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With that in mind: Ensure all devices have Wi-Fi turned on. Check that Bluetooth is turned on. Bring devices into Bluetooth range—no more than 33 feet roughly 9 meters away—the closer the better. Contacts Only: This limits sharing to people listed in your contacts.

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Everyone: This broadcasts your location to everyone in range. An AirDrop dialog opens. Send Contacts cards to iOS or another Mac in the same way. In those cases, consider these easy ways to share between Macs, iOS devices, or between the two: Email: A tried and true method for getting files from one place to another is email.

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The monthly Mail Drop storage limit is 1 TB; each attachment expires after 30 days. See Navigate iCloud Drive.

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Next, just tap on the sharing option Choosing of the File Sharing checkbox is essential for users to go ahead. Choose the type of user from the Network Users or Network Groups is essential which includes everyone on your network.

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Set up file sharing on Mac

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Set up file sharing

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