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It contains a very large number of Latin characters only a small percentage of the medievalist characters from the MUFI recommendation are not yet done plus the usual punctuation and numbers.

How to Install Fonts on Mac

Greek and the remaining Latin characters will follow as soon as I can. It also contains the following OpenType features: old style numerals, proportional numerals, standard ligatures, discretionary ligatures, historical forms, and historical ligatures. I have tested this font on my system, but one never knows what will show up after a font makes its way out into the world.

So it might be best to regard this as an advanced beta version. As with recent versions of Cardo roman, the italic is released under the Open Font License. You can download Cardo italic from this link. This zip file contains two versions of Cardo italic. Both are OpenType fonts; one has TrueType outlines. Characters and OpenType features ligatures, etc.

On my Windows system the OTF has a better on-screen appearance, but this may vary depending on your monitor and graphics card. Don't install both at once!

Project description

In the future I may distribute Cardo only as. Future plans: after a long hiatus away from font development due to book writing projects, I have returned to devoting serious time to Cardo.

Understanding Web Fonts and Getting the Most Out of Them

Once this italic font is out, I will finish a revision of the roman font, bringing it up to date with Unicode 6. Look for this in March. This is mainly an update for the license information, as explained on the main page of this site, although a couple of small items are also fixed.

The manual is still at version. Note: links to download the font are found at the bottom of this page , as is a more detailed update history. Cardo is a large Unicode font specifically designed for the needs of classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, and linguists. Since it may be used to prepare materials for publication, it also contains features that are required for high-quality typography, such as ligatures, text figures also known as old style numerals , true small capitals and a variety of punctuation and space characters.

It may also be used to document and discuss the features of Unicode that are applicable to the these disciplines, as we work to help colleagues understand the value and limitations of Unicode. Cardo is freely available subject to the terms of use below. I do have one request: if you find Cardo useful, or if you have suggestions for improvement, please email me and tell me about what you are doing with the font.

Knowing that people are using Cardo makes the time and effort I put into it worthwhile. This font has been revived in modern times under several names Bembo, Aetna, Aldine I chose it mainly because it is a classic book face, suitable for scholarship, and also because it is easier to get various diacritics sized and positioned for legibility with this design than with some others. I added a set of Greek characters designed to harmonize well on the page with the Roman letters as well as many other characters useful to scholars. The Hebrew characters are designed to match those used in the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia as closely as possible and so have no claim to originality.

This is a large Unicode font. For Windows, you need at least Windows 95 and a word processor that can handle Unicode-based documents: either Microsoft Word 97 or more recent, or OpenOffice 1. For more information about OpenOffice, a full-featured, open-source suite comparable to Microsoft Office, click this link ; note however that Open Office does not yet handle characters in the supplementary planes.

OpenOffice for OS X works well with Unicode, although it does not yet have the standard Mac interface; you need to use the X11 windowing system. Mellel , a word processor for OS Recent versions of Nisus Writer are Unicode-based. If you are using an editor or word processor that is designed for Unicode, you can use the Unicode Hex entry method or the Extended Roman keyboard. If you are not clear about what all this means, see my book about word processing issues for scholars, which provides a good introduction to Unicode and other font issues.

The list has grown too long to keep updating here! Characters planned for future releases of Cardo include the following:. Cardo is still a work in progress. The character design and repertoire are not final. Please send me any comments that you have so that I can improve future versions.

Also, I have not yet done hand hinting of the characters. This means that on most systems the characters will print better than they will look on the screen. On screen at text sizes some stems will look uneven and so forth. This one definitely looks like a solid one, but might blend in with a hundred other ones I also need to try.

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