 90 for some reason. Crossover 6. Can you try to disable high dynamic range it should not have any effect in dx80, but it is worth a try. Also, try to set filtering to bilinear for testing. Can you try to disable shadows?