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WiFi Explorer — Detect issues that may be affecting connection and the performance of your network, such as channel conflicts, overlapping and configuration issues, etc.

Mac Tips - Shareware Tip - iStumbler (OS X 10.4 or lower)

KisMAC — an open-source WiFi analyzer application for Mac OS that can map wireless networks and lay out the info on their performance so you can easily troubleshoot. Read, try, see what works best for you and your wireless network. NetSpot WiFi analyzer app for macOS offers the most visual and convenient heat maps so you can clearly see any dead spots and how you can optimize access points locations. Discover mode Reflects the rate of data transfer from user to the Internet.

iStumbler for Mac Download

With the help of NetSpot one can filter out the issues with and improve network coverage, performance, signal level, interference, access points configuration, etc. Additionally, NetSpot WiFi analyzer tool lets you evaluate WLAN interference and decide which wireless channels are better to be used by your access points. The professional and comprehensive report provides you with the most complete information on the network. Download for free. WiFi Scanner.

Not Enough Ratings. Wifi Scanner. WiFi Scanner is good for wireless site surveys , wifi analysis, wireless discovery, WiFi networks connection.

istumbler for mac 10.5.8

The application includes an AirPort plugin showing more accurate information like dBm values. WiFi Explorer. WiFi Explorer detects I've patched a bug which disabled the Location plugin, the update will be live on the store any moment.

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Should resolve the Maps pull-down not working and will show you the estimated locations of local Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices. Best, Alf. WIFI is inherently invisible and with this hard to grasp. I have used many versions of iStumbler over the years to resolve WIFI issues and this is finally an Apple-approved version. Well worth the money if you use wireless connections. Inspector shows detailed information including a high-resolution graph, detailed properties and information about every sample.

Graphically indicates network type and encryption status.

Das MacBook als Messgerät: WLAN-Router optimal aufstellen und Signal verbessern

Signal and noise graphed over time for all networks. Double click a network to open a connection monitor. Bluetooth Lists connected and discoverable Bluetooth devices with complete information. Toolbar buttons to Setup bluetooth devices, manually Pair with them, Browse or Send files. Inspector shows detailed information including services, detailed properties and information about every sample.

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Bonjour Forward by service type and Reverse by host name Bonjour Service browsing.