Sophos Antivirus is not running Sophos version 9. I can go delete the 0kb dat file, but the next time the app updates, the problem re-occurs. Am I missing something?

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Other articles indicate that you only need to delete the cache. On a whim, I just decided to try deleting everything in that folder. I forced an update and it downloaded a MB update file. There is nothing in the com. The on-demand scanner started running again and ran ok until the application went out for another update.

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Now it has stopped working again and there is a 0kb cache. Is there any update to this problem?


I've been reading different threads on here and it appears this issue has been going on for a month or so now with no update or any idea as to what may be causing the problem. I have an iMac that is running 9. Started out with Mountain Lion Did a fresh reinstall of ML and then did the update straight to Yosemite Anything I can do to help or give further information?

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I'm not sure what the difference is between the two systems and why one works and the other doesn't if they're both running the same OS version and same Sophos version. In reply to SteveGlass : Hi Steve, Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this, and for the slow reply. I'm curious, are there any errors in the Sophos Antivirus Log? Also, since you mentioned Sophos Home - maybe you could try installing Sophos Home on the Mini as well? I know it's not an elegant fix, but might save you some frustration. OS X is virtually bomb proof - it's very very rare for software to completely crash the system.

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Sophos is managing. There is no way I will use this software, even if it were free. Sophos is so unstable that I suspsect it would take months of work to get this software even remotely trustowrth. I'll be moving on - very grateful that I haven't wasted money, so at least I can thank you for providing a free trial. Thank you for being so thorough in outlining your issues on these forums. You likely were having problems with Support because they are set up to handle support of our SBE product only.

If you turn off archive scanning, the problem will go away but you also won't have scanned inside archives. It sounds like most of your issues are archive-related -- when the scanner hits a large archive, the file count won't go down until after it has fully extracted and scanned all archive contents and is ready to move on to the next item.

For large archives, this can take a very long time, as the scanner is configured to let you get on with your usual work while it scans in the background. The email attachment issue is due to file caching -- even though the original files were fully removed, the OS caches the files from many applications, including Mail -- resulting in the attachment still existing in the Caches folder it should indicate that it is at that location, however.

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  • The Quarantine list is real-time, so the files should vanish from the list when the cache is purged, even without quitting and relaunching. The installers you mention would definitely cause a slowdown if you have archive scanning enabled, as the Lion installer is a package archive with multiple levells of archives and disk images inside -- this will take a while to unpack and scan at the best of times, and if it's a partial file, the scanner will attempt to do its best with the parts it can find. However, the scanner will drop that file and flag an error which it sounds like it did as soon as it hits an issue it can't resolve.

    One of the best suggestions I can make re: stability and speed is to disable scanning in archives and compressed files for on-access scans. This does reduce security slightly, but also prevents actions happening which can cause the majority of performance and stability edge cases. How this affects the issues you have been experiencing is unknown, until we isolate what part of the product is causing your issues.

    I'm glad you turned to these forums instead of giving up after your initial negative experiences -- hopefully we can resolve your issues both with the Home Edition and with the SBE offering. I'd recommend uninstalling the Home Edition and getting the SBE demo -- this will let you see how many of the problems are at the product level and how many are issues with how the underlying engine is functioning.

    Plus, support will be able to handle your calls appropriately. One rule of thumb with AV software: never run two scanners at the same time -- they will almost always conflict. Sophos does have a product specifically for deploying to VMs which would work in the situation you've outlined, running an end-point scan on the same physical data that you're taking control of with another on-access scanner is a recipe for lock-ups, kernel panics and blue screens.

    Pausing your scan while running your VM would likely have prevented the issue. One last bit of advice: if you do end up trying the SBE offering, these forums are still a great resource for searching for similar problems and solutions to the issues you are facing, as a portion of the product including detection engine and data is nearly identical. It is seen where: the endpoint is managed updates are done over the network via smb or afp the endpoint is unable to mount the share containing the update location, and therefore failed to update.

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