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When your Mac asks you where you want to save Fortnite, letting it download to Program files is a good idea. You should also keep the Auto-Update option selected so Fortnite stays current.

Stardew Valley

The next thing to ask is what specifications Fortnite needs when running on a Mac. Epic provides information on both minimum requirements — the base level for functionality — and recommended requirements, which deliver a more optimal experience. When possible, make sure you have these specs or better :.

When you start the game, Fortnite will automatically detect your hardware and dish out some recommended settings. Adjusting these settings down can help your Mac run Fortnite more faster, but it may also make the game harder to play. Here are a few settings options to keep in mind. Display resolution : All modern Macs have displays higher than p.

Top 15 MacBook Games

Start off at Low, as this will give you as many FPS frames per second as possible. If it looks like your Mac is running on Low settings with no problems, try bumping up to Medium and see how your playing experience goes. If gameplay is still very smooth, you can try increasing the settings even more to get the most out of your performance.

Remember that game quality can change over time. Things improve, but patches also introduce new issues. As we mentioned above, Fortnite performance on Macs has seen major improvement just between and , thanks to new updates and compatibility. These bugs are fixed in time, so either roll back the update if possible, or stay patient and wait for a fix.

Okay, so what specific Mac models are ideal for Fortnite , and which will run into problems? We highly suggest using the MacBook Pro for playing Fortnite , and stick to models that were released in or more recently. The newest MacBook Pro models greatly increase performance. We also suggest sticking with the inch model. The inch version upgrades from integrated graphics to a discrete GPU — the impressive Vega 20 — which gives an important boost to your gameplay. Furthermore, for compatibility reasons you should look for a model released in or more recently for the best results.

Generally speaking, any MacBook released in or later will have Metal. Any Air or Pro models had Metal in and later. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss.

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Computing Lost without Print Screen? Here's how to take a screenshot on your Mac Whether you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts or applications such as Grab and Preview, this guide will teach you how to take a screenshot on a Mac. Once you know how, you'll be able to capture images within seconds. Posted 1 day ago — By Alex Blake.

If you want one, you'll want to know how to configure it, and if the Air is the right Mac for you. Our guide will help you make the right MacBook purchase. Posted 1 day ago — By Matthew S. Computing In , laptops are better than ever. Here are the best of the best The best laptop should be one that checks all the boxes: Great battery life, beautiful design, and top-notch performance. Our picks for the best laptops you can buy do all that — and throw in some extra features while they're at it.

Posted 2 days ago — By Luke Larsen. Grab this rare deal on a brand-new Apple MacBook. Posted 4 days ago — By Drake Hawkins. Computing Solid-state drives are speedier than hard disk drives. Want to play it for laughs? Sure, you can. True story. Maybe you will be too. Alien: Isolation nails the sense of dread from the original Alien film, blending stealth and survival horror elements into a potent concoction.

Much of its success comes from the look, which almost perfectly matches that of the film. And this collected edition also includes the add-on content from other platforms, including missions that put you amidst the crew of the first film—Ellen Ripley Sigourney Weaver included. Into your apartment walks a sentient robot, the first of its kind, whose creator—your old friend—has just gone missing. What do you do? Well, you follow the story, of course.

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The premise is interesting and the writing and dialogue sharp and snappy, but this indie charmer makes its biggest impact with presentation: The sharp pixel graphics are a perfect throwback to the Sega CD era, and the soundtrack is an ideal complement. From these rough levels, we learn something about Coda… or maybe about Wreden. Well, the game is fully open to interpretation. All Slides.

It's game time. Cities: Skylines. Pillars of Eternity. Titan Souls. Kerbal Space Program. Elite Dangerous.

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Her Story. Nuclear Throne. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Tales from the Borderlands. Heroes of the Storm. Torchlight II. Prison Architect. Alien: Isolation — The Collection. Read Only Memories. The Beginner's Guide. Share this Slideshow. Direct link:. See larger image. It's game time Did you play new Mac games this year? Kerbal Space Program Running a space program is serious business , with potentially billions of dollars at stake, not to mention lives, jobs, and perhaps even the future of humanity.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Like a lot of pop culture franchises, J. Torchlight II While turnarounds generally seem much faster in recent years, it can still take a long time for some great games to hit Mac after their PC debuts. Next Up: Check out these related slideshows. The 5 Mac games you need to play from June and July