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This is where you can choose to whitelist, blacklist and enable the adult content filter.

Open a Private Browsing window

When enabled, the iPhone uses algorithms and smart filters to automatically prevent pages from loading if the device detects adult content. Obviously, all software like this is not foolproof and Apple cannot guarantee that it will catch everything.

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If a user visits a restricted page, Safari will show a screen like the screenshot above. It includes a shortcut link to allow access to the current page.

How to disable Private Browsing in Safari! | MacRumors Forums

Tapping on this will ask for the Restrictions password before adding the URL to the whitelist. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to block Private Browsing but allow users to freely browse web pages. Some form of content block must be in use for Private Browsing and History deletion to be blocked.

To disable website filters and re-enable the ability to use Private Browsing and clear history, go back into Settings and open Restrictions. You can turn off all restrictions using the Disable Restrictions button at the top of the view. However, I think most people would agree it is up to the discretion of the individual families to decide how heavy-handed to be regarding online security of their kids. As such, it is good to be aware of what iOS can offer in this department.

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    Disable "Private Browsing" on Safari

    This allows you to open a private window from the top menu bar while keeping non-private windows open. Using Incognito or Private Mode is popular when you would like to have your browsing and search history automatically deleted at the end of the session. Cookies are also removed at the end of the session. Beware that your internet service provider ISP or any nefarious actors can still spy on online activities, so it's not completely secure. In Safari for iOS , you can switch to Private by pressing the "Private" button on the "new tab" screen.

    If you're not sure how to get to the "new tab" screen, tab the icon that looks like two squares stacked on another.