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I was anxious to test the updated Dragon Dictate , now at version 3, as I had been a steady user of the Dragon products over the years and watched them improve. The new version offers performance boosts for legacy users, along with some attractive new features that might entice customers. Dragon Dictate formerly MacSpeech Dictate is a Mac application that turns your spoken words into text, in real time.

You can dictate into just about any program that allows text entry, like Pages, Word, Mail or even Safari. You speak commands for formatting, like "new line" or "new paragraph" or "tab key" and your cursor will move.

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With email you can say "new message" and a message will be prepared. Tab down, by voice command, and fill in a name, subject, then start dictating. Then say "Send Message" and off it goes. As my install was an upgrade from version 2. They didn't; I had to read about a minute story so Dragon Dictate could learn my voice, and match it to the microphone I use. Although the software comes with a headset mic, I hate wearing them. Instead I use an excellent Blue USB desk mic , which works perfectly, even though I am about eight inches away from it. Dragon claims the speech recognition is faster in v3, and it seems to be, but it's not a dramatic difference.

Review: Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac delivers reliable dictation

As you dictate, your words appear on screen just a couple of seconds after you say them. One thing that is definitely improved is accuracy. Although I was always impressed with the program's ability to understand words I did not expect it to get right, accuracy has been improved. I'm doing a lot fewer edits of spoken text, although that can be done by voice too. You don't need to use your mouse. This latest version also supports wideband Bluetooth, so if you have a supported wireless headset, you're going to get good quality and recognition that way.

The help files are excellent. It's easy to find a command if you get stuck, and there are interactive tutorials as well. One of the newest and most intriguing features of Dragon Dictate 3 is the ability to transcribe an audio file. I was quite skeptical that this would work, so I tried an old MP3 file that was an interview I did for a book I wrote.

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At the time, I had to pay someone to transcribe all my interviews and it wasn't cheap. You select transcription from the Dragon menu and point to the file. The software takes in about 20 seconds of audio and shows you the results. You can confirm the text or make corrections. The transcript was really quite solid, just needing some formatting for paragraphs and fixing a few misinterpreted words.

That was very surprising. I recorded the interview with the subject several feet away from my digital recorder. I've a huge investment in music software I'm a composer and have happily used Mac's since the 80's — my first Apple was a Mac K, so such a decision would be very painful. But, I can't afford to be stuck permanently at OS X Posted on Oct 16, AM. Page content loaded. Well, I don't have Dragon for the Mac, but Enhanced Dictation works just fine, am using it right now. Oct 16, AM. As is the case with any platform, you are responsible for making sure critical software you require is compatible before performing a major operating system upgrade.

They do not state that it is compatible with either Sierra or High Sierra. I suggest you revert to El-Capitan so that you can continue using Dragon, or contact Dragon for any assistance they might be able to give you in getting it running. I have been using Dragon 6 on every High Sierra developer version. In apps like TextEdit I have had.

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There are problems however dictating into Safari I lose the correction box, dictating into mail is useless. I've never tried it to control the computer as I use a head mouse. I observed the same problem with Dragon compatibility and Apple Mail. Then, at last, Nuance released update 6. Predictably, it didn't fix a thing with Apple Mail. I've been using Dragon for years on Windows and Mac. The software continues to be buggy, telephone support is miserable; there is no way to leave feedback or questions on their website, and Nuance has removed its User forums.

If it weren't the only dictation software out there, I would be out. Mac's Enhanced Dictation is no substitute. Oct 24, PM. Oct 25, AM in response to agarson In response to agarson. The loss of the forum made a big difference but given some of the subject matter you could see why. Support is seriously poor for a premium priced software package! Pointless contacting Nuance support to be told to reinstall Dragon and little else.

Oct 25, AM.

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It's working ok for me, not as good as Dragon. But every time i pause in the middle of a sentence it resumes with a new sentence with no space and a cap letter. Example: I went to the beach withMy dog and my sister. Any ideas? Oct 30, AM. Oct 30, AM in response to sb2mmt In response to sb2mmt.

AFAIK control over enhanced dictation preferences is very limited. About all you can do is switch it on and off. Last resort would be to try a reinstall of High Sierra. One other thing to try, create a new user account and see if it happens in that. Good luck! I've spent way too many hours finding a workaround, and as far as I know, all of the suggestions do not work.

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Accessibility, including Dictation is essential for those of us that are differently abled. It's a very reasonable accommodation, and for Apple to completely ignore this problem is completely inhumane. Nov 14, PM. Enhanced Dictation works as fine as it can for me on a MacBook Air with the internal microphone and High Sierra I do not have any Nuance product installed.

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The latest update 6. Have you tried this version? It is almost time for the annual refill the coffers update from Nuance which might improve things but there again it usually doesn't. Have you signed up for the OS beta program? Install the beta on an external drive and reinstall Dragon.

Using Feedback Assistant you can then let Apple know of the problem. Nov 15, AM. I just bought a 15 inch MacBook, retina display. Support tech told me that my older version of Dragon Dictate was compatible with the older Macbook's version of High Sierra, but not with the new Macbook's version. I was told that I needed to purchase the newest Dragon Dictate version.

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