Inserting the table of contents

I need to make the items in the table of contents be links into the document. On Windows this is easy; on Word for Mac it seems impossible. Is there a solution that does not involved manually creating each line? If not, I won't bother purchasing Adobe XI. Tom Roberts. I would look at using OpenOfffice.

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So, you may want to give close consideration to George's suggestion. Thanks for the answers.

Word 2010 For Dummies

That's what I thought. Overview There are several steps involved in creating a table of contents from Microsoft Word for Mac OS: Create a document using document styles to identify your headings. Insert a table of contents.

Creating a Table of Contents (Word 2011 for Mac)

Update your table of contents as the content of your document changes. Create your document using heading styles Heading or Document Styles are used in Word to format a document in a consistent way that is easy to change.

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Using Styles in Microsoft Word is easy thanks to the Quick Styles gallery, which is found in the Home toolbar: To apply a style, simply select the text to which you want to apply a style, and then click the appropriate style in the Quick Styles Gallery. Here's an example of a document that we will format using Word's built-in styles: Here's the same document after it has been formatted using styles - Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, and Normal which we'll use for any "normal" text that isn't a heading : Now that we have a document that contains content formatted using Word's styles, we can create our Table of Contents.

Insert and Format a Table of Contents To insert a table of contents into your document, follow these steps: Select the position in the document where you want the table of contents by clicking in the point of the document where the table of contents should be inserted.

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  • Choose the Document Elements ribbon toolbar. This has a list of buttons that let you insert a table of contents using different presentation formats: Each button will insert a table of contents; the differences between the buttons is the format that will be applied to the table of contents. Key differences you will notice between the options above include: Whether level 2 Heading 2 and level 3 Heading 3 styles should be indented or left aligned. Whether the text should be presented in Sentence Case the first word is capitalized, the rest are not or Uppercase where all words are in capitals.

    Whether there should be any underlining or leading. Any other formatting that might be needed in the table of contents. Note that the table of contents itself using document styles.

    iOS: How to Create a Table of Contents in Pages

    This means that you choose one of the options above and then customize the document styles to change how your table of contents is presented. The following example shows our document using the fourth option shown above. As you'll see, the title, Table of Contents has been inserted automatically.

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    To change the formatting, click the disclosure triangle next to Tabs and in the table below Default Spacing, do any of the following:. Adjust spacing between the table of contents entry and the page number: Double-click the value in the Stops column, type a new value, then press Return on the keyboard.

    The smaller the number, the shorter the distance. In a word-processing document with a table of contents inserted in the document, the paragraph styles you select in the table of contents view are automatically shown in the inserted TOC. If you later want your tables of contents to match, you must do it manually. Create a table of contents You can choose which paragraph styles to include in the table of contents and change the indentation.

    How to create a table of contents in Pages on Mac

    To change the TOC entries, click Edit at the top of the sidebar, then do any of the following: Change which paragraph styles are enabled: Select the checkbox next to the paragraph styles you want to include. Insert a table of contents into a word-processing document, format the text, and add leader lines In a word-processing document, you can add a table of contents for the whole document, or for each section or part of the document. Click Edit at the top of the sidebar, then select the paragraph styles you want to include.

    Customize the paragraph styles in an inserted table of contents In a word-processing document with a table of contents inserted in the document, the paragraph styles you select in the table of contents view are automatically shown in the inserted TOC.