Your ultimate target is to fly high enough, and beyond the atmosphere and multiple obstacles into the depths of outer space! During each flight, you earn virtual income to improve your rocket from a simple floating craft, into a jet-fueled super spacecraft! Collect Gold Coins and Diamond Jewels as you go along to purchase upgrades such as extra-power boosters, hull reinforcements, improved engines, increased flight control abilities, and more.

As you add these to your rocket, each flight brings you closer to completing the game! While you navigate around collecting floating Power-ups red Fuel Cans and green Repair Kits , be sure to avoid other flying obstacles such as balloons, helicopters, asteroids, and UFOs. Your strategic decision making comes into play as you have to carefully choose which upgrades to purchase to improve your chances of blasting higher and higher. Ready for blast off, Master Rocket Maker? How to Play: While your ultimate goal is to get past all of the obstacles and into outer space, your rocket needs a lot of improvements before you can think about that!

You start off with a modest little rocket. After it launches, fly as high as you can for as long as you can before your rocket fuel runs out you can see how much fuel is remaining in the bottom left corner of the game screen. O'Dell, and I spent the time together in the auditorium, trading homework and watching the girls parade up and down Ihe aisle.

That morning, I wanted to si t down with them and talk about algebra. J hadn't figured out the assigned problem. But nobody else wanted to talk about algebra. The Russians had built atomic and hydrogen bombs, and they had jet bombers that could reach the United States. So why couldn 'l they build something like Sputnik too? Sherman was always wondering what it waS like to live somewhere else othe r than West Virginia.

I never gave it that much thought at alL [ figured One place was like another. Roy Lee said. He said we should have joined the Germans and kicked Iheir tails. Then we wouldn't be having so much trouble with them now," O' Dell had been eyeing a senior cheerleader standing in the aisle. Football players more or less had their pick ofthe girls at Big Creek.

It wasn't exactly cheating. II seemed the more frustrated [ gOl, the wronger [ tended to be, in algebra or anything else. Spulnikcame up as a topic again later in the day during Mr. At the time, I was contemplating a long pickled wonn stretched out in a square steel pan. II was my opinion that Dorothy Plunk, a native of War. Shc also hada budding figure that made me feel as if [ was going to explode. Thc crackle of the intercom system intervened before I could come up with anything. Turner said in his deliberate manner, "the Russians have launched a satellite into space.

There have been many calls for the United States to do something in response. The Big Creek Student Council today has responded to. That is all. When we looked down. My heart did a little flip-flop. She gave me a soft little smile. Ifit was ollr wonn. Mams to give uS tile go-ahead. Wilen he did. I made a long cut down the lengtll of the specimen. Dorothy took one look, grabbed her moutll. I'm your driver anytime you want. Sonny," she said pointedly. One's in college. You don't know Sonny wilen lie gets going.

He 's all action in the oockseat. I'd never actually been with a girl in a backseat or anywhere else. The best I' d ever done waS a ki ss on a girl's front porch after a dance. I turned back to the wonn and made another cut and began to pin back the wonn's flesh, taking meticulous notes. I thougllt to myself. Roy Lee just doesn't understand. Dorothy Plunk waS nO mere girl. Could he not see, as [. SlIe waS to be worshiped, not handled.

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Happy in my daydream, [cut and wrote, wrote and cut. I was inspired. I was doing the work for Dorothy, my partner On Ihis wonn-and maybe more. Roy Lee sneaked around my table and slared at my blissful expression. What day is it, Sonny? Asingle name was the only lyric to the song in my brain. TilE Big Store steps was a favorite place for olT,shill mincrs to lounge about.

When a topic--especially One that happened outside Coalwood and also didn't involve mining Or football- reached the steps, you knew it was imponant. Sputnik made it by midweek after its launch. I waS going inside the store to buy a bottle of pop whcn I heard one of the miners on the steps say, "We oU2ht to just shoot that damn Sputnikker down. Makes me madder'n fire"- he pronounced the word as if it rhymed with tar- "them damn people up in Charleston who's tryin' to cheat Big Creek out orthe state champs.

I'd like to warp them upside the head. Only coal mining was mote imponant in Coalwood than highschool football. Sputnik, and anything else, waS going to always come in a distant third. What made the miner "madder'n fire" was that Big Creek was on its way to an undefeated season, but according to the West Virginia High School Football Association, it was ineligible for the state championship because it played too many Virginia schools. On the mantrip cars into the mine. It didn't take much ora genius to sec there was Some kind of trouble ahead.

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As it turned out, it was my dad who ended up causing the trouble. My father. Even though he knew I was in the same room. Dad thought for a moment and then wondered aloud. For one thing, 1 was terribly nearsighted. When [ was in the third grade. Doc Lassiter Came up to th e school with an eye chart. Our mothers. Doc gL'1ltly told me to walk ahead ontil [could see the top letter. I walked forn'ard until my nose nearly tooched the wall. My mother would have dragged me right back to practice. When [ went to Big Creek. Coach Merrill Gainer, the winningest coach in southern West Virginia history, took one look at me lost inside the practice gear and ordered me ofT his football field.

I joined Big Creek's marching band as a drummer. Mom said she liked my unifonn. Dad had no comment. Boys play inna band gotta be rea! I couldn't understand what all the intere. What was heroic about lining up and following the rule. I just never could understand it Dad remained silentat the tablc, but I noticed he and Jim exchanged a look of what [ took! It waS as i fthe science fiction I had read all my life were coming true. His very name was exotic and exciting. Tile newspapers said he'd have 10 wait. Illat the program called Vanguard would get the first chance. At night before I went to sleep, I thought about what Dr.

I could just imagine him high on a gantry. For alii knew, a man with that much conviction might even form an expedition into space,like Lewis and Clark. I was starting to see myself past Coalwood. Wernher von Braun. Dorothy Plunk. My song now had two nameS in it. Wilen tile papers printcd that Spurnik was going to l1y Over southern West Virginia.

On the appointcd night, Mom joined me in the backyard, and tllen otller womcn arrived and a few small cllildren. The lildies clustered around Mom and she lIe1d court. Since Dad was who he was. Later in life, looking back On those days. Mom was beautiful. Her curly hair fell past her shoulders, she had big hatd-green eyes.

I don't think there was a miner in town who could get past the front gate when she was out in the yard in her shorts and halter tending her flowers. They'd stand there, tipping their helmets, grinning with their chewing tobacco-stained teeth. Elsie, them flares sure are lookin' good, that's for ,ure,"they'd say. But I don't think they were looking at the flowers, It got darker and the stars winked on, one by one. The mountains that surrounded uS allowed only a narrow sliverofsky to view, I had no idea how fast Splllnik would be, whether it would zip along ordawdle, I figured we'd have to be lucky to see it.

Dad Came outside, looking for Mom. Something about seeing her out there in the backyard with the other women looking up at the stars vexed him. What in blue blate. Dad started to say something. My father was a powerfully built man. Roy Lee sat down beside me. Before long, he waS offering me unwanted advice On how to gain my beloved. Something like Franken. Then you kind of put your ann On the back of her chair like Ihis, and then when things get scary and she 's not paying attention to anything but the movie, you!

I had never seen anything so marvelous in my life. He opened the gate and SaW me. Dad looked up at the sky with me. I SOOn heard the shower running and the sound of him scrubbin!

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He'd already showered at the mine, most likely. I cl imbed up on my knees and looked through the window at their dark shapes walking alongside the road. The hootowl miners were the safety and rock-dust crew, assigned the task to spray heavy rock powder into the air to hold down the explosive coal dus!. They also inspe and plains. I guc. The men crossed the tracks and I saw the glint of their lunch buckets in the tipple light.

I was a boy in Coalwood. West Virginia. All ofa sudden. This one had 3 dog in it- Laika was her nam e--and by her picture in the paper. I went out into the yard and called Poteet over and picked her up. She wasn't a big dog, but she fell prelly heavy. Mom saw me and came outside. She might not havc known every word.

As soon as Mom wcnt back inside. I put PoteN down and she wem over and sat by One of the rosebushes. I didn't watch to see what she did after that. My dad got two maga2ines in the mail everywcek. When they came, he rcad thcm from cover tocover and then I got them next. In a November issue of Life, I found. I studied them carefully, illld thcn I remembered rcading how Wcmher von Braun had buill rockets when he was a youngster. An inspiration came to me. Atthe supper table that night. I put down my fork and announced that I was going to build a rocket.

He was probably working through so me ventilation problem. Jim snickered. He probably thought it was a sister thing to do. Mom stared at me for a long while and then said. O'Dell, and Sherman in my room. My mom's pet squirrel , Chipper, was hanging upside down On the curtains, watching us, Chipper had the TUn of the house and loved to join a gathering.

He landed and snugglcd up against my car, I pelted him abse ntly. The sneak attack was Chipper's favorite game. I Can get stufTifyou tell me what we need. On weekends, O' Dcll and his brothers helped out on the truck and saw just about every kind of stufTthere was in Coalwood, one time or another. Shennan was always a practical boy with an orderly mind. I showed them the Lifemagazine. We'll use the powder out of them:' Satisfied, Shennan noddcd.

We'll start the countdown at ten. We all sal around in a little circle and looked at one another. We boys in Coalwood were joining the space race. Chipper giggled and then jumped for the curtain. Bad squirrel! O'Dell provided me with a small discarded plastic flashlight to use as the body of the rocket.

I emptied its batteries and then punched a hole in its base with a nail. Roy Lee was to bring the matches, O' Dell was to strike the match and hand it to me, [would light the fuse and make a run for it. Everybody had something to do, When night came. It had taken six months of her reminding Dad before he finally sent Mr. McDuff down from the mine to build it. The night waS cold and clear- all the belter, we thought, fur uS to t! We waited until some coal cars rumbled past. Hnd then I li t the fuse and ran back to the grass at the edge of the rosebushes. O'Dell smacked his hand over his mouth to smother his excited giggle.

Sparkles of fire dribbled out of the fuse. Sherman was counting backward from ten. The only problem was, it wasn't our rocket that streaked into that dark, cold. Big chunks of the fence arced into the sky. Burning debris fell with a clatter. A thunderous echo rumbled back from the surrounding hollows.

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Dogs up and down the valley barked and house lights Came on, one by one. People came oul and huddled on their fronl porches. When [regained so me sensibility and my vision started to come back, the circle diminished and I started to look around. All the other boys werC sil! With relief, [no led that it didn'llook as ifany of them had sulTered any serious damage.

Roy Lec's D,A. The dogs had retreated to the farthest comer of the yard. They were crawling On their bellies back toward uS when Mom came OUi on the back porch and peered into the darkness, "Sonny? I guess he had such a fierce reputation at the mine they didn't want any part of his wmth" I l1eetinglycaught a glimpse of Roy Lee leaping over the still-standing part of the fence, clearing it by a good yard.

The OIhers went through the gap we'd just blown out. I could see them clearly beeause the standing part of the fence was on fire" I thought to myself. I ought to follow them. But I was caught. Running would just put ofT thc inevitable" I answered Mom with a croak. She replied, "Sonny Hickam" You get over here! Heaven forbid you be embarrassed! They haven't shoveled in twenty years. They use machines. Dandy nuzzled my hand and Poteet leaned againsl my legs. J could recl her trembling.

Or maybe it was me. Dad gave Mom one of his standard spce for her and uS boys, and she said back her usual pitoce about how the mine was just a big, dirty death trap.

Rockett new school mac

When Dad went back inside, shakin g his head, Mrs. Shantz ncxt door called softly to Mom and she went over and leaned On the fence. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I could guess. I could see Mrs. Todd waiting patiently at the next fence beyond. Sharitz would cro. Todd and so on down the fence line. When Mom signed olTwith Mrs. She looked at the smolderi ng ruin of her fence and sighed deeply.

I braced myself. Just then, [heard the black phone ring and saw Dad through the living-room window as he ran to anSwer it. Mom looked at the window and then up the road to the tipple. After a while, she pointed at the back porch and said, "Go sit on the steps. We need 10 talk. It wasn' t wrong. I said go sit! Dilndy crawled up beside me, whimpered briefly, and laid his head on my fcet. PotL'et was otT chasing bats. I watched her launch herselfinto the air, doa double twist, Hnd come down running, a big grin on herblack muzzle.

I thought to myself, I'm really in for it this time, Mom wasa master at delivering creative punishment. Once, after Sunday school, and in my usual rush to get outside and play, I wore my church shoes in the creek to hunt crawl-dads with Roy Lee. When Mom cast an eye on my soggy Buster Browns, she said. I didn't disappoint, walking down the church aisle in my socks while everybody nudged their neighbor and snickered. The thing was, though. I had picked out the socks.

Mom was mortified, Even the preilcher couldn' t keep a straight face, Mom stood before me and crossed her anTIS and stuek her ehin out. Dild said she looked just like a Lavender when she did that, and it usually always meant trouble. I'm asking you if you put your mind to it. I thought I'd better say something.

I guess I could- " Mom stopped me. She knew I was just going to ramble, "Sonny," she sighed. I love you. But, doggone it, you've "OM ; just been drifting along like you were On a cloud your whole life, making up games and leading Roy Lee and Sherman and O'Ddl olTon all your wild schemes. I've been saving money ri ghl along and probably have enough for you to go, bul your dad would have a hissy righl now if I said that's what I was going to do.

He's gOI it in hi s head you're going 10 Slay around here, have some lillie job at his mine: ' "I'd like 10 go 10 college, sure-" I began. She dropped her arm o! She stood up. I Saw that her eyes were glistening. By her nature, she wasn't a crier. In an instant, she brought herself back under complete control. You can't even count on this town being here. Payallention, will you?

Their fathers are out of work,! II1d those towns are just falling down around them. It's the economy and it's the easy coal playing Out and it's I don't know what all it is, but I've got sense enough to know it'sj ust a mailer of time before the same thing happens here in Coalwood too. You need todo everything you can to get out of here, starting right now. I j ust stared at her. She sighed. I believe you Can build a rocket. He docsn't. I want you to show him I' m right and he's wrong. Is that too much to ask? II1d went inside.

I tried to think , to catch up wi th all she had said. Dandy got up and sidled over to me and licked my hand. He was a good old dog. When J went inside, Dad was still on the black phone. He said nearly everything over the company phone in exclamations.

Rockett's Camp Adventures

Whoever was on the other end apparently wasn't giving him the response he wanted. He rushed past me without a glance, jusl as if [ didn't exi'l, and wcnl out the back door. J heard the gale unlatch and close, Hnd he was gone inlo the nighl. I went up the stairs and found Mom waiting for me in the halL She wasn't through with me yel. God, Sonny," she groaned in exasperatio n, She touched me On the nose with her finger. Build a rocket! I had just dozed orrafter a round of thinking about allihat Mom had said, r heard him creep up the stairs and then [ started thinking all over again, r carefully lifted Dai sy Mae.

A big golden moon hovered overhead. Sparkling stars flowed down the narrow river of sky the mountains allowed. I looked at the tiny pricks of light so far away. I didn't know OnC star from the oth 'T. Mom had said for me 10 build a rockel, show him whall could do. Her Elsie Hickam Scholarship, ifapproved by Dad. All around me, Coalwood was always busily playing its industrial.

How CQuid Ihal ever cnd? The black phone interrupted my thoughts. DmJ had probably just let his head louch his pillow when i1 mng. Within seconds, his door banged open and I heard him thumping down the stairs almost as if someone was chasing him. AI the bottom of the slairs, he started 10 cough, a racking, deep, wet hack. He'd lalely been complaining a lot aboul his allcrgies, even though in the fall you'd think there wouldn'l be much pollen in the air.

I'd often awoke 10 hear him coughing at night, but I'd never heard it so bad before. I watched him oul of my bedroom window a few minules later as he walked quickly loward the mine, his head down and a bandanna 10 his face, He slopped once and benl nearly double, a great spasm rocking him. Those allergies were really getting to him.

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I Ihoughl. He strnighlcned and hurried On. As he neared the Irack. Mom's bedroom was beside mine, and I heard her pull her window shade down , She'd been walching him too. Mc Duff came down from lhe mine to reSlore the fence and reported it had been reduced to splinters. Soon ladies in their backyards werc repealing thai remark. On the way to the tipple or in the man-trips, on the main line, in the gob the mix of rock and coa l dust thaI lay in the old part or tile mine , and even allhe face.

He laughed at himself. Not me. Buck Tmnt waS too easy. Buckjumped to his feel. We were halfway up Coalwood Mountain.

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Without a word, Jack pulled the bus ofTthe road, turned in his seat, and pointed at me. He looked at Buck. I avoided I'ooky whcnever I could, but hadn't noticed him among the men gossiping on the Big Store steps. Tom was friendly. I am:'1 said, "Well, allaboy! All he can do is build a bomb," I'ooky said. Pooky stood up and kicked his way through the assembly. Ifhe had hoped to heap scorn on me. He shoved his helmet back on his head and leaned into me, his breath mostly alcohol fumes.

His face was all angles, with a sharp, pointed nose and a! Despite the ea,y availability of Dr. Hale, the company dentist, his teeth were yellow and cmcked. His voice was a whine that sounded like an untuned fiddle. That bastard Homer', gonna work us all to death!

He probably meant it to sound tough, but it came out sort of pitifuL I couldn't help but feel a lillie sorry for him. He gave me another dirty look. I I took the opportunity to slip through the men to go inside the Big Store. I got my bottle of pop. Poo ky and Tom looked like Ihey were dancing. To my relief.

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  • Tom finally won and Pooky staggered 01T. Soon aflerward. Whcn Ihe sleps were clear. I ran outside and gmbbed my bike and pedaled loward home. Ncar the Coalwood School. I went past a line of miners making their way 10 the lipple. What had I gotten mysclfinto?

    Bul how? Whal was the blamed secret thai made a rOCkel fly? With Ih al victory, Ihe learn had wOn all its games. Then the Slale high-school alhlelic association did exacily whal it said it was going to do and ruled Ihat Coach Gainer's boys were not eligible 10 play in the state--championship game.

    Allhough it was no surprise, thcre was still an instant uproar all over the disirici. The Football Fathers were besieged with demands from fans and the foolballieam todo something. Dad kept saying he was looking inlo il. Finally, One night at supper he said he was going to go see a lawyer in Welch. Mom put down her fork and slared al Dad in disbelief. Mom settled inlo a deep frown. No lawyer's going to change thaI. You're jusl asking for trouble.

    That's lrue foreverybody, even you. I know Illat amazes you, bUllllat's tile way it is," Jim's faee went dark and he slloved his ellair back from tile table, "I want to be excused," lie said sullenly. Dad lIeld up his right hand to lIis face, as if to sllield it from Mom', riveting gaze. It is unknown if this was a working title or just a typo. A demo version of the game with different visuals was released in the summer of on a sampler CD [3]. The gold build of the game appears to have been compiled on August 21st, Many of the files on the disk were created on that date. Since the game itself acts like a visual novel , the player can flip through scenes at any time, as well as skip ahead to other 'chapters' in the story.

    After every scene, the player is given three choices of how Rockett can emotionally react to the events occurring around her. The player can also access Rockett's backpack, a little extra in the game where the player can check messages from Rockett's friends, snoop through lockers, view her sketchbook , read notes, or review her diary entries. Doing so allows the player to learn more about the other characters Rockett encounters and events that occur outside of the main plot. During and after the story concludes, the player's choices can be played back and watched as a movie without the choice screens.