Method #2 – Using WorldUnlock Codes Calculator as Android SIM Unlock Code Generator

Method #1 – Using NokiaFree as Android SIM Unlock Code Generator

The moral of this story is that compatibility matters. Contact any cellular provider you are considering before you unlock your phone to make sure that your phone will be compatible with the company's service after you unlock it. Buying an unlocked phone is a safer, but more expensive alternative to unlocking a phone yourself. Here are a few services to check out:. Give the site a few details about your handset, and it emails you the appropriate unlock code.

Share Pin Email. A technology writer who has been reviewing and writing articles about smartphones since WorldUnlock Codes Calculator — This small Windows software program generates unlock codes for many of the cell phones from major manufacturers including Samsung. After you download it and input your phone's details, including the model, manufacturer, location, and IMEI number, the unlock code calculator generates a code.

Three FREE Samsung Unlock Code Generators - Unlock Samsung Phone

The code must be entered while your phone does not have its SIM card installed. UnlockSamsungOnline — There are highly detailed instructions on this site that explain how to unlock your Samsung phone using a program called SRS. Universal Simlock Remover — This third-party software is designed to unlock a variety of mobile phones including Samsung phones. FreeUnlocks — You can either pay for the unlock from this website or get it free through TrialPay. UnlockBase — claims to have unlock codes for more than 3, Samsung smartphone models. They aren't free, but you can't beat the selection.

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Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Step 7 — Once you've finally found a code that works, your SIM card will be unlocked and can be used on any network that you please. Aside from the outdated interface on this program, there's no reason for you not to give it a chance for unlocking your SIM card. In this fourth method, we're going to be showing you UnlockItFree — another powerful free program that can be used for Android SIM unlock code generator.

Just as with Method 3, you can do this entire method through the UnlockItFree website, thus no program needs to be installed. Step 2 — A box will be shown and in this box, enter the model of your Nokia phone. Step 3 — On the following web page you have to enter several other details. Step 5 — Next, you'll be shown some of the best unlock codes that you can try out on your mobile phone. If all goes well, the code that you enter will allow you to unlock your SIM card from your network provider and as a result, you can use any other provider that you want to.

The only downside to this method is that if you aren't successful when entering the codes, you only have limited attempts before the program refuses to unlock your phone. Last, but definitely not least, we'll be showing you Dr. This is undoubtedly the best program to get the job done. Step 1 — At the beginning of this method, download Dr.

Five Tools As The Best Android SIM Unlock Code Generator Reviews

Step 2 — Once you have the program installed, you're ready to continue. Connect your Android device to your computer using the USB connector that you received upon purchasing it. Note: it's important that you have USB Debugging Mode enabled on your device prior to starting this method. If you have an Android OS that is version 4.

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Step 5 — Your Android device will restart a few times which is a good sign! There is no doubt in our minds that if you're looking for a reliable Android SIM unlock code generator, Dr. Aside from using it to unlock your Android SIM, it has so many other fantastic features. Of course, now that we've shown you five completely different but all incredibly useful methods, it's time to determine which of the methods you should try out for yourself. The easiest answer to this question would be to try them all out and whichever works first, simply use that.

However, our recommendation is to use Dr. Rather than you having to enter a lot of different details like all of the other methods that we showed you , Dr. Fone take care of the rest. Furthermore, Dr. Fone goes much more than just acting as an Android SIM unlock code generator. In fact, you can use Dr. Fone for backing up data and restoring those backups, recording your device's screen, or even removing a lock screen in case you have forgotten your device's password!

How To Remove Network Lock on Any Samsung Mobiles Free without PC

If you want to change the network of your SIM card and have had little success so far, then use any of the methods that we've shown you above. You'll quickly realize that not only is Dr.

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Fone perfect for unlocking SIM cards, but it does a lot more for your smartphone too. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.