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In this article, we're going to concentrate on setting up your Mac to share files with a Windows-based computer, using the SMB file sharing system. In order to share your Mac's files, you must specify which folders you want to share, define the access rights for the shared folders, and enable the SMB file sharing protocol that Windows uses. Names and text displayed on your Mac may be slightly different from what is shown here, depending on the version of the Mac operating system you're using, but the changes should be minor enough not to affect the end result. The left side of the Sharing preference pane lists the services that you can share.

Place a checkmark in the File Sharing box. You should now see a green dot next to text that says File Sharing On. The IP address is listed just below the text. Make a note of the IP address; you will need this information in later steps. With file sharing turned on, you can now decide if you wish to share user account home folders. When you enable this option, a Mac user who has a home folder on your Mac can access it from a PC running Windows 7 , Windows 8, or Windows 10, as long as they log in with the same user account information on the PC.

Place a checkmark next to the account that you wish to allow to share files.

You'll be asked to enter the password for the selected account. Provide the password and click OK. Repeat the above steps for any additional users that you want to have access to SMB file sharing. Click the Done button once you have the user accounts you wish to share configured.

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Each Mac user account has a built-in Public folder that is automatically shared. You can share other folders, as well as define the access rights for each of them. Make sure the Sharing preference pane is still open, and File Sharing still selected in the left-hand pane. In the Finder sheet that drops down, navigate to the folder you wish to share.

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