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Usually many subtitling programs empower users to change the position and style of hard subs. After softcoding a subtitle file into a video, you are free to select, turn on or turn off the soft subs as you require. Since soft subtitle and video are two independent tracks here, it will have no effect on video quality when adding SRT to MP4. The only drawback of soft subs is that it may be synced incorrectly or partially cut off for some unknown reasons. Knowing the two ways to subtitle video, let's do a general comparison on some popular subtitling tools for computer.

Hopefully, you can choose the right one according to your actual needs. To begin with, you need to download and install VideoProc on your desktop. Please make sure your machine is among the supported OS of VideoProc :. Plus, drag-and-drop is also available for MP4 inputting. After loading MP4 movie successfully, click "Subtitle" button located in the right bottom of the video information bar to pop up a subtitle panel.

Time to add subtitle now! Make sure you've ticked " Enabled " and " Burn-In " options under subtitle.

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The embedded subtitle is usually colored in white and seated at the bottom of MP4 video. You are allowed to preview subtitles on video. When you finish the subtitle settings, click "Done" to proceed.

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Do remember to check whether the target format is OK. VideoProc defines MP4 H. Enter into video processing control and input MP4 video from your computer to VideoProc by clicking " Add Video " or dragging the file here.

Click " Subtitle " button from the menu bar shown on video information box to pop up a "Edit Video" dialog. And under the subtitle panel, you are free to add SRT subtitles.

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  8. Choose the right one to download and add to video file. Make sure you've ticked " Enabled " and " Softcode " options under subtitle. If the.

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    When the subtitle settings complete , click "Done" to continue. You're suggested to check whether the target format is defined as MP4, or specifically as the source MP4.

    When your MP4 video is decorated with self-explaining soft or hard subtitles, you or the other spectators will gain a bang-up watching experience to a large degree. Here's How-to. Considering himself a master-of-none, he has a mania for daily reading covering a wide range of subjects. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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    This is a Windows-only application. Check the Download page. It does require Leopard, but doesn't indicate if it supports PPC. Ah, I see. Been there, tried that.

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