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But your budget will probably look something like this:. This is a bit of a gray area of budgeting. Using Excel or some other spreadsheet software to create your budget can work if you really understand the nature of how categories relate to each other. Armed with a couple of books on film budgeting see sidebar , a computer and a thorough knowledge of your own script, you can go this route and probably come out okay. The gray area arises when you consider the number of offerings from companies who will sell you a pre-formatted film budgeting template for Excel.

These include BoilerPlate www. If you use them, just be sure you understand how the links and formulas work together. Other film budgeting software packages not based on Excel run on their own native coding. There are only a handful of these programs, and they each have their fans. Based on continuous feedback from Line Producers and Producers, Movie Magic Budgeting 7 saves time, increases efficiency, and prepares budgets that allow your team to make the best production decisions possible.

Search for:. Movie Magic Budgeting 7 quantity. Budget Comparison — Compare budgets in order to produce variance reports.

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Foreign Currency — view your entire budget using native or budgeted rates for selected currencies[a] Globals — Quickly change any components throughout the budget and automatically update the entire budget. Fringes — Fringe by percentage or flat rate and add, calculate, and set-up fringe ranges and cutoffs with efficiency and ease.

It also tracks your purchase orders, payroll and petty cash. All very useful things when budgeting any project.

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The production reports created in Showbiz Budgeting 9 are especially useful if answering to a production entity. They are simple and concise and easy to share. Does that work for your budget? Grab Showbiz Budgeting 9 here. Celtx is an all-in-one production software suite that made a name for itself as a free alternative to the screenwriting software Final Draft. It was considered one of the best filmmaking software when it launched for the desktop years ago. The script writing feature quickly gave way to a production all-in-one. It includes budgeting features that are used by filmmakers looking for a bargain that Movie Magic or Showbiz budgeting could or would never offer.

Within a short while, Celtx moved from open, non-proprietary desktop software to cloud-based.

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Today, it is solely cloud-based and has added several features to its software suite. Also, it is better suited for individuals than professional organizations in that what you share, by cloud or PDF, is not necessarily in an industry friendly format.

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It is a comprehensive film budgeting suite that is more user friendly than the industry standard Movie Magic Budgeting with nearly identical results. The film budgeting software comes with a host of great features such as schedule importation and global rates.

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The Gorilla film budget planning breakdown is easy to read and understand. Even for a novice. A Day trial not enough for you? Try a free day trial of Gorilla Budgeting from Jungle Software.

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We know, you want to get closer to free budget software. But the extra money will be well spent. Though they offer a subscription and one-off option for different needs. The budgets and finance management aspect would be a great addition to this list if only it could form a budget that is more similar to the industry standard.

There is no price on the website which usually means it cost a lot more than a independent filmmaker can afford.

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The savvy independent filmmaker should instead look for free or extremely low-cost alternatives that work just as well. StudioBinder provides a free film budget template designed for Google Sheets.

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All of your sums will automatically total on a Top Sheet for a quick, printable glance. Working off a sample budget template can help beginning filmmakers understand how to craft film and video budgets.

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  • BoilerPlate is a paid film budget template. It automatically calculates changes to your budget, generates both reports and lists, and streamlines a lot of other tedious budgeting tasks. Of course, it also reduces the features that most film budget software suites include.

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