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This is my first install so all new to me, I did format the hdd via windows using a utility to format it ready for mac, could this be the issue? Posted on Mar 12, AM. Page content loaded. Mar 12, AM. OK a little update on this, took hdd out formatted it and replaced, now i get a box telling me to connect a mouse wireless?

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Not original disc that came with make, I have got another genuine disc, the hdd had to be replaced due to mechanical failure, so don't really know what was originally on it, i did use google and it told me tiger Where did you get that other 'genuine disk'? Most are machine specific and may not work on your Mac. If you are in the US call Apple Customer Support , provide the Serial Number and specifications of the Mac, and for a reasonable fee, they will supply a replacement set of system discs if available.

The discs will be for the original version of the OS that was pre-installed when the Mac was manufactured.

Mac OS X , Tiger PowerPC G4 Apple Laptops for sale | eBay

Private seller on Ebay, it is an original disc black disc with big silver X apple logo on the top also says and the usual jargon on trademarks. Many thanks. I guess it a call to apple UK then It is worth noting that it is an extreme rarity for updates to cause upsets to your system, as they have all been extensively beta-tested, but they may well reveal pre-existing ones, particularly those of which you may have been unaware. If you are actually aware of any glitches, make sure they are fixed before proceeding further.

how to install mac osx tiger 10.4 on ibook g4

If you can, make a full backup first to an external hard disk. Ideally you should always have a bootable clone of your system that enables you to revert to the previous pre-update state. Verify the state of your hard disk using Disk Utility. If any faults are reported, restart from your install disk holding down the C key , go to Disk Utility, and repair your startup disk.

Restart again to get back to your startup disk. The If you prefer to download updates via Software Update in the Apple menu which would ensure that the correct version for your Mac was being downloaded , it is not recommended to allow SU to install major or even minor updates automatically. Set Software Update to just download the updater without immediately installing it. There is always the possibility that the combined download and install which can be a lengthy process might be interrupted by a power outage or your cat walking across the keyboard, and an interrupted install will almost certainly cause havoc.

Once it is downloaded, you can install at a time that suits you. You should make a backup copy of the updater on a CD in case you ever need a reinstall. Full details about the Using the Combo updater ensures that all system files changed since the original The Delta updater, although a temptingly smaller download, only takes you from the previous version to the new one, i. Software Update will generally download the Delta updater only. The preferable Combo updater needs to be downloaded from Apple's download site. Do not under any circumstances interrupt this procedure. Do not do anything else on your computer while it is installing.

mac os x tiger powerbook g4 download

Be patient. When it ask for a restart to complete the installation, click restart. This can take longer than normal, there are probably thousands of files to overwrite and place in the correct location. Do nothing while this is going on. Open a few of your most used applications and check that all is OK. In this connection please remember that not all manufacturers of third party applications and plug-ins, add-ons, haxies etc, will have had time to do any necessary rewrites to their software to make them compliant with the latest version of your operating system.

Give them a weeks or two while you regularly check their websites for updates.

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This applies particularly to plug-ins for Safari 3. Do not attempt to install two different updates at the same time as each may have different routines and requirements. Follow the above recommendations for each update in turn. Regardless of how many processors your Mac has or what speed it runs at, more memory will always help OS X run better. The next best thing you can do, after installing all the memory you can, is to use a fast hard drive or SSD. Note that Tiger does not support drives over 2 TB.

Sure, there are theoretical insecurities in Tiger and Leopard and Snow Leopard that are never going to be fixed, and there is only one close-to-up-to-date browser for Tiger, but even the latest operating systems — including macOS Sierra, Windows 10, Chrome OS , and every flavor of Linux — has some undiscovered security issues.

But overall, I could be happily working with Tiger today. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at This number is for advertising only.

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