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I had the same issue happen all of the sudden. The solution that I used was to go the systems- displays- check mirroring option in the menu bar when available this made the image display on the TV.

The USB/HDMI adapter used to function properly, but it suddenly stopped working with my MacBook.

I know what Chris Smith is trying to say. On my HDMI cables, there are little arrows showing which way the signal flows. It comes out of the computer and flows into the TV set. I turned the cable around -- unplugged the computer end and plugged it into the TV and vice versa -- and suddenly my system worked again.

Show 1 more comment. Reece reecee. Try plugging into another TV and using a different cable. Try plugging it into a different TV not port using another cable. Also, check Thunderbolt to isolate the issue.

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S W avanteguarde. Are you sure you are answering the right question? HDMI ports only allow the cable to be plugged in one direction. If you are able to flip the cable around and plug it in, there is something wrong there. Flip what round? The answer doesn't make sense sorry. It was working perfectly then suddenly lost signal after unplugging and replugging the cable when I moved my montior.

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Wired Women Consulting. Posted: August 6. Now I have to figure out WHY it stopped working.

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Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses All forums Mac Talk Change forum. Started 9 months ago Discussions. I went through the usual route: -check all settings on the Mac and the monitor: all good, should work. Please let me know if i'm missing anything. XeroJay's gear list: XeroJay's gear list. HDMI 2. XeroJay wrote: And to ask the obvious question XeroJay wrote: So, in a nutshell, Joger is going to give me the gears on this one!

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Billiam29 wrote: XeroJay wrote: And to ask the obvious question I did, and it does fix the scaling issues But drops down to 30Hz. I am sure 5k60 in 10 bit works splendidly over TB3 - or maybe not As I said - been there done that - never got an external monitor working in 5k 10 bit on my Mac Pro late To be fair, I am not sure that Apple ever claimed bit-per-channel support for that Mac.

That's why I became an AIO supporter - just works out of the box. With a dongle. Jim in Hudson's gear list: Jim in Hudson's gear list. XeroJay wrote: Just as the title says. Jacques Cornell's gear list: Jacques Cornell's gear list. F Forum M My threads. Latest sample galleries. Tamron mm F2.

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