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Any new ideas, I'm completely open to!

I understand you should not have to pay to get functionality that should be there in the first place, but the stock answers are not working and I know you want this resolved. Windows does not have any thumbnail support for PSD files, but there are free and paid alternatives there. I just worked with a tech for the same issue in InDesign with Mojave One strange thing I've noticed is this.

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I use folders and subfolders. If I have a PSD file in a subfolder it sometimes appears with no thumbnail. I can't duplicate the problem. Be honest nothing helps.

AfterI restored my iMac after crash all thumbnails were gone. I spent hours to fix it and nothing helped. I gave up and start using Bridge, but after couple of weeks they were back! Just one day everything appeard again. No effort from my end. I've just had a live chat conversation with Adobe support. The Agent had a somewhat tetchy attitude, and there was a flat denial that this is an Adobe "issue".

I think you're right. Although Bridge is something I've never used much before I'm going to add it to my workflow, as it gets around this problem. I really hope there is a fix coming - it's killing me that some thumbs show perfectly, some pop from generic to actual, while others stay generic. What's going on?! It's almost the same functionality, but you can see all thumbnail types, with the added bonus of seeing all information attached teach image. More info about Bridge: Julieanne Kost's Blog. Yes, I used it today where I would normally use Mac Finder. Bridge can actually find files across all of my folders and a number of external drives more quickly than Mac Finder.

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Or are the two just not integrated yet? Any help would be great, thanks! I have the same question Show 4 Likes 4. This content has been marked as final. Show 20 replies. Hi, Check this forum.

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Where is the Icon File for Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Others?

I just got CS6. The icons are so teeny that I can't see them! I can't read the menus and I'm getting a serious headache just trying to find stuff. How in the heck do you change the icon size? And, is there any way to change the gray on gray color theme?

I am not able to use this expensive program without really straining! I have a large monitor, too. Corinne King 2 Posts 1 Reply Like frustrated. Posted 6 years ago. All 5 Replies. Chris Cox Posts Reply Likes. You can't change the icon size. They're designed for a dpi display. On MacOS there is support for the dpi retina displays make sure you install the updates. But if you're on a normal dpi display and the icons are hard to see - then something is messing with Photoshop's drawing, like a utility or OS scaling setting which doesn't work so well.

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Corinne King 2 Posts 1 Reply Like. So, how do I change the size of the type on the menus? If I can't, then good grief! Is there a setting for someone with vision issues? I know that sounds counter-intuitive for a Photoshop user, but I can see my work, I just can't see the silly little tools. View previous…. Bay Stevens 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. It's March and I still have the too small icons on my screen. If Adobe support reads and responds to problem issues like this one I need an answer right now! And look at all the other customers who have the same problem.

Please help Bay Stevens. If you're using CS6, it's very old. The current version of Photoshop CC This is effing pathetic Cristen Gillespie Posts Reply Likes. Fix what, jdlev? Are you suggesting that there is no scaling in the current version of Photoshop, that it isn't working for you, or that Photoshop should fix something that is old—the way manufacturers of major appliances and computers put new features into their old products out of the goodness of their heart?

If you think you should be able to scale your UI and you can't, or you can, but think it's inadequate for your needs, that's something you'll need to be specific about, including in your description of the problem your OS and PS version. Notor Grech 1 Post 2 Reply Likes. Corinne I think this is the best temporarily solution that I found.