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The promotional literature on their iMazing. Visite imazing. Descarga gratuita Descarga gratuita Descarga gratuita Comprar. Ahorre ancho de banda Descargue una vez e instale cuantas veces quiera. Conserve apps antiguas por si desaparecen del App Store. Transfiera archivos multimedia y documentos Use iMazing para explorar y compartir determinados archivos y carpetas de sus apps.

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Juegue en cualquier dispositivo Siga disfrutando de sus juegos favoritos en cualquier iPhone y iPad. Transfiera su historial de chat Que sus conversaciones de WhatsApp fluyan. Hablando de iMazing. Tired of iTunes? Give iMazing a Go! Simply aMazing! Good way to transfer apps which are no longer in icloud. Tutoriales How to install apps on an iPhone or iPad with iTunes How to Manage and Download Apps.

Reciba noticias y ofertas en su correo. If your grandma has a birthday coming up, Siri might suggest sending her a text. Siri suggestions are highly intelligent in iOS 12 with Siri able to suggest more than ever before due to the third-party app access provided by Shortcuts.

Siri in iOS 12 can answer questions related to motorsports, food, and celebrity questions, and the personal assistant can provide you access to the passwords stored in your iCloud Keychain. For motorsports, you can ask Siri for live standings, schedules, rosters, and stats, while Siri's celebrity repertoire allows it to answer questions like "Where was Christian Bale born? So you can ask questions like "How much caffeine is in a cup of tea?

Other new Siri features include an ability to access your passwords, either for a specific app or your entire iCloud Keychain, and the ability to search through photos and memories based on people, places, events, time, and object keyword. Commands like "Show me photos with cats" or "Show me photos from San Diego" or "Show me photos of cats taken in San Diego" bring up those photos, for example.

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Siri can now translate to and from an additional 40 languages, greatly expanding the built-in translation feature. For devices with a TrueDepth camera system, iOS 12 brings new Animoji features like tongue detection and better face tracking. With tongue detection, Animoji can now stick out a tongue, and there's also an option for detecting a wink. Animoji recordings can now last up to 30 seconds, up from 10 seconds in iOS 11, so you can record much longer Animoji messages. With Memoji, you can make a personalized Animoji in the Messages app that looks just like you using a deep set of customization options.

You can choose skin color, hair color, hair style, eye color, eyebrows, nose, features like freckles and facial hair, accessories, and headwear. There's no limit on the number of Memoji you're able to create, so you can add multiples for every look you want to express. Apple in iOS 12 has expanded several apps that were iPhone-only to the iPad, including Stocks and Voice Memos, and multiple apps have also gained new functionality.

Along with new Animoji and Memoji on the iPhone X, the Messages app on all devices offers a new Effects camera that lets you add fun effects to photos using the camera built into Messages. Tapping on the star on the left of the Messages camera lets you access a selection of filters, shapes, text and text effects, stickers which can be downloaded from the iMessage App Store , and sketching tools that can be used to enhance photos before you send them within Messages.

You can also apply Animoji and Memoji faces to your own face in the camera, for fun cartoon overlays. The App Strip within the Messages app has been redesigned with a new look that takes up less space, and a new Photos iMessage app gives you photo-sharing suggestions based on who you're messaging with, what you're talking about, and where you've taken photos together. Apple initially planned to include Group FaceTime in the release version of iOS 12, but it was pulled from the seventh beta and later released in iOS With Group FaceTime, all of the participants are visible in a tiled view, with the tile size changing to give attention to the person speaking at the moment.

You can also use Focus View to double tap on the person that you want to see.

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With the latter two options, you can only join a chat with audio rather than with video. Group FaceTime calls send a silent ringless notification to participants that can be tapped to join. FaceTime also includes the same Effects camera that's been introduced in Messages, letting you access Animoji and Memoji, filters, stickers, and more while FaceTiming someone.

FaceTime has been integrated more deeply into Messages, so you can initiate a FaceTime call in either an individual chat or while in a group chat coming this fall. Group FaceTime is limited on older Apple devices. Group FaceTime was disabled because of a bug in iOS The Photos app in iOS 12 is better than ever thanks to a range of performance and feature improvements.

Search is more powerful, allowing you to search for businesses by name or by broad categories like restaurants, and Apple has added more than four million event references for things like sporting events and concerts, so you can also search by event and find your photos that way. Search suggestions have been added to help you find content before you even start typing, with Apple offering up suggestions that include Events, People, Places, Categories, and Groups, and you can also use multiple search terms at one time.

A new "For You" tab has been added to the Photos app, offering up a selection of Memories, recent photos from shared albums, photos you took on the current day in past years, and suggestions for adding a new flare to your best existing images through image edits.

Account Options

There's also a "Shared Suggestions" feature that's designed to take a selection of photos you've taken that involve friends or family and offer up quick sharing options. It recognizes who is in a photo and suggests sharing the images with that person, and then, for that person, it also suggests sending their own photos back to you with a "Share Back" feature, making it easy to exchange photos linked to an event.

Like all of Apple's Photos features, improved search and Shared Suggestions use on-device machine learning for privacy reasons, with Apple also using end-to-end encryption to keep all of your content safe, even from Apple itself. New importing tools make it easier to import photos and videos from professional cameras, and RAW photos can be imported into Photos on iPhone and iPad and edited on the iPad Pro.

The albums tab in Photos has also been transformed into a list organized by media type to make it easier to find existing albums more quickly, and there is a new option for sharing photos using an iCloud link. A new Browse tab in Apple News is designed to make it easier to discover new channels and topics and to get to your favorites. On the iPad specifically, there's a new Apple News sidebar for more quickly navigating through news topics. Apple overhauled the entire Stocks app and brought it to the iPad in iOS Stocks has a fresh new look with spark lines and after hours performance, along with Apple News integration that features business news curated by Apple News editors.

There's a customizable watchlist so you can keep track of all of the stocks that you follow. You can tap on any stock to get a more detailed view, including after hours pricing, with the app also display relevant news headlines for each company. Voice Memos has been rebuilt to be easier to use, and for the first time, it includes iCloud support so all of your voice recordings are uploaded and stored in the cloud.

With a new Reading Now section, you can pick up where you left off on your book on any of your devices, and keep track of your place across multiple books. Reading Now also includes suggestions on additional books to explore across categories that include editor's picks, award winners, customer favorites, books based on movies, and more. Your entire collection of books is displayed in the redesigned Library section, which has a clean, distraction-free look, while the revamped Book Store offers up staff picks, new releases, top charts, and an option to browse by genre.

Audiobooks also have their own section within the Apple Books app, and there's a robust search tab for looking for specific titles.


Portrait Lighting features on compatible devices are better than ever thanks to the Camera's ability to generate a mask when it detects a person, intelligently separating the person from the scene. QR code reading is improved with a feature that highlights QR codes in the frame, making them easier to scan. The API lets developers create apps that easily separate a subject from its background for adding unique photo effects.

CarPlay in iOS 12 supports third-party navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze for the first time, allowing CarPlay users to choose to use something other than Apple Maps for navigation purposes. Apple Music didn't get a huge overhaul in iOS 12, but Apple did introduce a revamped artist's page with larger portraits and the ability to play an artist's discography from a shuffle button on the page itself.


There's also a new option to search for songs via lyrics for Apple Music songs that include lyric information. Measure lets you measure lines and detect shapes like rectangles to get specific dimensions with just a few taps on the iPhone's display. Apple is rebuilding the Apple Maps app from the ground up using anonymized segments of trips gathered by iPhones, satellites, and the Apple Maps vehicles that have been driving the streets around the world for years now. Apple no longer plans to rely on third-party data from sources like TomTom for Maps, and is instead using its in-house data.

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Over the course of and , Apple plans to expand the new Maps app to the rest of the United States. The new version of Maps is more responsive to changes in roadways and construction, more visually rich, and with more detailed ground cover, pedestrian pathways, and more. It is updated more often with information on conditions like roadwork, due to Apple's ability to make changes more quickly to its own product.

Maps features much better traffic information, real time road conditions, new construction details, road systems, and changes in pedestrian walkways. Search is being overhauled to ensure more relevant results, and navigation, especially pedestrian navigation, is being improved. Many of the changes to Maps are under the hood, and while the new Maps looks more visually detailed, it looks largely the same as the current Maps app.

As with all of Apple's products, Apple has designed the new Maps app with privacy in mind and without using personal data from customers that has not been completely anonymized. Apple, for example, collects some segments of a person's trip, called "probe data," but not enough to say where a person came from or where they went. In iOS 12, your iPhone and iPad automatically suggest strong, unique passwords for each and every website and app where you need to create a login.

All of these passwords are stored on your iOS device, and you can even ask Siri to open up your list of passwords, which are synced across your devices. Password management apps like 1Password are able to provide passwords for websites and apps through a new Password AutoFill extension that's available to developers. You can share your passwords more easily in iOS 12 with Password AirDrop options , which let you AirDrop your saved passwords to other devices and other people for quicker password exchanges. Apple now lets you know if you've used a password that's too weak or has been used across multiple sites with password auditing features.

Many apps and services offer two-factor authentication, requiring a code texted to your phone number. In iOS 12, Apple detects these incoming security codes from the Messages app and offers it as an AutoFill option so you don't need to leave the login screen to access the code.

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Apple is upgrading Intelligent Tracking Prevention in iOS 12 to make it harder than ever for sites to track you across the web. Social media Link, Share, and Comment buttons and widgets are longer able to track you without your permission. Apple is also cracking down on "fingerprinting" that advertisers use to track you across websites using your unique device characteristics like operating system, browser version, and more.

In iOS 12, Apple provides a simplified system profile when you browse the web, which gives advertisers less data to access. This new file format, which is optimized for sharing while retaining 3D graphics and animations, is able to work across the iOS 12 operating system. What this means is that you can now see augmented reality assets in Safari, Messages, Mail, and more.

In Safari, for example, a website can display an augmented reality image that can be projected right into the real world, a game changer when shopping for furniture. These last two additions make the biggest change in AR apps. With persistent experiences, an AR experience can be tied to a real-world object or area and then accessed time and time again, without the need to start fresh each time you open an app.

Apple demonstrated this with an ARKit-compatible LEGO set, building a virtual world around the set that could be altered and saved with each gameplay session. Think of persistence as saves for your AR experiences. With shared experiences, you can play augmented reality games and use augmented reality apps alongside your friends for a true multiplayer augmented reality experience.

You and the people around you can see your own perspective on a common virtual environment. Augmented reality is also more lifelike, with virtual objects able to better reflect the real-world scene in your camera thanks to scene reflection improvements. Along with all of the major features that are outlined above in each roundup section, there are dozens of smaller "hidden" tweaks and features in iOS We've gathered up a list of these tidbits, which can be found below:. ID cards can also be used to pay for laundry, snacks, and dinners on participating campuses.

Swiping up like on the iPhone 8 and older works. Siri Voices - In the U. Screen Time Widget - In the Widgets section, accessible by swiping to the right on the Home screen, there's a new Screen Time widget where you can see how much time you've spent on your iOS device lately, and what you've been doing. You can also see your full Screen Time usage metrics in the Settings app. This updates your version of iOS automatically when an update is available.

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Messages Shortcuts - If you tap on a person's name in the Messages app, there are now shortcuts to initiate a FaceTime audio call, initiate a standard FaceTime video call, or get info on the contact. This is also how Group FaceTime calls are started from the Messages app. You now swipe down from the top right of the iPad to bring up Control Center, rather than swiping up from the bottom. Swiping up from the dock goes to the Home screen. The time, day, and date are located on the upper left hand side of the screen, while the right shows Wi-Fi or LTE connection, Bluetooth, and battery life.

Wallpaper - There's a new iOS 12 wallpaper available.

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  • This setting makes it more difficult for law enforcement and malicious actors to access locked devices with USB tools like the GrayKey box. You can choose when to delete Voice Memos, choose audio compression quality, and set a default recording name. Markup Colors - There are a lot more colors available when using Markup for editing screenshots, marking up images, editing PDFs, and more. Podcasts - You can set custom durations for the Forward and Back options in Podcasts. The two options are separate, and durations from 10 to 60 seconds are available.

    Battery Info - In the Settings app, the battery usage chart shows usage for the last 24 hours or the last 10 days instead of the last 7 days. There's also a whole new chart that displays battery usage information. New Dictionaries - There are new language dictionaries that include an Arabic and English bilingual dictionary, a Hindi and English bilingual dictionary, and a Hebrew dictionary. There's also a new English Thesaurus. This includes the iPhone 5s and newer, the iPad mini 2 and newer, the iPad Air and newer, and the sixth-generation iPod touch. All of the Changes to Notifications in iOS How to Use the Effects Camera in Messages.

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