A while back, they changed their format for non-US locations. What this hint forces you to do is enter your city name, hit return, and have it enter the rest of the format for you. Does anyone know of weather widget which uses a different source than accuweather.

Get The Dashboard Back In Apple macOS Sierra

Many times I've found accuweather to give inacuarte weather for Portland Oregon. Like when it's raining and the symbol shows sunshine You might try Meterologist, free app that places the weather ight into your Menu Bar. It has many more useful ways to display weather inf than the weather widget and uses weather.

Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. One of my favorite Dashboard widgets is the Weather widget. After using it for some time, it failed to update its information.

How To Get Cool Dashboard Widgets For Mac OS X Lion & Twitter App Review

After a reboot, the widget even stayed blank. Retyping the city information on the back did not solve the problem.

Make a Dashboard Full of Widgets Useful Again [OS X Tips]

The log file stated that com. I then tried Rotterdam again, and this time it worked as usual. So if the widget fails for your city, try New York or another big US city and then switch back to your city. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Just press command-r and it will refresh in nice uqrz extreme effect Instead, they are shown in Dashboard. When opening Dashboard, your screen fades a bit and the widgets zoom in across the screen. Widgets are small applications used to perform smaller tasks or show data.

Since they are programmed the same way as websites are it is easy for web developers to create widgets that display information from their websites. If you look at the lower left corner of Dashboard, you will see a plus button.

Hint Options

If you click it, a bar containing all installed widgets will appear. From this bar, just drag the applications that you wish to use onto the Dashboard space. If you wish to hide a widget, hold down the alt key and put the cursor over the widget.

Dashboard & Widgets

Click it and the widget disappears. If you wish to use it again, just click the plus button in the lower left corner again. Most widgets have some settings. When you put the cursor over a widget, a small i-symbol will appear somewhere on the widget usually the lower right corner. Click this and the widget will flip over and settings will appear. If you wish to close Dashboard, press the esc button or click the desktop but not on a widget.

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The widgets will disappear and the desktop will be as bright as always. Just click the download button at a web page that offers a widget.