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Shame really because it's a nice mouse. It does a lot more then that, it makes pretty much any other macro software look pathetic by comparison. I played World of Warcraft on my iMac for a while, but unfortunately the constant usage caused my GPU to suffer heat damage and start to fail. I switched to a PC I built myself and was disappointed in how terrible the "supported" software was, though Logitech's modern offering is decent at least if heavy on the bling.

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Logitech comes with drivers that do all the buttons, but I can't say for other brands. Per application settings, complete custom settings for all buttons I thought that might be the case about OSX not supporting the extra buttons.

Which is the best mouse for Mac right now?

I tried SteerMouse and it didn't pick up the right hand side buttons at all. Looks like I'll have to return it and see what Logitech offer. I did consider Razer as their mice are apparently properly Mac compatible, but after the fiasco of the AWS outage preventing Razer mouse users from changing setting because the software requires internet access to do so WTF!!!

ControllerMate lets you try it out. It's more complicated in that it does a lot more things.

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You can do things like remap an entire keyboard or joystick But it's handled every piece of hardware I've thrown at it but one. The scroll wheel on an ancient MS Office Keyboard from it couldn't deal with If you just want simple mapping it's not that hard. Things like treat this button as Button 3 But if you want to go a little more crazy it'll do it. Even though all my mice but one are Logitech I never use their drivers. It does weird things at times I find. ClarkGoble wrote: Even though all my mice but one are Logitech I never use their drivers.

Tweaking Basic Mouse Settings

I can confirm this sentiment. OS X is blessed with an embarrassment of choices when it comes to third-party mouse drivers. I'm a SteerMouse fan, but there are plenty of others.

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If for no other reason than to make sure it gets spidered into the Google index for someone who might be searching for mouse advice on the Mac, never, ever install the manufacturer drivers, particularly Logitech's which are uniquely terrible. Budget a few dollars for a third party driver and revel in the improved functionality and lack of headaches. Thanks for the continuing advice. I downloaded ControllerMate and was a bit baffled by the interface. I'll see if I can get my head round it and give this thing one more try before I return it.

Mightier Mouse

Lagrange wrote: Thanks for the continuing advice. Yeah it's definitely a bit complex. Although for simple use it just works if you simply leave the defaults. Let me know if you need help. ClarkGoble wrote: Lagrange wrote: Thanks for the continuing advice. Does CM have any provision for gaming sets?

Clipboard Sharing

If I want to play a certain game with buttons on my mouse and game pad set to something, and another game with different bindings, is that doable? Yes they have what they call programming groups which can be activated for particular applications. I don't use them. Thank you very much: This is what I needed Downloaded, tested it, and worked perfectly! Deserved a tip for sure!

configuring 5 button mouse for free

It works on my Tecknet BM Bluetooth mouse. What's this, a free app for Mac OS?

How To Program Extra Buttons of Mouse

Am I dreaming? Tetsujin Tetsujin Just what I needed, thanks! I gave USB Overdrive a shot and it works perfectly. SteerMouse worked great after discovering Logitech lied about their driver support for MacOS High Sierra to be fair, it's only been a mere 4 months since Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

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