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Patch My PC. Major Geeks Special Offer:. You can purchase a controller from them, but the keyboard keys work very well and are easy to configure if you just want to play around with the simulator. We found that the game is indeed a beta with some speed issues and some crashing in Windows Other small annoyances show up like having to load a scenery numerous times.

It comes with about 20 models, including helicopters and about 15 sceneries. It has a long way to go but most likely will work better on operating systems before Windows Normally, this wouldn't make the cut here but your options in free RC flight simulators are non-existent.

DLL is not loaded" error we have provided it inside the download. Such a simulator will not even start if its original interface is not connected to your computer! The detailed description of this configuration procedure is provided on a CD we ship with every USB interface. Transmitter mixing is most popular because it doesn't require any additional electronics mounted in the heli. Unfortunately, one family of Chinese transmitters sold under the names of E-flite, ESky, and Twister may be some other names too implements CCPM in the transmitter and doesn't allow this mixing to be disabled.

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As a result, such transmitters can't be used with regular TX-to-Computer interfaces as their signal would be mixed and unsuitable for any simulator. Walkera transmitters, from the other hand, don't offer CCPM mixing. Instead, Walkera CP helies carry a special mixing board, which performs channel mixing. Unfortunately, the shape of PPM signal produced by Walkera transmitters is rather unusual and most of the interfaces have trouble deciphering Walkera signal. There are four incompatible groups of Walkera transmitters: Transmitters implementing a so called "Zhen Hua 5-byte" protocol.

It seems that such transmitters were only made for Fixed Pitch helies, they only have 4 channels the switches and knobs on top of the transmitter are not connected anywhere. Zhen Hua supporting transmitters can work with a simple 4-wire cables as the TX encoder chip generates digital signal compatible with PC serial port. Transitional models--Zhen Hua support was dropped but no signal was sent to the trainer connector yet.

We have a one year old 22A transmitter of this type.

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Such transmitters won't work with ANY interface unless hardware modifications are made to the TX board a couple of wires soldered. We have tested 35 and 36 transmitters made in Special processing of this non-standard Walkera PPM is needed for such transmitters to work with an interface--our interfaces support it. Most of Walkera transmitters look alike, they don't have model numbers or manufacturing dates.

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There's no way to tell, just by looking at a transmitter, to which group a particular TX belongs to First, you should understand what Idle Up switch does when you are flying the real thing: Idle Up is a way to quickly change several transmitter settings using a single switch. These deflections are not affected by the pitch curve and the whole CCPMixing arrangement. Also, as the Idle Up switch changes the mixing parameters, our "un-mixing" algorithm only works with the switch in down position.

Simulators, which support different flight modes FMS in not one of them! Instructions how to assign Idle Up and Throttle Hold keys in RealFlight G2 to channels 5 and 6 of a true 6-channel transmitter are given in the Set-Up guide, which is shipped with every interface.

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What's the deal with FMS, why it sometimes has trouble reading the Rudder channel and how to fix it v. FMS is a freeware simulator and, as any piece of software, it has bugs. One of the bugs is that FMS sometimes does not read one of the channels, even though this channel works fine in Windows Control Panel. There are two possible causes of this: 1 There are more than 1 joysticks in the system and FMS can't read all of the channels of the second joystick.

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If Rudder is set to 3rd joystick axes, it is not accessible in Windows XP, but works fine in Windows Go figure! F requently A sked Q uestions. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.