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Top Stories. The world tour mode lets you try just about every racing discipline the game offers--and it comes complete with a cheeky Scottish racing manager, to boot. The actual handling of the cars varies wildly between classes, though one thing remains constant: The faster the car, the more careful you'll need to be. There are 80 different worldwide tracks featured in TOCA 3, and the one thing they all have in common save for the pure oval racing courses is that they tend to feature a lot of tight turns that require precise driving to navigate.

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Even the dirt tracks and similarly offbeat courses need a bit of precision, lest you start sliding all over the place and bust up your car. Watching for turns is key; though, you'll likely experience a fair bit of trial and error with each track as you start to get used to its various curves. The aggressive opponent AI will often take advantage of your mistakes.

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On normal difficulty, it's not so hard to get back to a decent finishing position if you slide out or wreck, but on hard, it's damn near an impossibility. Fortunately, you can restart any race at any time, and while restarting races over and over again might be somewhat frustrating after awhile, it's a fair bit better than having to complete a race you know you can't win.

Above all else, racing in TOCA 3 just feels authentic. Sometimes cars might feel a bit floatier than they would seem like they ought to in a realistic scenario, and there are times where your car will magically survive wicked looking crashes with little more than cosmetic damage, but generally the feel of the car jibes with the terrain it's driving on, the speed you're traveling at, and most other mitigating factors.

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The opponent AI also works extremely realistically. They'll stick to their racing lines as steadfastly as they can, but if a wreck occurs right in front of them, they'll do their best to veer out of the way and get back ontrack. You'll see opponents overtake one another, occasionally wreck themselves, and generally behave as a real racer should.

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On normal difficulty, they do tend to take turns a bit too conservatively, which makes it much easier for you to roll up and overtake a bunch of racers at once. But on hard difficulty, that behavior pretty much goes away entirely. Apart from being able to do all these types of races in a typical free race mode, TOCA 3 actually offers two distinct career modes. The world tour is similar to the career mode found in TOCA 2, in that it's a story-based affair where you play as an up-and-coming driver new to the scene, and the aforementioned Scottish fellow works as your primary manager, mechanic, and confidant.

The story here is mostly incidental. You simply go through the mode's 32 racing tiers bit by bit, placing in certain spots to advance. Cutcenes will often play between races, but there isn't much of a real plot going on in this game like there was in the last one.


You'll see a bit of rivalry going on between you and another racer, but that's about it. This isn't a bad Sylvester Stallone racing movie, though, and there doesn't need to be a bunch of manufactured drama. Being able to race through 32 tiers of racing events, and between a wide variety of races, is more than enough. The other mode is the pro career mode. Here, you simply pick a specific racing discipline, like classics or open-wheel racing, and progress through every track and championship that discipline has to offer. It's a nice progression, as you'll start with the easiest cars and move up to the most fearsome racing machines.

Staying within the set racing lines and off the infield at all costs is very much to your benefit.

TOCA Race Driver 3

There's also standard split-screen multiplayer, system link play, and online on all versions of the game. When you're hosting a game online, you can pick from any of your available championships, disciplines, and cars, and you can play through a full series or just go race by race. Drive through the gate and follow the path to the Go-Kart track. If you don't see the Go-Kart, return to this spot later to retrieve it.

The following vehicles can be found in Take a Ride mode. Vehicle Location Ford GT From Tanner's house, drive across the first big bridge, then follow the first road that veers off to the right to a dead end. Hot Rod Inside the firestation near the airport in Nice. Racer GT Inside a red crate at the industrial docks in Istanbul. Roadster At the impound lot in Istanbul.

Speedster In the train yard in the southern section of Istanbul.