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Facebook Instagram Pinterest. Cart Error Add to Cart Added. Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest. Our helpful bundle includes a professional Certificate of Authenticity, Copyright Information Card and a bonus Fine Art Shipping Label to remind clients that photography is your work, your art and your subsistence. File Type:. A few notes from Design Aglow about our products.

Certificate Of Authenticity Template Download –

Customization: This product is an instant download and is fully customizable unless otherwise noted. A support guide is provided with your product, or in our Tutorials section. It offers a generalized overview for customizing the template.

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NOTE: Both the template and tutorial are designed specifically for professional photographers and assume a working knowledge and intermediate experience with Photoshop and a familiarity with layer masks. Printing: Unless otherwise noted, all template layouts are formatted for standard professional lab printing. You can print your final products anywhere professional services are provided, however we do include a recommended lab with your download.

Fonts: Most fonts used in Design Aglow products are free fonts that may already be installed on your computer, or are easily attainable by downloading from the creators. Due to copyright protection, we are unable to include these files directly in the template, but a quick Internet search for the font online will typically yield several resources font style names are included with your product for easy searching.

Certificate of Authenticity for limited editions

About Your Purchase: This product is designed to be used immediately, which is why we made it digital! These certificates contain relevant information about the work of art. For example, if you plan to buy your certificate from a site base in the US. UU Or Canada, you can choose to spend only a moment and think about that choice! Trusted certificates are used to produce secure connections to an online server. Brand Authenticity Certificate Template.

37 Certificate of Authenticity Templates (Art, Car, Autograph, Photo)

Certificate of Authenticity Template in Psd Format. Certificate of Authenticity Template. Editable Authenticity Certificate Template. Printable Certificate of Authenticity Template.

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Product Authenticity Certificate. Printable Authenticity Certificate Template. Authenticity Certificate Template in iPages for Mac.

Blank Certificate of Authenticity.