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I recently had a Powerbook apart to replace a noisy fan and had to remove the CPU heatsink in the process. I had a Mini come back yesterday with a loud fan, poped her open to see that I had forgotton to plug in the 2-wire connector in the front after the RAM upgrade. Quiet as a mouse after that.

I also posted a similar problem here. Still no help, I'm just resigned: my Mini is not noiseless any more.

Macbook pro fan suddenly loud

Can the increased RAM suck more current out of the northbridge or whatever it is called, the memory controller so it heats up and thus forces the fan to run? I've got the impression that the fans on my Powermac G5 are running more after upgrade 0. But the G4 has a lower memory speed My first mini would ramp up fan speed after about 24 hours of idle power on. Eventually I got sick of it and sold it. So, for me the second one was the good one. Both 1. Most of the time, is is incredibly quiet.


G4 Mac Mini Fan Noise 11 posts. Epaminondas Pantulis. Posted: Tue Mar 14, pm. Posted: Wed Mar 15, pm.

Compared to similarly specced iMacs and MacBook Pros, the pricing is generally reasonable. The big story to me is how incredibly fast this thing is. Geekbench results are very strong. The i7 Mac Mini scored better on single-core performance than every other Mac today! As the rate of CPU advancement has slowed dramatically over the last few years, Apple has found other ways to improve performance. This maxes out all CPU cores, so the results predictably scale with the core count: the 6-core Mac Mini was much faster than the 4-core MacBook Pro, but the core iMac Pro beat them both.

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The only spec that lets it down is the Intel GPU. The GPU sucks. Everything else is awesome. Those who prioritize silence under heavy loads should probably stick with the i3.

New Mac mini Noise Considerations

You can upgrade the RAM again! The security screws inside — TR6? It seemed for a while that Apple lacked any interest in making Macs anymore, especially desktops.

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Last year, with the introduction of the absolutely stellar iMac Pro, Apple showed us a glimpse of a potential new direction.