Password Protecting External Hard Drive on Mac

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Password Protect A Folder on External Drive - How? | MacRumors Forums

If the disk contains any files you want to save, copy them to another disk or volume. In the sidebar, select the disk you want to encrypt. Enter a name for the volume.

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Enter and verify a password, then click Choose. Click Erase, then click Done. Choose the password you want for access to this drive.

Using Disk Utility

Make sure that it's something that you remember, or make a note of it somewhere safely, because if you forget your password you will not be able to access the drive at all. Proceed with the formatting and encryption and then select the drive letter you want to mount your external hard drive is; you can choose any available letter, but this is done because, after formatting, you will not be able to access with the letter you used before. For example, if you typically accessed your drive as "F" you won't be able to use "F" for your drive anymore.

The formatting will take some time, but after it is done, you will be able to move all your files back to your external hard drive.

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Type in your password one more time to access your drive and then move all your files back. From now on you can access your external hard drive normally with the letter you chose on any computer after you type in the password you set. Based in California, James Wright has been writing since Wright's articles have been published on various websites with a focus on technical fields such as computers and the Internet, and were also featured in a now-retired publication for an online artistic community.

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Wright studied English, journalism, politics and psychology at Riverside Community College. To mount it, just double click on the disk image from your external hard drive.

Password Protect Your Flash Drive (Mac)

You will be prompted to enter the password. After the disk is mounted, you can use it as just another disk drive and copy data from and to it.

Password Protect an External Drive in Mac OS X with Encrypted Partitions

The image file dynamically increases in size as you copy contents into the mounted disk. If you want to increase the capacity of the virtual disk, you need to resize the disk image. The following steps will guide you to do so. If you are aware of such solutions that were not mentioned here, let us know about it in the comments below. This content is blocked.

How to Password-Protect Folders on Mac

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