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It came at a perfect moment. Thank you. This was a thoroughly enjoyable post. I too love Gandhi, his spirit, his philosophy and his legacy. Thank you for giving me exactly what I needed at this moment. I am grateful. Thank you so much. What an inspiring article? Ghandi inside us deserves to emerg. Arvind, thank you so much. I just found this post. A wonderful, powerful tribute, beautifully expressed. I will return again and again to the light of your article. As I am Asian Proud be my self, Superb post.

Pupcake Scented Pillow Pet [],. Thank you! This is stunning, beautiful, enriching, and inspiring. You are a beautiful person, Arvind. This is such a nice post. I love all the lessons you shared in this wonderful article. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder. Gandhi is truly worth learning from. Paper airplane and building model paper in the Beste Kenran White B4 greenical eyes kg [input 50 sheets],. I do believe I am one of the crazy ones! Mahalo for such an inspiring post. Brown Mix Rabbit 10 by Hansa by Hansa,.

We maintain two minutes of silence at 11 am today. I had never known that Ghandi was that powerful. I fell for his ideas and regret trying to have it all in this life. Afterall, you have to die one day. Be happy now at whatever level this life places you. It is very inspiring and moving.

All of us can make a difference. Thank You Sir for this post.

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Gandhiji may not be around but his 6 key life lessons live on. All rights reserved. Generic 4pcs Lot Rubber 1. From the being, comes the doing and ultimately the having. Creative Beading Table Top Spinner,. Check out this truly inspirational video clip about being the change:- Mylene Hoffman 70th Anniversary Hot Pink Ver. Memo Sounds Card Game,. Start today and apply the 3Rs in your life.

Pangaeawalker a cute and warm Japanese tagua nut netsuke carp fish bay and mummy,. Agility Game Freddie Fire Arrow,. Walkera Z18 2. Motion puzzle Super Mario Bros. Tweet Pin Long Stitch Cushion Swirls,. Aarti says. A fantasic post and reminder of the lost lessons of a true mahatma.

Thanks Arvind. October 2, at pm. October 3, at am. Great post, Arvind! Snoopy neck pass pouch Red ,.

Wow, what a post. Your own heart shines through. Andrew says. Christine Booth says. October 3, at pm. Justin- AlittleBetter. Jai Kai - SharingSuccess. Anita says. Excellent post! Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom with us. Take care, A. Anne Brandt Dias says. Warm sunny hug from Spain! Tania says. Another powerful blog, thanks Arvind. Omar says.

October 10, at am. Thank you, Arvind, for this inspirational post. It also reminds us to practice what we preach. Or even better: preach less and practice more! Thanks, Arvind. John Hamilton Farr says. Glassy Briefcase by Tora Magic Trick ,. Love it. And to end with one of my favorite quotes is icing on the cake! Mahala Mazerov says. October 19, at pm. Cheryl McLaughlin says.

October 21, at am. Nili Marcia says. Hi Arvind, This was a thoroughly enjoyable post. Laxmi Chhaya says. Superb post Arvind. Arvind Devalia says. MindMapInspiration says. Sarah says. Lili says. I like this article so much. Gandhi is great teacher. Gnomonic Motion AJP Motions of lines of circles and growth The spiral of growing into something to see! The swirls of harmony of sweetness to be! In Harmony AJP From the great to the small There is a rhythm to it all In motion there may be sweet harmony! Plain and simple pleases some To get you started, make just one Mix, match, have some fun Then your Blue Plate Special will be done!

Amazing Space AJP This whorl of wonder will draw you into worlds of Amazing Possibilities With an open center works well as a tree skirt! Finished size 57" x 57" This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda assorted Red fabrics. Colors patterns and people all make connections! Let us all work and play well together! And affirm those things worth lasting forever!

Making Connections AJP Or twirl yourself around! Every which way you go, you will Blow Me Over! Triad Link AJP As the power of three combine into one Work becomes play and opens up joy to this very day! Amazing Possibilities AJP Start with a box of crayons and pull out a Monet! This whorl of wonder will draw you into worlds of Amazing Possibilities!

Squaring the Circle AJP Ever wonder if a square can make a circle? Here's your chance to make 9-patch blocks curve!


Champs de Fleur AJP Badge of Honor AJP Stars and Stripes and Eagle Wings! Piece this quilt and let the great bird sing! La Vie en Fleur means Life in Bloom! Make this quilt for flowers in any Room! You'll want to catch every droplet from this French enamelware inspired quilt. This classic blue and white is at home all through the year to help you celebrate every major holiday--summer, winter, spring, and fall! This classic red and white is at home all through the year to help you celebrate every major holiday--summer, winter, spring, and fall!

Cross your heart with warmth and love "And crown thy good with bro-ther-hood From sea toooo shining sea! Just in Cases AJP Even when not clear at first when a feeling is true the picture comes through so whether proper English or not say Just in cases and imagine a scene of a beautiful dream!

Up a Row AJP Clocks crocks and ladder back chairs Tie back curtains and patchwork squares! Red Carpet AJP It's not all Red There is no car or pet involved But it's a fun ride and you can say Pull out the Red carpet for me! Radiant Wheels AJP Spinning Wheels Radiant fire Round and Round let's go higher!

Valentine mini AJP These valentine hearts are as much fun to make as the ones made from paper in the third grade. Only this time we'll have a lasting expression of love to share with family and friends. Finished size 20" x 37" square This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda assorted fabric lines. Honey Bunny AJP Spiral-ling AJP From the great to the small There are circles in them all From beauty inside out Spirals are what it is all about!

Finished size 40" x 60" square This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda Spring-a-ling. Magnetic Attraction AJP North Pole South Pole magnets like to go clockwise and counter to and fro magnets magnets oh so much to know! Finished size 53" x 53" square This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda Spring-a-ling. Hidden Treasures AJP Easy to cut Easy to sew Be careful with your measures But dont forget, the hidden treasures! Simple Pleasures AJP With a classic Churn Dash you can make a splash! Turn that milky white ocean into a springtime happy notion!

Puppy Love AJP Puppies and babies are oh so sweet Make your little honey this special little treat! Cross Patch AJP One at a time you sew a row Soon you'll see a flower grow And then another oh what fun! Soon you'll see your quilt is done. Finished size 64" x 64" square This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda Spring-a-ling.

Best Friends Forever They always stick together They run and play in the yard all day in every kind of weather! Finished size 54" x 54" square This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda Spring-a-ling. Hugs and Kisses are X's and O's A quilter sends love whenever she sews how far it will reach nobody knows! Finished size 60" x 60" square This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda Spring-a-ling. Flowers for the Floor AJP Flowers in pots, add some dots then the checks,what comes next? Some zig and zag, and you've got it made! As a mechanic or a librarian?

How about in a hospital or a toy store? Ice Cream Trucls. School Bus or indoors with works of Art! Finished size 56" x 69". This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda. Hop, Skip, and a Jump and other assorted fabrics. Click here for the quilt kit. Circle Sensation AJP Circle Sensation under the sun Summer of ice cream, bubbles and fun Holding the secrets of both kinds of Pi e Let the circles guide you to a sensation so high! Finished size 48" x 71". This quilt was made using Bread n Butter by American Jane for moda and assorted pindots. Daisies and dots, Big Kids and tots So simple and sweet this little quilt makes a great treat!

Alphabetical Order AJP Boys and girls, pinwheel swirls Hop, skip, jump play You will never be far from having a wonderful day! Puzzle Pieces AJP Plan and place your own Puzzle PIeces Perfectly with plenty pretty patterns in precut packs for peaceful play time! When Miss Muffet skipped the garden path, she saw a bird taking a bath.

A squirrel chattered in the tree and a lady bug flew on her knee. With a hop, skip and a jump Miss Muffet ran from a bee and thought how about another pretty quilt for me! Nautical Flags AJP Signals and Semaphores Messages and Metaphors You're the skipper on the boat Learn the language, crack the code Use the flags and send a note! Four Grand AJP How do you measure the worth of a quilt? Petal Panels AJP Petal Leaves or Wings? Well here's the thing They can be whatever you please! Garden Patch AJP For this Garden Patch there is no match no need for sowing seed sew a jelly roll with speed!

Bunny Tales AJP Bunny Tales often told appeal to everyone young and old. Check Please AJP Breadboard checkboard have a slice of bread Sew some strips together and make a picnic spread! Diamonds AJP Diamonds are a girl's best friend and these diamonds are friendly! Just the Boats AJP Just the Boats from "Make a Splash" For a floor cloth horizontal or a wall hang vertical or whatever you want Finished size 66" x 94" This quilt was made using assorted American Jane fabric for Moda.

Jelly Jar AJP Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Peach Fruit Jelly in jars within easy reach take em with you on a picnic or a trip to the beach! Stardust AJP Stardust is a must for your wishes to come true make it in all color or just white and blue. Uses 1 Layer Cake Pattern includes paper for piecing small triangles. Enchante Deux AJP Enchante means charmed to meet you The first time was so much fun why not once again!

Blue skies all around, amber waves of grain and lush greens down below, wind and fire lifting you higher to feel free without a care way up in the air. Imagine the exhilaration of of weightless delight and enjoy a hot air balloon flight! Finished size 71" x 62" This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda, Lorraine, Pindots and assorted fabrics. Lady Lorraine AJP Stars at Play AJP At night and even during day are the stars out at play. Piece it once, piece it twice, piece together oh so nice!

Bon Appetit AJP Bon Appetit! Enjoy a picnic on the ground or a snack at a sports event, but keep comfy with this quilt on the go. Six Pack AJP Six around one, petals unfolding, beauty unending. Festival of Light AJP Festival of lights brings brightness to the darkest nights, but shines even on sunny days. Share in the warmth all through the year. Remember the first flower bouquet you randomly picked for your mother? Or a Small little cluster pinched in a small little hand, filled with love, given for you mother? Give someone a gift of petite petal points. Petal Points AJP Cut flowers always bring cheer to any setting!

But soon the flowers fade and petals drop. With a few cuts you can have flower petals that won't fade or drop but will bring lasting cheer to you. Finished size 88" x " This quilt as made using American Jane fabric for Moda, Lorraine and muslin. Pinwheel Party AJP Spinning pinwheels and sparkling colors are like fireworks or sprinkles on cupcakes. These easy piercing blocks ignite a cheerful party in no time. Finished size 40" x 62" or 55" x 70" This quilt as made using American Jane fabric for Moda and Pindots. Nuts and Bolts AJP Uses Template for 8 sided shapes.

Cutting Corners AJP Cutting corners sounds like you are taking a shortcut. But not this time. You are just making a lot of little shortcuts. Sweethearts AJP Will there be hugs? There will be hugs, sweet treats and happy hearts. A minute to an hour, an hour to a day, sew some bits together and a quilt is on its way. Finished size " x " This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda, assorted prints and muslin. Butterflies flit from one flower to the next, while I wish they would stop, so I could have a better look!

Wind Power AJP All it takes is a little wind power to get these pinwheels whirling. So put the pedal to the metal and whip up a batch or two turnovers and you have a powerful quilt. Easy Breezy AJP Beach balls, pinwheels, sun and sand, soft blue and easy green pair up for easy breezy.

Pretty Sweet AJP Comfort food and comfort colors, just like mashed potatoes or Mac and cheese, light medium and dark will stir your heart, and the pastels will melt it. Sunday Best AJP These puppies look like they are queuing up at Disneyland for the ride of their lives. Twice is Nice AJP Some things just get better the second time around. This quilt gives you usable leftovers to make another quilt or use as borders for your next quilt.

Half the piecing is already finished. Curve Appeal AJP Circles and sash for very little cash. Trace, stitch and turn, so little to learn. Twinkle, Twinkle AJP Good morning sunshine! We are all in our places with bright happy faces. Let the rays of light help us start the day right. Finished size 27" x 60" This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda A la Carte and other assorted fabrics.

Stars so round, bright and cheery, refreshing like a cool coastal breeze. Uses 1 fat eighth bundle plus yardage for background and border. St Germain AJP In Paris, the romantic city of France, the street lights of St Germain cast a warm glow over the cafes, chic boutiques, natives and visitors.

That warm glow is yours for the taking in an A la Carte layer cake for the making. Uses 1 Layer Cake plus yardage. A walk around the square, summer breeze in your hair, a sip of wine and you'll be fine. Uses 1 turnover plus yardage. Mini Muffet AJP Mini Muffet, a dresden plate pattern that is jelly roll friendly. Uses 1 Jelly Roll plus yardage. Dream Big AJP Dream Big! Finished size 87" x " This quilt was made using American Jane fabric for Moda A la Carte and other assorted fabrics. Uses Hexagon precuts plus yardage.

Baguettes AJP Crossiants, baguettes, and pastries, clean tile and a latte. Oh, so tasty. Uses 1 charm pack plus yardage. French Buttercream AJP Treat yourself to some silky, soft, rich and creamy French buttercream. Sky Diamonds AJP Twinkle, Twinkle go the stars flashing embers of diamond fire, flickering rays outward, showing many faces sharing creativity with all they can reach. Lighten Up AJP Lighten up will brighten up your kitchen table.

On the wall it will bring a smile and a bit of sunshine for all. Rendezvous AJP Uses 3 Turnovers plus yardage. Piece these fun blocks together and make your own rainbow bridge! Uses 2 Turnovers plus yardage. Edelweiss AJP Small and white, clean and bright May your bloom and grow forever! All American AJP Oh say can you see how proud you will be making this quilt so cheery and bright Finished size 90" x 96". This quilt was made using assorted pindots and background fabrics.

Make a Splash AJP American Jane says Make a splash today! Finished size 65" x 77". This quilt was made using Ducks in a Row by American Jane for moda and assorted pindots. Finished size 70" x 88" This quilt was made using Ducks in a Row by Americanjane for moda. A pretty miss all dressed in yellow caught the eye of a handsome fellow. Finished size 88" x 88". Flexi Steps AJP Is it up or down, left or right, in or out? Play baby games with this quilt. Find matching pictures, make the sounds of the animals, name the colors, make the letter with the picture and count the ducks.

Charming Checks AJP Soft and sweet animals and toys framed in charming checks with a folded pointed border. Finished size 39" x 53" This quilt was made using Ducks in a row by American Jane for moda. Square Spots AJP Spots and dots large and small, inside or out without a doubt they are treasures all! Finished size 50" x 50" This quilt was made using Ducks in a row by American Jane for moda.

Blowing Kisses AJP Zipper Stack AJP Zip up and down the steps in color. Journal Cover AJP Farm Fresh AJP Fresh air, vibrant greens, blue skies, wholesome foods, clear water and all those things that make you feel healthy, happy and at home. The instructions are for a 12 month block of the month. Finished size 62" x 86". This quilt was made using Pot Luck fabric by American Jane for Moda and assorted fabrics for applique. In the time it takes a bird to re-become a bird, soar on the wings of heaven through the joyful dance of stars above and beyond.

Why are only roses red? Daisy can be too or yellow green and blue. For most of us a trip around the world is a major event requiring a lot of planning. But a day trip is possible at a moments notice. Accept this day tripper as your ticket to a fun adventure. Kit available in Fall On your mark, get set, beep, beep, beep, beeeeep, Go! What is busier than a litter of puppies, softer than a rabbit or more fun than feeding farm animals? Fun on the Farm shows all of these in a panel with easy piecing while dots and checks light up the fun. Sleepy time, story time or go time. Sweet sleep in the colors of the rainbow.

Here a chick there a chick Everywhere a chick chick Seems babies are eveywhere too, so why not get ready for the next one you meet! Four rows of four flower pots with Blooming Bright colors of Spring. Kit available here. Mix the checks, add three other blocks to spice it up, toss together, bake and enjoy. Easy piecing jelly roll strips in rows. Dressed up little cakes with sweet tasty stripes. This quilt can turn any room into a party. Down by the Bay we'll watch the sun set wrapped in the bay quilt.

April showers bring May flowers, so why not have an April in Paris shower curtain? It may just bring the fresh clean sweetness a shower brings. Emblazoned in the heart turning dark coal to light is the royal work of the King of Diamonds. Classic blue and yellow bring the French Riviera home to you. Save yourself a trip and enjoy the same feeling for years. Show your colors as you build your perennial garden of stars. Cool tiles, a porcelain tub and French soap. Ooo La La.

CIf I had a home in Marseille with everything French surrounded by a garden of herbs and fruit trees, I'd sit outside at a table with a printed cloth, and drink wine and eat cheese and baguettes. Crystal white sheets flowing on the clothes line caressed by the breeze, kissed by the sun, imbued with the scent of sunshine. Invite summer sunshine into your home anytime! Scatter some seeds and watch for those little sprouts!

Spell it out. Make it clear from pictures to words from blurry to clear. Twist of lime, squeeze of lemon. Juice of orange and strawberry crush. Twisting turning spinning fun, of flavors and colors, of flowers so lush! Click for templates. Blue is the sky boats and the sea. Yellow is sunny, happy and strong.

It will keep you merry all day long! Roses are red, strawberries too, but a little red heart says I love you. Up and down. Left and right. This way that way, every which way. It uses 2 Charm Packs and 1 Jelly Roll. The geese go north and south, then north again. How do they know? Crisscross applesauce give a little clap. Crisscross applesauce put them in your lap. Cart wheels, spinning tops, ferris wheels and polka dots all spell fun!

Threads of color sticking together stringing up and in and all around. So tasty, you can even hear, taste, and touch the colorlicious streams of life if you give it a try! Stand up. Step up. Look up. It's up to you! And you can do it! Be strong, be confident, and Step Up! No matter where you stand you will be in a bed of flowers. They are your ticket to a cozy story time. Three in one spinning flipping and falling like leaves.

All in motion ever becoming anew. Life savers and fruit flavors found in mother's purse are the best ever when you have to wait. This quilt is eye candy wherever it goes. You will be spot on when you connect the dots, just like playing a game. Buildings and blocks. Three to the left and three to the right. This quilt is abuzz like bubbles in soda pop. Folky curves and big polka dots pop with sweet color collage. A polka dot is a bouncing, upbeat pattern that imitates the dance.

Crib Bedding

Stars within stars and triangles within triangles play off each other for piecing fun. Sailing the Seven Seas powered by the four wind breeze, on an adventure to see it all, always remembering to have a ball, to sample colors the world round and to carry them with you wherever you may be.

The farmer in the dell sings, his wife, their child, a nurse, a cow, a dog, a cat, a rat sings until finally the cheese stands alone. But when Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet to eat her curds and whey, along came a spider who sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away. Point to a picture and tell the story. Try telling it backwards or up and down. Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town upstairs, downstairs in his night gown, rapping at the windows, crying through the lock.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after. When all you need is a comb, lipstick, credit card, and your phone, this pocket is the ticket. It's light weight for the bare essentials. Mistress Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow. With silver bells and cockle shells, Pretty maids all in a row. Easy pieced stars add sparkle to a simple twin quilt or tablecloth. The dramatic yardage does all the work for you.

The bees are a buzz like the stars in the sky to send you off into another galaxy of dreamland. Arrange the pattern for the ring, add the triangle flame tips, then scatter the diamond sparks and enjoy the show. Sparkle and spin all with a twist. These pinwheels or crosses make a circle look like a square. All in motion yet all in their place. The blocks were cut with the Accucut Go with die Templates are also provided.

Oh, the sweet treasures of French Country-a provencal maiden, olive leaves, garden flowers and the elegance of humble farm animals. Let the sun shine through you. With Fox and Geese patched in a flower garden, the chickens are safe forever. With the quilt tucked in a basket, all you have to add is the wine and cheese and you are ready for a French experience. We all know a breath of Paris preserves the soul.

Noah and his wife, and their three sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and their wives request the honor of your presence in seven days at the Ark for the first cruise. Deluxe accommodations, double occupancy. Ticket required for admission. Finished size 78" x 92". Swedish cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar or a sleeping toddler wrapped in stardust teach us to cherish the moment.

The quilt uses 2 honey buns. Stop and go, up and down, light and dark, opposites are fun to learn. This quilt is a delight for young and old. Three months salary buys you a shiny rock. Piece together diamond flames folding in and out around a colorful clear core and you let the diamonds of forever shine through you.

Indian Edging Stitch – Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

Can you remember the first time you rode your bike around the block? Oh, the freedom. The quilt uses 1 jelly roll. Screen doors slam when children can't decide to play indoors or out. Make up your mind. The quilt uses 1 charm pack. Welcome babies to begin their education with the ABC quilt. The first of many years of storytelling and bedtime readings can be recorded in the muslin square. You hold the winning ticket with this quilt. It's easy to change the size by using more or less strips. It also uses 2 jelly rolls.

With a pin, a pencil and a piece of paper you can make a pinwheel. Those are the simple joys. Suits combine different pieces into one set. A sequence ties different sets together. Each play together to produce endless new suits and sequences. Freshen up your kitchen with a new table cover. Just add some fresh flowers and you'll have a brand new look. Strip piecing makes the large stars a breeze. Then the sashing stars dip into your stash using up all those pieces from other projects.

Inspired by a puzzle by Rebecca Barker. Piecing a quilt is often like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and solving how to put the quilt together. Follow the colorful, clear directions and you'll find the solution. This means each one pays for themselves. In this quilt the blues and lights each go their own way like little ships in the sea. Inspired by Ella Janette Brown. This quilt was designed for a half square triangle exchange. I love my fabric stash. I like to use it too. I could make this quilt many times over and still have enough for more. Try it. Dip into your stash and see what happens.

This bag is big enough for all the contents of your purse plus a book, sunglasses, even a beach towel. Or, if you're a mom it will hold diapers, change of clothes, toys and most anything else you may need. You need a dessert roll or 10 5" strips and Happy Camper twill tape. On the wall, the floor or a table, this little charmer will be great wherever it goes. Just click and you are transported to another time and place. You need a panel and 10 fabrics to make the quilt. Are you a new Gramma?

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I remember the rush of excitement getting ready for the new baby. With this pattern you can make a quilt for now and another for later when the big bed is added. Or maybe the baby has an older sibling. Two in one and so much fun. Don't feed the bears because we all know too many marshmallows lead to a lot of dancing. So be kind and share the woods, but not your food. You need 2 charm packs or 80 five inch squares and an equilateral ruler. Trail mix and hiking go together like all these little blocks. The Indian Hatchet pattern reminds us of our early history.

The hatchet or tomahawk was a weapon and a symbol of peace for years. This is a block I have been waiting to do. You need 3 groups of fabrics, light plaid , medium florals , and darks pin dots. Making this quilt is way more fun than a camp lanyard, so why not make a Y-Knot. By my hand from my heart, this quilt I give to thee. To my daughter: Go out into the world in peace, have courage, hold on to what is good; return no one evil for evil, strengthen the faint hearted, support the weak, help the suffering and be the person you are.

It uses just 15 fabrics plus white. I love the graphic spokes. It must have been a bumpy ride, but making this quilt is like rolling down hill. A galaxy of stars bursting with energy and excitement to entice one to join in the journey and go where you have not been before.

Clear, colorful directions will lead you each step of the way. I love the idea of little girls and tea parties. The same is true of this quilt. Have fun. Matching quilt and floor cloth would make any little girls room fit for a princess. These sweet hexagons look like a kaleidoscope of jewels. Great baby gift. It's a party with pink and white peppermints or those red swirl mint candies. Oh what good memories of making little snippets of paper while cutting and playing with paper dolls.

Sun, sand, and surf means a day at the beach. Either place, this quilt has smiles all over it. Winning the triple crown is a very rare and great achievement. Here is your chance to enjoy your own triple crown accomplishment. Flags on a ship or pennants blowing in the breeze; with this quilt you will always have a summer breeze in mind. What are the presents you remember from long ago? The doll house, train or balance toy are classic toys that are still favorites for today's children.

This Johnny round the corner block reminds of Jack and Jill tumbling down the hill, all for fun of course. A different view from each window pane is a look into the past for moms and grandmothers or a look into the future for the new little baby. Fresh and cool as a daisy, these posies are quick to make if you keep your cool and stay organized. It's just like dealing cards.

Any charm pack will work. The borders are made with a navy mini-dot and a large yellow flower. Here is a quick, fun quilt for the baby on the go. Great for the car seat or stroller or to lay on the floor for tummy time. Instructions are for two quilts. And recess was the best part of a school day. Make Recess the best part of your day. Snowflakes, ice crystals and ski slopes are reflected in this quilt, but someone you love will be toasty warm tucked underneath.

So simple and yet so dramatic.

One block with endless possibilities for multiple patterns and any color combinations. This quilt reminds me of European cross stitch, embroidered linens or Swiss sweaters. Have fun and feel free to alter the pattern. There are ups and down, but everything is square. Have a good time with pattern play and strip sets.

Remember rainy day play? Blankets over the dining room table made a cozy place for whispers and giggles. Imaginary Play. The ribbon border makes this quilt extra festive. When I was young my aunt had 3 stairs that went up from the kitchen and down into the front hall.

Of course, if you turned on the landing you could go upstairs, but I liked to make a circle going up, down and all around. Crisp as a snow capped mountain, or fresh as a summer breeze, these diamonds are a girls best friend indoors or out. After a center of ocean waves, multiple border rounds offer a change and a chance to learn something new.

Stars scattered across the quilt create excitement for the quilter like a dandelion seed puff in the hands of a child. The designer, Catherine Kypta graciously allowed me to produce the pattern for all of us to enjoy. Thank you Catherine. A job well done. Take a look at these easy directions and learn how to make a vintage quilt with all the charm of one from Grandma. Turn around, touch the ground, show your shoe, that will do. Go up the stairs, say your prayers, turn out the light, say good night.

Treat yourself to a new box of crayons, cornflower blue, wild strawberry, golden rod, and magic mint. Just the names of the colors will jump start your dreams.

FO, after an eon!

Or better yet, make this quilt to start a little one on the journey of a lifetime of dreams. Easy four patch rows from one charm pack easily fill the space between kids playing on the floor. Impress your friends with a quick vintage baby gift. Round and round they go, but no curves or Y seams. If you like puzzles, you will love making this quilt.

We give all the answers in easy-to-follow directions. Directions are given to for two sizes:. Need a quick baby gift? Of all the places on a farm next to the pasture and the creek, the barn is best. The smell of hay, hens clucking, cows mooing, even a goat pen.

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Just ask the question, What does this animal say? Daytime fun or night time ritual, stitch this quilt full of love.