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Suppose you have disk0 internal drive and disk2 external usb drive When using a disk in Mac OS X as a source or destination, you should always you the rdisk entry for that disk entry it will make for faster imaging.

I know you talked about the raw disk in your blog but I can tell you for sure that the risk will be faster when using dd. If you do image to a single file, you could use the. If you image to a device or clone to it , once the imaging is complete you have to put the clone drive on a Write-Blocker or time stamps again will change.

How to Boot in Single User Mode on a Mac

Later you could image from that clone drive to files or a single. Hope this helps. Pages Home Downloads Mac Imaging. See, every so often, the Macs where I worked would start to act weird.

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Nothing truly game-stopping — just little things, stuff that was easily worked around but always a little bit annoying. The first stop when things are weird, for me, was always Repair Permissions in the Disk Utility app. Shut down the Mac completely, and wait a couple seconds.

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Then, hold down the Command and S keys simultaneously while pressing the Power button to start up the Mac. Shortly thereafter, a bunch of scary-looking white text will show up. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse.

Single User Mode command to fix Mac that stucks at Apple Logo with a loading bar during Startup

Boot in single user mode hold Command-S during boot. See the difference? In your second listing, you should see an additional entry for either disk1s1 or disk1s2 -- this seems to depend on the file system on the Memory Stick. If not specified, mount in single user mode defaults to UFS.

OS X's BSD/unix command-line

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