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Scaling up the resolution, however, does come with one major caveat: Text appears way smaller. For creatives, like graphic designers, photographers, and video editors, the iMac's improved Retina display is too good to pass up. A wide color gamut DCI-P3 means more displayable colors, greater dynamic range, and even overall more color accuracy for your work.

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I challenge you to find a better display on an all-in-one computer. Chances are you won't, because I've looked. There's only one piece of advice I have whenever people ask me which Mac they should get: Never buy the base, entry-level model. Just don't do it. Apple designs its Macs so they're impossible or next to impossible to upgrade.

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And after testing the new 5K iMac for a few weeks, I'm saddened to see that my "never buy the base model" still holds true, sorta. I'll spare you the technical benchmarks you can find them here if you really care. What matters more to me than synthetic benchmarks is how the iMac actually performs on a daily basis. For the base model, its performance is so-so. I consider myself a power user, and if you're buying a inch 5K iMac , you might consider yourself one, too.

So it's not crazy to demand some real oomph from it. On multiple occasions, the base model 5K iMac just couldn't handle the workload.

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I saw it slow down, stutter, and often give me the spinning beach ball of death. I don't consider lots of Chrome tabs heavy work for a desktop; my inch Retina MacBook Pro handles the same Chrome tabs and Photoshop CC processing fine and it's only got integrated graphics. Closing the number of tabs in Chrome and unused images in Photoshop helped improve the iMac's performance and return it to normal.

It's not that the iMac's processor or graphics isn't up to par, but that 8GB of RAM is simply not enough for a machine with this high-resolution screen. It bottlenecks too quickly. You absolutely need more. But since the 5K iMac is the only iMac with user-upgradable RAM it's as easy as opening the RAM hatch on the back , you could save yourself hundreds by swapping it out yourself.

As mentioned, Apple sells the iMac in two screen sizes: The smaller iMac isn't bad, but its screen is just too puny compared to the inch. It's also not as beefy with less-powerful graphics and RAM that's not user-upgradeable. If there's any single reason to buy the new 5K iMac , it's the display. It's just spectacular. There's really no going back to non-Retina computer screens after you've lived with a Retina one every day.

This makes sense seeing that Apple did the same thing to its MacBook lineup of laptops. The 27in iMac is one of the most powerful computers on the market. All inch iMacs now feature 5K displays, allowing for an exceptional experience for users worldwide.

Apple is now selling three different inch iMac models on the market and there is no big difference. The maxed-out model is packed with 3.

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If you are in the market for a powerful computer that meets your heavy tasks, then the inch iMac should be your perfect choice. However, the question is do you really need the maxed-out version. Sources say that the MacBook Pro is having its upper hand over the iMac thanks to its high performance and portability.

It seems that Apple needs something special to boost its iMac lineup. If you are in the market for an iMac model, then you have come to the right place.

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