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Les planches sont en ligne. Le 2 Septembre La version 0. Le 20 Aout Sylwester A.

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Le 8 Juillet Lea vient de mettre a disposition des paquets pour Ubuntu 9. Il met en ligne ses notes. Depuis plusieurs mois, la suite de test de GDL s'enrichit. Le 06 Octobre La version 0. Les explications pour compiler GDL sous Ubuntu 8. A cette occasion, je pose un resume des commandes que j'ai utilise pour compiler cette version puis la version CVS sur un iMac recente Les problemes viennent plutot des librairies necessaires readline, gsl, cmake et plplot Le 06 Avril La version 0.

Attention, si vous avez une version de la librairie plplot plus ancienne que 5. N'hesitez pas a nous signaler les cas que vous reperez! Merci de faire remonter les bugs! La version 0. Pour compiler sous Mac OS X en mode utilisateur avec Readline, il vous faudra negocier avec l'admistrateur de la machine pour qu'il fasse evoluer Readline dans une version recente! Le 20 Septembre GDL 0.

Juillet Enfin la sortie de GDL 0. Mon stagiaire G. Boquien l'an dernier. A nouveau, il y a eu de nombreuses question dans la salle. Pourquoi il vaut mieux compiler avec ImageMagic! Quelques maigres informations sur l'installation sous Debian. Il convient donc de transposer dans tout ce qui suit 0. Ajout d'une section explicite pour l'installation et non la compilation de GDL 0. Essayez GDL! Je suis ce projet depuis la version 0. Je fus assez surpris du bon comportement des versions 0. Je suis enthousiaste depuis la version 0.

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La description qui suit ne concerne que la version GDL 0. Some valid files with special filenames could break this; for example, a file named "used. Obviously this is a rare case, but the issue could be easily avoided by using "else ifs" uses less CPU time or checking that the extension abuts the end of the string or both.

That said, the whole business could be avoided if PHP didn't clutter the namespace with different functions to do the same thing with different image formats.


I did an experiment with the image quality parameter of the imagejpeg function when creating jpegs. I found the optimal image quality with file size is taken into account to be 80 - very close to the default value of Anything over 80 results in an unnecessary increase in file size without much increase in image quality. If you wish to capture the jpg data into a variable, rather than outputting it or saving it into a file perhaps so you can put it in a database , you might want to consider output buffering.

This caused that I couldn't create the new file in which I wanted to resampled the image with nor with imagejpeg nor with touch and imagejpeg after it. Note: the directory where you want to save the file must have permissions set to I came here looking for something similar to the getJPEGresolution function, but noticed the drawbacks that were pointed out in the last post. So, after drawing on some other code examples on the web, I put together the following function which should always properly return the correct values.

Hi I had similar problem with safe mode. My solution is: before imagejpeg , touch etc. The work around is to use touch or any other file system function that can do this to create the file first before using imagejpeg. A word of warning when outputting images to the browser I began to think there was a bug in GD or something, and I checked the file I was working on, but forgot about the includes Hours gone..

Don't forget that JPEG compression has artifacts! And they're not all really obvious. The PHP JPEG compression is pretty decent, but it seems to generally: -Lighten the image overall, by a reasonable amount never seen this before, but it will drive graphic designers crazy, you might want to darken the image before compressing it -Reduce saturation, especially with images with lots of points of different color within a few pixels of each other this is a documented feature of JPEG -Seriously mess with blue colors, which is common to all JPEG but really annoying in some situations with blue and black or other detailed blue parts You might want to consider using imagepng and outputting a PNG image instead of a JPEG if any of the above affect you, or your image is not very photo-like.

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Interlaced JPEGs load progressively, improving in quality as the image loads, so users on slower connections see the whole image at low quality. All this happens without affecting the file size actually, sometimes the file size is smaller! Hope this helps a few people out. It's not all that obvious without lots of playing around. Rather than using the temporary file, as described above, you can buffer the output stream. Someone else showed me this, and it seems to work very nicely.

Here is sample function that creates thumbnail of source JPEG file. Thumbnail wil be in square form with and height are the same , and original image cropped to fit in.

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Another note on that function: imagecreatefromwbmp was incorrectly used. WBMPs are wireless bitmaps, not windows bitmaps thanks to clambert at whitecrown , so the thumbnail routine as is will not be able to handle windows bitmaps. Thanks to Chris dot Calo for the thumbnail snippet. The file type issue is easily resolved by getting the type from the file with getimagesize, and you can handle unsupported types at that stage too.

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  4. By this I mean that you can not run two imagejpeg , imagepng or imagegif calls on the same resource. Another possibly undocumented quirk Firefox 1. I have changed one line in the script of Kokesh Jun listed above, and now it generates better quality thumbnails.

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    You have to change function imagecopyresized to imagecopyresampled. For best results, use only loss-less file formats such as PNG for storing images or image parts that you later intend to output with this function. Don't be like me racking my brain for hours trying to figure out why my xxx. Most likely, you have either: 1. Since changing this does not resize or scale the actual image, it is only a header-setting.

    Vos images pour le web : des conventions à respecter !

    Here's another on-the-fly thumbnail creation script. But as Imagesizes of more than 4 MP are to large for websites, I created thumbnails and the smaller pictures on the fly. But I found out, that the Script needed too much RAM, especially in the thumbnail overview, when I had more then 50 thumbnails to create on the fly at the same time. So I modified my image creator and my viewer to let them store images, that are created.

    So only the first visitor has to wait which is usually me for controlling the uploads und updates , all other visitors get the stored images, which is much faster.