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Anyway, all applications in the Office for Mac suite are reached the end of support on Oct. Ok, this is better. I happen to have a Mac at home that indeed needs a complete refresh. After many years running and installation, many software were installed on the computer and the Mac was terribly slow. I want to do a complete new fresh installation long time ago. One of major concerns I had in the past is that I would still bring a lot of garbage back if I do a time-machine restore during the OS upgrade.

But if I do a complete wipe out, I have to reinstall Office and I could not find my license key anymore. I was stuck in this situation for several years. This time, I have to a good opportunity to do it. I must wipe out my Mac for a fresh installation and have to test the steps to move Office license files. If it fails, I will not use Office on this Mac. After reading some articles about moving Office to a new Mac and did some preparation work, I finally made it successfully. Actually, I tested two scenarios by accident.

Actually I was wrong.

Uninstall Office 2016 for Mac

There was another small partition containing OS boot and installer. Without wiping out my default hard drive, after installation, I found out I just did an upgrade to macOS High Sierra and all of my garbage stuff were still there. No wonder it was so slow during the installation. But at least I verified Microsoft Office was still working under scenario of upgrading to High Sierra. Then I tried the correct scenario, wiping out my default hard disk first, then do the OS installation. It was much faster and successful.

On top of that, I did the office migration successfully.

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The followings are the steps:. Step 1. Backup Office Of course, I need to do a full time-machine backup before doing anything else. In addition to the backup, I also copied the followings to an external drive. The following directories are mainly for backup purpose, not really used during the migration step. Step 2. This step is going to wipe out everything on the default partition.

Step 3. Go through the regular mac OS installation screens to complete the High Sierra installation. Step 4. Migrate Office Install Office software and it will show the screen to license information at the end. Unfortunately, Quit in Office was not working and I had to do the force kill from Activity Monitor. Start Word or Excel. I am sure there are certain features might not fully functional on the new OS.

Download and run the license removal tool

Outlook works for a few minutes, then it hangs not responding and I have to force quit it. This happens every time I launch Outlook. I was wondering about updating it to version Which version of Office for Mac do you have? Does your Outlook hang after a few minutes?

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My Office for Mac version is It was hang for about 30 seconds. After that, everything back to normal. I am not sure your issue is related to Office version and doubt upgrade can help you. Check whether you have network connected wifi or wired connection to internet.

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I remembered my company laptop has Office subscription. Every time the office hang if I open it in the flight and turn WiFi off. If I turn on Wifi, even without connecting to outside internet, office works. In a separate note, just like you, I had one Mac at home died completely sometime back.

I had to bring it back. All of the tricks I could find on the internet did not work as I felt it was caused by a bad corruption sector on the boot section of the physical disk. The OS was Sierra. It was always stuck in the middle of booting. After many tries and research, I figured out a way to bring back my Mac. Here are my steps at high level: 1. Many blogs about this topic 2. Booted from this USB disk. Then I could see the hard disk on my old Mac.

How to Activate Office 2016 For Mac OS for free working 100% permanently

Just to try to be safe in case I wiped out the original disk. Booted from USB disk again.

The EASY Way To Move Microsoft Office 2011 License Between Apple Macs

It was slow process, but it worked. Booted from this external hard disk with everything just like my old mac. It was a slow but have everything I had from my old Mac on this external hard disk. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider.

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Google Slides: Which works better for business? Review: Microsoft Office vs. Google Apps. So is Office for Mac the best choice for you? Let's break it down The benefits: Familiarity, compatibility and a rich set of features for power users are the main benefits of opting for Office on your Mac. The drawbacks: Price is the primary drawback when it comes to Office software, especially when there are perfectly good free and open source or far cheaper alternatives on the market.

The alternatives Apple offers its own suite of office software - Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets and Keynote for presentations, all as part of iWork, which Apple made free for all users in April In Excel, pressing the equal sign launches the most recently used commands on the Touch Bar.