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Detailed installation instructions for Windows are available here.

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If you do this, your Joomla! By convention, all web content goes under the "htdocs" folder. If you have multiple http servers like IIS you can change the xampp listening port. Download the latest Joomla instalation zip [2].

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To install XDebug on Debian or Ubuntu:. When compiling XDebug or installing via apt-get, you will receive an error when re starting xampp:. This is because xampp runs 32bit but XDebug is 64bit. To overcome this problem, either make xdebug. Download the file: "PHP Remote Debugging Client" for "Linux x86 " Extract the content of the file on your computer, this compressed file contains several folders with version numbers ex: 4. As with most programs on Mac, installation is a breeze.

Upgrade to PHP , on macOS Mojave or macOS Sierra

Once the file has finished downloading, just open the disk image, and drag the XAMPP folder to the "Applications" folder alias. Many Mac users have a little difficulty at this stage when trying to set up another instance of Apache on their machine. You can change the listening port of the pre-installed Apache server. Find the folder labeled Apache2, and edit the "http. Modify the line that says, "Listen 80" to Listen [portNumber].

Xampp not working on mac

Note: If you choose to change the port of the pre-installed Apache server, you may need to restart your computer for changes to take effect. You will also have to authenticate as an administrator to change these files. Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart are not very demanding in respect to a web server, they can be launched on almost any web server, however, you should know the basics of web development.

Once you complete installation, launch Xampp with the Start button. Then go to the Volumes section and click Mount. Feel free to contact our support for more details on the rest two options. Connect to the server.

Configuring a XAMPP server for joomla development

We use Cyberduck. Cope the archive and unzip it. All the files were copied successfully. You can store files at any nesting level.

How to change the default MySQL password for XAMPP

Open PhpMyAdmin on your hosting using the access details to the database of your project. Open PhpMyAdmin on the local web server.

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We were lucky to find a valuable advice at www. Import the database. If the database is quite big, you may want to increase the limits of the php.

We had to do the same for our database. Clear the cache. While transferring the files, you copied the old cache.

One-Click Software Stack Installation on Your Computer

You can do that in two ways: using Finder or console. Change configuration and connection to the database in the config. Then we removed all unnecessary while keeping parameters of connection to the database and domain parameters. If you use https ssl on the live site, and you do not have https on the local xampp, disable it in the database.