How to right click on a MacBook

Restarting your device can make your devices reconnect with each other. So your mouse can be recognized again. Note : You can use the trackpad to select and click. You have your mouse connected with Mac but it sometimes stops responding. The issue may be caused by signal interference. A wireless network that operates on 2. This is annoying when the mouse moves intermittently. There are several factors that can affect your mouse tracking.

Try another surface —The first is your surface. Keeping your touch surface dry and clean, or try another surface to see if the tracking improves. Clean your mouse —Turn the mouse over to check its sensor window. Unplug the power adapter and use your mouse while the Mac is running from battery power. If your mouse runs normally, the issue might be caused by your power adapter.

Replace the power adapter to improve your mouse tracking. Turn off other Bluetooth devices —If you have more than one Bluetooth wireless device nearby in use, turning them off one by one to see if the issue is improved. Hope the above information can help. Thanks for reading. Iris Zheng Iris is a technical writer and has a passion for new tech.

Copy link Quote reply. HI, I have latest build of Boxer 1. Has anyone else seen this issue and if so how to fix. Other than the mouse button issue Boxer seems to run anything i can throw at it so far. Have been able to use the Enter key or space bar as a mouse click but it's not a great solution.

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Any help much appreciated This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Does right-click work normally for you within the macOS and other apps?

Unable to Click with Trackpad or Mouse in Mac OS? Here’s the Fix!

I meant a normal Left Click.. Cheers Jay. If your other DOS games do not work either, can you try them in Boxer 2. Thanks for the tips Gary! I have to use it even with an external keyboard. My MacBook Pro trackpad stopped working entirely, it actually stopped clicking down. After closely inspecting the hardware failed software troubleshooting methods I discovered that the battery in the MacBook Pro had swollen up and was pushing against the trackpad mechanism.

The same thing happened to me.

SOLVED: Right click not working. - Apple Mighty Mouse - iFixit

I took my four-year old MacBook to an Apple store, went to the Genius bar for my appointment, starting explaining the problem and the reason for the problem. You have a swollen battery. Let me get you a new one! Hey, I have a few questions. I was wondering but the cost would be to go to a Genius Bar and replace the battery. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

Magic Mouse Review - Problems and Fixes

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Apple Magic Mouse Left Click Wont Work

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2. Try a different surface

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