There is much to catch on but also a lot of potential: email is still the most used communication medium in the workplace after all. Today the professional email space is still dominated by Outlook, and as much as I dislike Microsoft, I have to admit that Outlook when properly used is light years ahead every other client, even GMail. It would be awesome if Thunderbird could become an Outlook and GMail competitor in the coming years, like Firefox with Edge and Chrome. Please give us Minimize to Windows Tray natively!!!

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Give us the ability to auto copy text from email bodies!!! To finish give us the Carddav and Caldav native support!!! Many companies are using Exchange to manage their emails, their calendar, and contacts. We are going to support Gmail, which is proprietary service. So, I think EWS can be an option. At least, I think we should open a donate channel to let donator specify that they want the donation to be used on EWS supporting development. Please support MS Exchange server natively. This is the biggest addition you could ever do to making Thunderbird a viable application in corporate environments.

In those places, the current Thunderbird client is of no use. Hey there. There are a few add-ons that address Exchange support, like Owl. You should search the add-ons and see if one works for you. Nice to hear. This is the main reason I use Outlook on my Windows machines. For now there are add-ons that address Exchange support like Owl. AND continue to offer the customization for the bars.

Preferable with all available commands to use. Like it is done in LibreOffice, where one can have all the hundreds of commands and actions and pull-downs available to include in the icon bar. On many recent developement for other apps I realized, that often the UI looks as it is now made for HDPI tablets and people with huge fingers: So lots of space is wasted and on the display is only a reduced amount of information. So in the daily use, one has to scroll more often and looses the oversight of things.

Hey there! We will bear in mind existing workflows and our power users in any changes. Thanks for being a Thunderbird user!

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This is indeed one of the biggest problems for me personally with the current TB. But the most important thing is that Thunderbird Project is alive and growing. Absolutely agree here, focus on performance, feature parity with outlook and rewriting the adressbook. The look and design of the program is the lowest possible priority. People that do not like the current design are not as important as the points mentioned by Sanders.

For professional use I consider integration of calendar and address handling, including Sync with nextcloud etc the most urgent fields. Many small companies rely on that and would be happy to know thunderbird became a reliable project. While Thunderbird was always a very reliable email platform , Mozilla really needs to address issues that make Thunderbird not so reliable anymore like not responding messages that are popping up more frequently as well as Thunderbird crashing on occasion.

Really happy to read this post. Thanks a lot. I am very happy to hear about the improvements that are planed and really have an alternative of Outlook especially for the Linux platform. I would like to see as many an application for android. And also why not, an email service from mozilla mozilla.

It is such an inconsistent and backwards notion. Why do you try to make your client look like a broken webpage without a URL bar? Break out your open messages in to separate windows please! When I have moved people to Thunderbird as a free alternative to Outlook this has been a a comment leveled at the project. It is confusing and needs to be changed.

Much closer to outlook if you are looking for this type of client. If you only want basic e-mail support then often the website is enough, if you want more then you want a fuller featured client like Outlook.

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Come on mozilla step up and copy from the best here. But integrate Gmail, Yahoo etc and make it the best you possibly can do. I really like Thunderbird but notifications on Windows 10 and the addressbook without CardDAV support look out-of-date. Good to hear that they will finally be improved. Nobody needs that except on mobile devices.

I think the idea is to make many small improvements without breaking existing workflows. For instance, having more contextual options that appear when there is an action you can take that you might have had to dig through menus in the past to find. Everything else is very good.

So very happy to hear this! As a longtime user on all 3 supported OSes I appreciate all the work you all do to keep this project going. Thank you! Thunderbird rocks and I hope it continues to do so! Thanks to all developers involved! I use it on different Linux desktops and Windows 7. Then there is the project DeltaChat which aims to do instant messaging via e-mail and allow multi device usage at that including traditional e-mail clients like Thunderbird. So Thunderbird should make sure that DeltaChat instant messaging is considered in terms of UI and mail handling so that they harmonize with each other.

Thunderbird needs to make sure to support Autocrypt as best as it can to finally enable the masses to encrypt their e-mail traffic. I like Thunderbird as the e-mail client for my Kopano groupwork system. Only the configuration is a weak point, I need to setup all services separately. An better integration of this two open source products like Exchange and Outlook that needs just the server address, username and password would be a great enhancement.

That is the only thing I blame to the solution of mail client. Long life to thunderbird! Ryan, thanks a lot for sharing all these good news, it helps a lot when trying to understand what is going on and renews confidence in supporting Thunderbird for business use. I have to agree with the detailed list Sanders posted above, to me performance and efficiency are at the top of the list of needed improvements.

Honored to report we are contributors, and thanks for continued product evolution. MozBackup makes it very slick and I sure do love having email back-ups, which in my case lives on a NAS, also backed up. I think this backup capability is excellent and under-adressed by many other email programs. When that was dropped a while ago, it threw a major wrench in the way I work and prevented me from switching away several people from using Outlook….

Donating again! The only thing I need is a way to copy two of the addressbook fields to a CSV file. I can do this by a cumbersome method involving three separate programs, but a once-step operation would be lovely. Until Mozilla makes a postfix plug-in or alternative that is effective against spam, the masses will continue to use Gmail instead of Thunderbird. As someone who uses a screen reader since I am blind I hope TB stays accessible.

The way it is implemented now seems like a weird hack and is not compatible UX wise to any other email client. Mapping labels to IMAP permanent flags one to one would be very nice :. Too much Javascript plans on the mailinglist. Go for more rust which is used more and more for security critical things out there like Sequoia-PGP , file parsers and Firefox. My favorite Thunderbird version was 2.

And the initial feature set compares poorly to those of Mail and Outlook: Third-party add-ons give Thunderbird calendar features and the option after a very long setup process to view message threads as a seamless conversation, but Thunderbird lacks such capabilities by default. The program allows you to view HTML messages and see photos and other attachments inline, but only after you search through the menus for ways to activate those features.

You can change the names of the five default tags, or create new ones. In my tests, its search feature was truly impressive, displaying the results of my query in a new tab, with further filters for incoming or outgoing messages, or those from a given recipient. The program promises to flag scam email messages for you. This increases the chance of sending something to the wrong person. It's also really hard to enter long mailing lists. General concerns about the email clients?

I could do this myself perhaps but thought maybe by me posting a comment others might benefit. Since Windows 10 Pro is more accommodating on then the Home edition I would like to know the following:. First issue: Which of these programs are accepted by Windows 10 Pro and will survive a Microsoft "Update"?

Tried Hexamail Flow. It won't allow me to add a single account. It cries that "All accounts must have a unique name", but this is the first account. Nothing will satisfy the program as a name.

I've even tried naming it something like "liedrfkhugjklsdghjf" and it doesn't work. Mailbird allows only one account unless you buy it. They should make this clear when they advertise "Have ALL your accounts in one client. Very unscrupulous advertising. I've purchased email clients before, but I don't think I should have to keep buying the program every year, but they conveniently break the programs and require you to buy them again for support. I just want one good program. Does anyone know of any email client that will allow one assign a color category to an inbox email AND sort on it?

Thank you.

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Thank you for introducing me Nylas Mail. I was exactly looking for this. From my day beginning, I've started to search for best email client like Thunderbird. I'm running two different companies so I want to use two different email client software. You made my day author Thank you! No problem, Chinmay! However please note that Nylas Mail was discontinued in August so it will not be updated anymore. You should switch to Mailspring, which is a fork by one of the original founders of Nylas Mail. Mailspring is faster, cleaner, and overall better. We will be updating this article soon and replacing Nylas Mail with Mailspring.

Mailspring isn't free! Nylas allow us to add up to 10 email accounts and I just want to load my 3 different?????

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Do you prefer any other instead of these Email client software? Currently, I'm using Thunderbird. This thing despairs me. As far as I know, there is no limit to how many email accounts you can add to the free version of Mailspring. Yes, some of the advanced features require a Pro plan, but Mailspring itself can be used for free forever. Webmail is just that, the etch-a-sketch version of real email and like any browser going to any web site webmail is web-page based , are easily hacked. Webmail, using the forced browser upgrades tied in with the latest HTML5 layers, Stalkers like canvas fingerprinting can now monitor your email, follow your email, and invade your privacy much easier than a real email client.

Your Privacy, and Security are only available buy using a real email account on a real email client. It's not a USA based company. This went on for a few months but apparently they gave in. Second glitch I encountered a couple years ago, it may be resolved now, is that late night access was extremely slow.

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I know very little about networking etc so can only guess why Interface is minimalist, no ads, free access has limited storage space, only supports maybe languages--English Hebrew Japanese and I think Mandarin? Paid version comes in tiers depending on needs. Has quite a few features like Google--calendar, a few other things. Encrypted enough to send medical or financial data. Also probably things like child porn—but that's the price of freedom I suppose.

Thank you for the heads-up. At the time the article was published, Hiri was free for personal use. I am looking for a replacement to EM Client version 7. Version 6 was good but the way they handle multiple replies on version 7 has serious problems. Nothing but problems with Em Client. This week recent emails started flashing in my Inbox making it impossible to click on them.

That was the last straw Hiri is only free for 14 days! The rest give a limited number of free trial days, and only email accounts! Yes, you are right. Reviews are not reflecting the truth. I don't know what's the point except that the site is gonna lose customer base.

I'm definitively stopping my visits.

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I am running away from Thunderbird as fast as possible. Here are the problems I found. It began to lose folders. I save all my email locally in a long list of folders. I've done it for decades. For no reason I can figure out, in , version Funny thing is, they still exist if I search for them, and I could search so as to get all the emails and then copy them to a new folder. Then that folder disappeared too, so I did it again with a new folder in a different place in the hierarchy.

Suddenly T-bird stopped downloading my emails. It just began to say "No new messages" when there are hundreds. Even stranger - it finds one or two messages that it can download, but all the rest are invisible. The ones it downloads have nothing in common I can see. A google search shows none of these problems are unique. Mozilla provides no real help. The "fixes" are all high tech programming changes that leave me in the dust.

You can't interact with the forum without registering which is a constant nightmare. The password is always deleting with time and you can't put in a new one without being told "that email address is already in use" yes, because it's mine, fool.