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As an added bonus, I have the soundblaster speakers so I have a dedicated volume and base control. I only wish more workarounds were this clear and simple!

Cheap 5.1 Usb Sound Card for Mac

Feb 10, PM. I really appreciate this post!

Sound Blaster Omni Review - precisely hear your enemies

I have the exact same configuration that I've been wondering the setup for 2 yrs lol. Mar 25, PM. I've done all actions that you've described above, but my 5. May 6, AM.

Usb Sound Card Mac for sale | eBay

I am so glad to see this. I'm new to Mac's, just recieved my imac 27" and I have an older logitech z 5. I'll order the Creative X unit and give it a go. Thanks again Vegas7!!! I'll try and report back when I have the unit hooked up.

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Dec 15, AM. Ok Here we go I purchased this external sound card, setup was painless, with it recognizing the card and under "configure speakers" the test for EACH speaker works! I am using the Logitec Z speakers which work perfectly in the chanel setup.. Has anyone got any ideas???? Dec 25, AM. Jan 13, AM. I just configured my SoundBlaster exactly as you said with the only difference that my Sony 5.

Now there's still no 5. Is it really only working with 3. I do not even have them available on my surround system! Jan 22, AM. Vegas - thanks for this. I have been wrestling with Mac audio for over 6 years - since switching from Windows machines. I want to be clear - with this setup you are able to get iTunes to play music not 5. Don't care about movies I never watch movies on the mac - but I DO want full surround sound from my logitech X Under boot camp - they sound great. Under Mac osx - they are 2. The only difference in the audio midi setup is that the Hercules card shows 'Source' as 'default' and there is no drop down menu.

So is the creative upmixing the 2ch streams coming from itunes? Can you adjust channel volume separately? Feb 23, PM.

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Well, I gave up on getting my Mac to upconvert 2ch into 5. Replaced my Xs with Z speaker which do the upconversion in speaker. They sound great. They work in true 5. Hey apple - can I get a couple hundred hours of my life back trying to get your machine to 'just work' like this same imac does when running Windows!

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  6. Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround (USB!) - General Discussion - InsanelyMac Forum;

Feb 24, PM. Hunted around a lot on the net trying to find a way to link up my old Creative Inspire 6. Got all the speakers wired up around the study and am now happily bathed in sound from my iMac without needing to resort to buying and wiring up a new set. Haven't tested movie surround sound yet The 5. Aug 24, PM. Sep 27, PM. I am following these steps on my macbook air os Dec 21, PM. So, I don't remember, how I done 5. Aaaand I've really have 5.

And also I can controll volume level from keyboard master volume. Today I'd looked through my Mac settings and thought, why it was done so strange on my Mac, why in Soundflower 2 channel profile and really I've got 5. Why in output Soundflower? In output I've got built in speakers and hdmi-on-TV sound, I'd thought, that here is "physical" items, different "ends" and here should be X-Fi sound card that named like External bla bla interface.

And input - from where sound come in - line In or etc. And also - Soundflower got itself like input too With input and output? Changing channels on speakers in 5. Can't get this working on my mountain lion installation, it recognises it. This was the guide i followed and didn't work.

Don't know if im doing something wrong but sure i can't be as it's not that difficult. Can anyone help further or help me step by step to make sure i am doing it right? You can confirm this by looking at both screenshots yours is listed with PRO in the card name, the other one is not. The - partial - good news is that you're not doing anything wrong. There is a reason why your X-Fi 5. I was able to answer the question of why the same procedure that worked for the person in the thread was not working for you.

As such these other responses are rather speculative. I have problems getting multi-channel audio with Mind you I've only spent a day playing around and installing ML. Trying with a new board in the next week or so the GB H77N mini-itx so I might have some better luck.

Soundblaster XFI surround 5.1 usb

You'd think so Just because a 'working' kext makes the name pop up doesn't mean it will do the advanced features. Working and fully functional are 2 very different things. Out of curiosity, what are you using to test the discrete channels? The only other thing I can think of right now is to test it under As for Creative Labs, I gave up on them years ago after wasting too much time with their products.

There was a time when on-board sound was sub-standard, but that's a while ago - especially since digital connections came out. The real selling point of an external sound card now is you don't have to worry about stray voltage giving hisses or other interference on the mother board affecting when you're recording something via the analog ports. I am confused now becuase we're talking about a couple different things. And whether we were talking about 5.