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Thanks much appreciated. Amazon UK should get you tons of results for IECC13 - I really couldn't say other than any hardware store or computer shop could surely help you as well. Ask for "A computer IEC mains cable" You could qualify that with "Not a kettle plug" there's an actual difference but not one that matters in this case, but it will just clear up exactly what shape you need. You can actually use a kettle plug in a computer but not vice versa because of that extra cutout.

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Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. Related 3. This product is awesome and saved to from buying new costly apple charger. Only 1 left in stock.

What to Do If Your MacBook Charger Isn't Working | Digital Trends

If only it has a true Indian plug and not the EU one that fits loosely in most Indian sockets. Genuine product. Yet to test fast charging my iPhone X. It works and its reasonably easy to fit if you know what you are doing.

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I'd recommend some split ring pliers to get the case open and some superglue to get it closed up again. The only negative is that the cable identifies as 60W only so if you solder it to an 85W power supply it will still be limited to drawing 60W. It still works fine but a 15 inch macbook won't charge as fast as it would if the cable identified as 85W.

Make sure it’s the charger that’s malfunctioning

Currently unavailable. Works perfectly fine! I don't have to carry an adaptor now. Love it! See All Buying Options.

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Had a hard time finding a good extension cable for my MacBook but this product solved the issue. Happy with the purchase. Two items to keep in mind about this after-market Apple Macbook Pro charger: 1 if your Mac's battery drains, you will not get your laptop back immediately after plugging it in. Unlike your factory charger, this charger requires about 5 minutes before it will power up; 2 this charger emits more electromagnetic interference than the factory charger.

I'd often worked at a desk with an AC-powered radio. No issue with the factory charger. See All Buying Options. Works well for a fraction of the price of apple products. Only 10 left in stock.

Apple Laptop Adapters

It's a decent unit. Disregards those that say it won't fit latest macbook pros.

How to #Repair #Apple #MagSafe Power Cord without damaging Power Brick #DIY CHEAP and LOOKS GOOD

I got a pink and a dark grey for my own and my wife's macbook pros and they fit perfectly on both and 15" with touch bar pros. Nice tight fit, smooth material, doesn't look cheap and adds a nice style.

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Just be aware that if you are using converters for usb and such that need a little bit of width to go in, there might no longer be enough space to plug them in due to the case, except ofcourse the port beside the headphone as it allows enough room. I have a trekstor c11, and it is able to charge via usb-c as long has it has enough watts. The included charging ac cable was short, and was of poor quality, so changing it to the usb-c charging capability was pretty much a necessity.

I like this as it is small and more compact than the standard old charging brick the laptops come with, and additional functionality to charge my phone was a plus.