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We appreciate your interest and look forward to your visit. Our staff is privileged to serve customers from throughout our local area, including the Hollytree and Quail Creek neighborhoods. Come in and let our helpful team address all your needs.

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Our certified Mac and iOS technicians are ready to provide the professional service you deserve, so visit today or call us at for more information. Products Simply Mac Tyler has all the Apple products you need in one convenient location. We stock a wide selection of the latest Mac computers and MacBooks for all your computing needs. If you need something more portable, try out a versatile tablet like the iPad. With its new features, the iPhone offers an all-screen design, super retina HD display and the smartest chip ever in a smartphone.

We carry all the latest iPhones as well as the latest versions of the iPod and Apple Watch. Watching movies, TV shows, and live sports through apps is where television is headed. With the help of our professional staff at Simply Mac Tyler, you'll be sure to find the products you want. Repairs Bad accidents happen to good electronics. Our Simply Mac Tyler location offers all the repair services you need in one stop including iPhone screen repairs.

Our Apple Certified Technicians offer the best Apple Support to take care of any problem, which means your warranty is safe with us. My one week old IPhone 6 plus screen had a glitch after a week of use. I took it to simply mac authorized apple dealer. The first rep when I took my phone said "pretty common problem with the iPhone 6 , definitely a hardware issue, dont worry you are covered under warranty, youll get a new phone on Tuesday". I call on Tuesday, 2nd rep - "phone didnt make it in today, try tomorrow".

I call on Wednesday, 3rd rep - "apple is still working on your phone" keep in mind I was told I was getting a new phone, but now apple is fixing my old phone. The bottom line They lied to me, and in the process tried making money off of me. Will never do business with these guys. Ashley Payne. My 4yr old son decided to go swimming with my brand spankin new iphone 5s.

I thought for sure my phone wouldnt survive but decided to take it to simply mac just to see. The guy there was so friendly and he took it apart, it was still wet! Miraculously the phone was able to turn on and work but for a very short amount of time. Whoever is complaining about that is a complete idiot.

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I was especially surprised because I dont have insurance, warranty, and pay for pre-paid and this was severe water damage. Anyway I get my new iphone in a few days : Oh and he didnt even charge me for the attempt to save my old iphones life! Thane Lacoste. I hate going to this store.

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Ive never had the best experiences here but I figured Id give them amother chance by buying a new MacBook Pro with the touch bar because I could use my student discount. This place is a joke.

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From now on Im gonna go straight to Apple or Best Buy. They talk down to you and make you feel like a know nothing. Dont go here unless you wanna be humiliated. Erikk Friberg. These guys do not repair in house. After talking to Clayton on the phone twice, he said I would have to bring my iPad air in to trouble shoot it. I brought it in, waited 15 minutes for them to tell me they couldnt do anything because the digitizer was replaced with a third party digitizer, which I told him on the phone.

The company is concerned about making money and kissing customers rear ends, not concerned about paying you what you deserve to be paid or treating you as a valued employee at all. District managers, which I can name all but I will not, do not care about any other employee besides management and it shows in their store visits.

I work so that I can get paid and take care of my family but this is not the place for that. I am currently searching for new employment. Decent job, cultural disconnect. The company culture is something that is highly emphasized during training, then is no longer a priority. The trainings they offer to employees are unstructured and entirely online, the only time you receive any guidance is in the form of the occasional verbal test.

The job itself can be demanding but is not overly demanding if you allocated your resources properly. If you want to work here, make time for yourself to step away from responsibilities and regroup, do not do other staffs job regularly: it becomes an expectation not a promotion, listen to feedback from your team, do not allow overly critical members of management to bully you.

Most of all have fun and use this opportunity as a launch pad for your career. Working here will teach you skills that apply at pretty much any job. I can not say that for most entry level jobs. I advise working here to gain experience in either sales or customer service and taking those skills to a company with a better compensation structure and more organized management.

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Long lunch breaks, decent employee discount, full time, dependable job, good upper management. Lack of Judgment. The company has no understanding valued employees, you are a drone, working with out really knowing what or how to do things, you will become stressed, you will have a very poor time in this job, almost no one give a crud about what you have to say, DONT WORK HERE, you will want to leave as soon as you arrive. This place sucks major butt. Used to work here for almost a year. The management is so horrid, the corporation is so money hungry, the people are so rude.

I can't tell you how many times I cried at work because of how mean they were. Garbage place full of garbage people.

Simply Mac is a fun place to work, and the team members are very fun to be around. They are passionate about what they do and it shows. I loved every minute working there!

Do not work here. Managment throws you to the wolves with no training at all.

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Then bash you when you make mistakes. Very unsupportive and just rude all around. Good then got worse. I used to love working at Simply Mac. At first, they seemed like they really took care of their employees. I worked there for 3 years, and although I had many colleagues that I considered friends, including those above me, it was evident that the company as a whole did not care for the employees.

Corporate is unwilling to hear what the stores have to say. Stores are run as a whole, instead of looking at the demographic of each store. Customer service went from "care for the customer" to "try to squeeze as much money out of the customer as possible. Managers and team leads alike are all outside hires. Also, pay system, ie bonuses, changes every year. One of my coworkers threatened to quit because of the loss in money, but stayed because they give him a promotion to team lead. The only way you can advance is by threatening to quit.

Low pay, no annual raises, no benefits of being a seasoned employee. Tried as I may, I just can't see why anyone would choose to work here. I tired twice in tow cities. This company "simply" doesn't care in any manner about anyone below the rank of manager and they consistently treat store employees like absolute garbage and actually pay you MUCH less than your local garbage man.

Cost of living increases and adjustments are beyond their level of comprehension and they actually tend to penalize those who go above and beyond to make the store work. Despite my nearly year endurance contest with this company, they are honestly ALWAYS going to be understaffed, mismanaged and completely without a clue or even so much as a concern for the welfare of employees. This presents its self as a hostile work place where you will be stressed and abused by customers and upper management alike.