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All other software I have tried gave me pretty jerky result. Now we're moving to Mac environment in our studio, so I'm looking for a tool that will replace Carbon Coder.

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I've already tried Apple's Compressor and it's not doing a good job. Our best bet here is to see if anyone out in the community has actually used anything successfully. Like you I am most familiar with carbon coder and many times wished this was on a Mac :. Well, ImTOO converter is software of a bit different level. Carbon Coder is dedicated for professional use. ImTOO is more like advanced home user targeted tool.

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Of course, I might be totally wrong with this, but at least this is how it looks from aside. There are loads of conversion software around and most of them are pretty much the same, performance and outcome quality wise. I've already tried that and I'm not very happy about results, knowing that Carbon Coder can do the job better. I believe that Carbon Coder uses some more sophisticaded algorithms than Avid which result in smoother conversion. With simple pulldown which is method I believe Avid and many other conversion programs use it usually looks jerky because the pulldown tehnique usually works as frame or field dubbling to fill the gaps between 25fps and 30 fps.

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This is at least what I assume. I might be wrong of course. Maybe the best thing to do is follow Andrews suggestions on this above or keep one PC in the studio and use your existing Carbon Coder which you know and works. I use a sequence with a video mixdown from the original project and in the convert project promote the automatic Avid video speed effect to timewarp blended VTR. Avidnow does a better job than either of these IMO. Well, if you say so, I guess I should do some more testing and playing around with Avid's converter, especially with changing settings for Timewarp effect.

Thank you guys for your responses! Another nice feature is Clone2Go's integrated web video downloader.

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There's also a built in video player, which lets you watch videos you've downloaded or converted. With a world of unending choices, there are those that stand apart, and this app does so. I am no video editor, or any regular editor of any type. My needs were simple, is there a fast way to take care of. This does the trick. I have been trying to unify file formats for some time now, to no avail. Other converters either lacked a sense of quality in the finished products, or were unsalvageable due to lag in audio to video, et cetera.

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I had almost become assured there was no hope for my MKV! But alas, I have an app I can depend upon to do the trick.

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I uninstalled my other converters, after seeing such results from a fair stress test I ran it through. The result is a simple, yet poweful little converter. It's Free Now! Don't be stuck having to pay for it! It's exactly what I was looking for. In a PAL format DVD 25 frames are transmitted in a second and each of these frames are made of individual scan lines. In this format, 30 frames per second are transmitted with aspect ratio of X and there are individual scan lines in each of these frames. Though NTSC and PAL, both are encoding systems that affects the quality of the videos that are viewed, they are different an array of aspects including supported regions, aspect ratio, fps, and others.

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