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Right now i have a mac mini with the ifixit dual drive kit 1 samsung pro gb and 1tb rpm disk , can i buy the model ? Should i buy the fusion drive version or the ssd one? Is that correct? Can you verify or deny that? Thank you, it was a walk in the park. I only encountered two problems: step 24, pulling the DC-in cable out and step 27 on the reverse operation , making the AC connector back into the horizontal position.

Dont buy the economy TR9 it wont fit in the screws, you have to strip them away a little bit to even get the TR9 economy in. The teardown wasn't bad at all, i had tore down in 15 minutes and had it put back together in 15 minutes. The only trouble i had was taking out the HDD, Ifixit sent me a TR9 instead of just a T9 and the TR9 is bigger, it wouldn't fit but i stripped away at the screws and finally made it work!

I Just just ordered the tools via iFixit. Asking cause some on youtube are saying it as compatibility issues with mac minis! The TR9 screwdriver I purchased from iFixit sucks. The handle turns but the shaft doesn't. The screws holding the original HD to the tray were so tight, I had to go to Geek Squad to have them removed. It wasn't clear what the power supply clip held in place. I managed to get it back in, but I'm not sure it is holding anything. I ripped it while taking it off.

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The DC-In connector to the logic board would not come out using fingers - not much room to get fingers in. Had to pry it off using a flat head screwdriver.

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Can I use the same sshd but it has 2tb instead of 1tb? I wanna replace the 2tb but i wonder if it is compatible with the mac mini late My specs i5 ram 16gb, 1th hdd rpm. Absolutely wonderful guide. Thanks for the help, I probably would have broken something without it! Thanks to this guide it was quite easy to replace the awful slow harddrive with a fast ssd.

I think I got a new computer. Thank you very much for this guide. After I got a quality TR6 it only took approximately 20 minutes to teardown and an additional 10 to put back together. Swapped in gb Samsung SSD, which now takes 19sec from button push to login screen. I ran into a few issues, that others have mentioned, but nothing I couldn't figure out. The only thing I needed that wasn't in the he MMK took kit, was a good pair of tweezers. Thanks for the guide - the key is to follow the instructions to the word, read all the comments and take your time. It's difficult to know how much force to use especially when detaching the IR and DC connector.

Is it possible with the ifixit dual drive kit? I would also like to know what tools to by. I have the 1Tb normal drive and i would also like to add a 2ssd. Hardest part - getting the AC connector back in, and then reseating the logic board - the instructions don't mention to push in the tabs on the sides as it goes back in. Booted right up - super fast - thanks for the help! I bought the T6 driver, the special logic board tool and several spudgers. They were all VERY helpful.

The initial screws in the bottom of the Mac Mini are TR6 screws, which have the security post, so a Torx 6 security is a must. The other T6 and T9 screws are non-security, however, security versions will work fine. Awesome guide. It looked daunting but I did it with my 9yo son and it was actually really easy. There were a couple of steps where you needed small fingers for sure. And it absolutely flies compared to the stock drive. I ended up ordering the parts from Amazon because iFixIt was out of the T9.

Wish I could contribute some money to iFixit or Sam, because this was an incredibly valuable guide. Pro tip: I used one of those pill boxes with compartments for every day of the week, to store the screws from each step. That way I'd make sure to use the correct screws when reassembling. Hello, I just follow this guide and on my Mac Mini there was no SSD to remove so it was easier but I have to tell people who are missing some tools that there are few ways to overcome it. For the whole tutorial I just used my iFixIt 54 Bit driver.

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It's really handy and I never stumbled upon a screw I couldn't screw while having it! Also, to remove the connectors just use a flat screwdriver and be gentle, it usually works great. Finally, to remove the motherboard, I started by using iron wire but I bent kappa so instead I went with ye ol' thumb switcharoo which consist simple of pushing with both thumbs on the black ventilation thing.

Just push gently and don't push sideways or it will destroy the ventilation. Also, don't forget to remove the black sticker on the SATA connector! Fantastic guide! Thanks to the author and those who also contributed on the comments. What seemed like a daunting task was made much easier because of you. Just did my Mac Mini. Everything went without a hitch except the putting in the last screw to hold the antenna connector back down broke. Put a dab of silicon on it. Nice procedure. I did screw up bad though and managed to rip off the fan connector from the mobo because I did not take the time to read the part about lifting the connector out of the socket.

I thought it slid out, not up. I didn't have the mobo removal tool, so I fabricated one out of a metal coat hanger, and it worked perfectly. In the end, my mobo was dead anyway due to a corrupt EFI, so even though I damaged the fan connector, I didn't lose anything. I learned a good lesson and I will know what pitfalls to avoid next time.

Tools I used: ifixit bit driver kit, spudger, tweezers, coat hanger and diagonal cutters to cut the coat hanger. Where can I get the sata flex cable for the mini? I have a PCI flash drive installed and an empty bay for a second hard drive, so I need the flex cable. Do the ones from the minis work? Just followed this procedure through and have to say it helped enormously. I hadn't got the motherboard extraction tool so made one out of a wire coat hanger bent to shape, the diameter of the wire was spot on.

Worked a treat, however it does require quite a bit of force which is un-nerving, but once you have created a gap between the back panel Black Bit and the casing you can get your thumb and or finger nails in there and pull it out the rest of the way. Thanks for the Teardown guys. Nearly flawless instructions. Everything went off without a hitch, the computer is fast, and everything including front light works great. Two quick things: 1. Remove that and replace it on the new drive.

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The antenna cable is difficult to get back on. Put the screw back in first and line it up. Be gentle. Working with this fusion drive is quite odd. Hard drive needs to be formatted first. I bought a usb 3—to—SATA 2. My hard drive failed on my Mac Mini Model A I want to replace it with a simple gb drive and then sell it.

Or something else? Must say that it pretty tough job given that how much i dislike the tiny-winy things inside it. Seeing the same issue as some others, power light not showing on even though everything else works. Anyone found the cause and associated fix for this? Seeing the same issue as some others here, no power light.

Everything else works just no light. Hi, I had the same problem for the power light. The culprit was the IR sensor cable at step 17, that gives power also the light. When I reinsert it the very last pin on the left side see photo at step 17 was not fully fitted. I fit it completely and the power light turned back.

Hope it helps! Sorry for my english! I did this!!! My only bodge was to use a bit of welding rod bent to shape as the logic board lever tool. These tear down notes were awesome. Great instructions. I however am not able to set the partition scheme to GUID. Upset at myself. This one little step, if missed, can create a bit of frustration. The Samsung EVO is working great, formatted. It has transformed the mac mini into a whole new experience.

These instructions were great! I took my time and made sure I followed each step exactly and it went very smoothly. The iFixit tools made the job really easy. Took me 50 minutes. Now my Mac mini is flying. Is that the case or is the cable already there? I did not have to replace anything. The Samsung EVO swapped out seamlessly with the existing hard drive, with no additional cables necessary. Another great guide! Worked great. Just needed to partition the drive.

Everything went well. The hardest part was reconnect DC in cable with pudgy fingers. Installed 2TB Firecuda drive no problems. Upgraded my model with a Sandisk SSD and it went flawless, thank you for the info and tools!!! On the money. Took 22 mins from start to finish.

Thanks for the easy to follow guide. New life for my mini with a SSD. Indispensable guide. I used it and the iFixit tools in conjunction with a YouTube video and the process was scary but surprisingly easy. After all, I understand these things are originally assembled by year olds. It is like having a brand new computer. Far less cursing in my house now, I thank you for such a clear, concise guide. This guide was indispensable. I have a late? Needless to say, it was painfully slow. I purchased the tools recommended on this site and followed all of the instructions.

Thus far everything seems to be working correctly. Hopefully, I will get the speed gain that I understand comes from swapping out a spinning drive for an SSD. I just want to follow-up. Prior to the SSD it would take perhaps a minute or more to open word or excel. This goes for all of my other apps too: iTunes which seems to open nearly instantly now , Pixelmator, Acrobat, etc.

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The entire thing was sluggish; it took forever to process anything. It went from minutes to less than one. I could go on. There are various guides online on how to clone your boot drive.


Will that fit or is it too thick? It might sound crazy but it took me 45 min - to an hr to finish. Also I had congested nose that dad and my kid had a cold as well so she was getting cranky. So it is not so bad. Just watch the views couple of times, be gentle and question your action before executing it. You will do absolutely fine. For my mid Mac Mini I had to skip steps and read comments to know that. This guide was step by step on the money for me. Here is why. I have the Mac Mini removal tool, the splunger, and 64 bit driver kit. All worth the money, IMHO. Awesome guide, I did it several times already and no problems so far.

But now I have to upgrade MacMinis right after ordering them, i. I wonder if this will cause problems with the MacOS that I install later serial number registration or whatever.. Has anyone ever tried this? I just did this with a new system never having booted it. Power on while holding T key to get virgin mini in target mode. Install SSD using these instructions. First real boot of new mini runs initial setup from SSD just as if Apple had shipped it that way.

All this worked for me on the first try. One could do this in reverse order - install SSD first then clone factory image back into the mini using target mode, but I thought it was safer to capture the image before taking anything apart. Great guide, thanks. Followed this step by step and successfully had the Mac up and running in about 30 minutes. World of difference! And so quiet. These guides are invaluable, the fact that you list all the tools at the beginning is fantastic. Your service is the best! Perfect guide - covers perfectly every step that was needed and no non-sense.

Works like charm, this one too! My Mac Mini late 1. Ordered a replacement. Now, my Mac Mini Late boots in about 5 seconds and literally flies from application to application like my old Mini did or probably slightly faster. Amazingly easy to do! Mine is the 2.

Buy the proper tools, read the instructions carefully and the comments made by others on this page. Awesome tutorials, thanks so much for it. It aint easy without a guide and I can easily break the smaller expensive parts. I managed to upgrade my drive to SSD.

I did worry about the little prong at the back of the hard drive tray that needs to go into the power supply when it is slid back in. Worked well with Samsung EVO. Great guide, easy to follow. Having the right tools is critical. Excellent post. The only problem was to get the antenna socket back to place, it didn't fit first so the wifi signal was weak, reopened and then it popped into its place, all good now.

Small tweezers, a finished ball point pen, guitar picks and a good flashlight helped a lot to finish the process without hassle. I also used the SuperDuper! It took around 5 hours to clone the drive completely but it was well worth it. All in all, it was a great success. Thank you iFixit and the people who commented for this great guide.

Hate to say it, but the way Apple has been in the last 10 years… I might just have to go buy a Dell. Jedes Bild und Menuepunkt waren exakt beschrieben und bebildert. Du solltest noch den Trim-Support aktivieren, damit dein Mac schnell bleibt. The guide is perfect. The comments in each section helped immensely. Thank you iFixit folks! Best guide ever. First time ever replacing anything on a computer and it was relatively easy.

Done in 30 minutes. All our products:. Where's My Space Gone? Where did all that disk space go? What's eating up your hard drive? These 5 utilities tell all. Visualize Disk Usage with DaisyDisk. Utility App Daisy Disk Review. Use DaisyDisk to recover hard drive space. Try these strategies to free storage on your Mac. Top Tips From Digital Nomads. Top 5 Mac Productivity Apps. Tidying up a hard drive with DaisyDisk. Three culprits that were eating up my Mac's disk space.

The Staff Favorites. The most elegant way to identify analyze disk space usage in Mac OS The five best Apps for Macs DaisyDisk. The eight best apps for your new Mac. The DaisyDisk 2 Developer Giveaway. The best Mac clean-up utilities. The Beautiful Pixels Editor's Choice of The 25 Best Productivity Apps for Mac in The 20 best Mac apps and games [ Edition]. Ten apps every Mac user should own. Spring cleaning: Three ways to increase your computer's per Spring Cleaning with Daisy Disk. Spring clean your Mac with these awesome apps.

Spot large file sizes on your disks easily with DaisyDis Setting up a new or repurposed Mac: 6 Fitting a quart into a pint pot. See what's consuming your Mac drive space with this app.

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    Mac Tips: How to clean your Mac: 3 best apps to remove clutter. Lost Harddrive Space? Losing precious hard drive space on your Mac? Is your Mac startup disk full? Here's how to fix it. Interview with Taras Brizitsky, developer of DaisyDisk. If your startup disk is perpetually filling, DaisyDisk is for you. How-To: Clean and speed up your Mac with free, trustworthy downloa How to Use Daisy Disk. How to Maintain Your Mac Computer. How to identify the biggest space wasters on your Mac with Daisy How to free up disk space on your Mac, recover space on your Mac hard How to find what's taking up space on your Mac using DaisyDisk.

    How to find and remove files from the 'Other' storage category on your Mac. How to efficiently free up space and recover lost storage on your Mac. How to clean your Mac: 3 best apps to remove clutter. How to clean up, declutter and speed up your Mac for Chinese New Year. Have an SSD? Friday 5: a few of my favorite Mac apps [Video]. Free up your hard drive space with DaisyDisk 2.

    Free up Mac hard drive space instead of buying an external hard dr Four Mac apps to help you reclaim storage space. Episode - DaisyDisk. Easy visualization with Daisy Disk. DaisyDisk: Visualize your Files. DaisyDisk: the best app for cleaning up your Mac.

    DaisyDisk: Futuristic Data Visualization. DaisyDisk's icon animates as it scans your drive. DaisyDisk [Mac]. DaisyDisk review. Daisydisk Review. DaisyDisk Review. DaisyDisk offers public beta of v2. Combine todas las tareas de limpieza y borrado en diferentes procedimientos de borrado iniciados manualmente o en horarios o eventos programados. Comentarios sobre la privacidad del PC. Assuming 5 is the best rating. The new interface is very robust, easy to navigate, and a pleasure to use. Great job R-Tools! Sam Maggio. There is a reduction of the MFT size and an a quite noticeable increase in system response time due to that.

    Roberto Petitpas home user. I must congratualate you upon a Excellent product. I downloaded the the Trial product and after first use I imediately purchased it.