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Before you get too upset over this, consider that AMG charges all commercial software vendors per customer per year, so the costs are just being passed along from AMG. It is blasphemy to ask EAC to step down from its throne.

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That said, I perused the article and from what I see, it is the error correction path that has improved, a clean CD will be identical using either EAC or dBpoweramp. Why that difference? With processors as fast as they are today, I set compression at maximum. But storage is cheap and plentiful as well, so not sure it matters much either way. What is the best way to rip? My choice is between EAC or Dbpoweramp.

Please help me! What would you recommend? Last questin, Carlton.

The New King of Bit-Perfect CD Audio Extraction?

One eternal question I have never solved is about moving large collections of FLAC files in album folders. Henry, I suggest using TeraCopy for Windows. It handles errors and resume transfers much better than the built-in Windows copy function. It is not better quality to rip to wave vs flac. Lossless codecs mean that there is no loss or difference versus the original source.

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The output is bit-for-bit identical regardless which lossless codec is used. For errors, they will occur on any device that reads the disc. A blu-ray player will not do a better job reading the disc than will a computer.

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  • The only problem you might have is if your CDs are beat to hell. I've ripped hundreds and hundreds of hours of music using iTunes and I've only had one bad track. And that was because I was multitasking and using my computer to do two things at once. Nov 15, at AM. Post 6 of Nov 15, at PM. Post 7 of ITunes with error correction checked should be fine for you then.

    How to Rip CDs to .FLAC using Exact Audio Copy (Lossless)

    When your processor gets hit with a big load, it can shuffle between the load and the CD you're ripping. I had one time where applying a photoshop filter while ripping put clicks in the track. I have over 10, CDs to rip, so I keep my laptop next to my computer and use it to rip CDs while I work on the other machine. Post 8 of Post 9 of My music server is a dedicated mac mini.

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    I have a laptop and destop computer in addition to that. After I rip CDs, I move the files across my network to the server. Post 10 of Post 11 of I have a HD projection system too, and it's all driven off my Mac Mini. It streams music to several stereos all around my house.

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    I control it using my iPhone. It's great because I have months and months of music available to me, and if I don't want to pick I can put it on shuffle and it plays like the radio. It crashes every couple or few weeks and I have to restart it, but other than that, no problems at all. It drives my theater too with 25 tb of storage on 4 Drobos. Post 12 of Post 13 of Joined: Nov 1, Posts: Nov 16, at AM. Post 14 of You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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