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Download and install Minecraft Forge we'll explain that further down below, if you don't already have it. Download a Minecraft mod from a trusted source. Place mod into your Minecraft folder. Launch Minecraft like you normally would. With Minecraft Forge, the process really is that easy. Launch Minecraft. Click Store. Click an add-on that you want.

How to install Minecraft mods on a Mac

What would you like to add or change about Minecraft? Are you interested in purely cosmetic changes, or do you want major gameplay changes? Do you just want new recipes to craft, or do you want to experience a brand new adventure or world? How to download and install Forge:. Navigate to the official Forge website. Click on Windows installer if you have Windows or Installer if you have a Mac.

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If you don't have any specific mods in mind, download the recommended version. Some older mods will only work with older versions of Forge, in which case you need to click show all versions and then locate the compatible version. The next screen will show an advertisement.

Wait for the ad timer to run down, and click Skip in the upper right corner. Do not click anything else on the page. Wait for Forge to download, open the file that you downloaded, and click Install Client. Launch Minecraft, and check the profiles drop-down menu.

Click the profile called Forge, and then click Play. Wait for the game to fully load, and then exit Minecraft. Back up Your Minecraft Files Before Installing Any Mod Mods are usually harmless, and you can typically just delete them if they don't work the way you expected or you just don't want them anymore. How to install a Minecraft mod with Forge:. Locate a mod that you have downloaded, or download a new mod.

If downloading a new mod, make sure to choose one that it is compatible your versions of both Minecraft and Forge. Locate the folder on your computer that contains Minecraft. Then open Application Support and look for Minecraft there. Copy the.

The ultimate Mac user's guide to Minecraft on OS X - mods, skins, and more

Launch Minecraft, make sure the Forge profile is active, and click Play. Click the mods button to verify that the mod was properly installed. If these terms are unfamiliar, they're actually pretty easy to understand:.

How to install Minecraft Mods for Mac ONLY (2018)

Skins: change the appearance of your character. Textures: change the appearance of the world by making blocks and creatures look different. Once the game is loaded at least once, we can go ahead and download Forge. Close Minecraft. Open Minecraft, click on Profile , now there should be a new user apart from your user name, select forge. You should see a slightly different Minecraft main menu, there should be some info on the bottom-left, and a new Mods button.

How to install Minecraft mods on a Mac – Rachel

Install PythonTool! Download PythonTool from the download section above, remember to choose the right version! Configure PythonTool! Just follow this steps: Create our custom folder called maybe pythontool, in Desktop for example Open Minecraft, and in the main screen go to Mods, select PythonTool Mod, and click on Config. This is the configuration menu, click on Script Path Configuration. If you have installed everything in the default directories, it is already pointing to the right place.

How to install mods for Minecraft Forge

Wylker made a spotlight of MultiMC 5 for us! It contains some basic usage and outlines the core features. Watch it below! MultiMC Manage Minecraft instances with ease. Overview MultiMC is a free, open source launcher for Minecraft.