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Posted about this a week ago. Worried I got hit with UPlay's stupid hardware limit but not the case thankfully. I doubt ubisoft will fix this, and any fix from Apply will just be coincidental. Anyone know what it is exactly? Even people on Windows too :. Klappergebiss View Profile View Posts.

Lannister80 View Profile View Posts. Same here Mac DriverNG Version: 1. Last edited by Lannister80 ; 7 Sep, pm. Finally got a reply from Ubisoft support useless as it is : "I'm sorry to report that the game is not supported for Mac OS X We greatly appreciate you reporting this issue.

Please be aware that we have forwarded the information to the development team, and they are in the process of investigating the issue. Until this issue is addressed by the development team, there is no additional troubleshooting that we can provide.

Surviving Mars - MAC Random Crashes

We do not receive any information pertaining to possible patches until they are released and have no further information in that regard. I hope you have a great day. Last edited by Lannister80 ; 10 Sep, pm. Thank you Lannister80 for the confirmation, I really appreciate it. Sadly there's still no solution though. I just uninstalled it to make some room for my Macbook. Love this game very much :.

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Inertia View Profile View Posts. I hope someone finds a workaround, my friend bought it on his Yosemite Extremely annoying. I hope the incoming el Capitan OSX is more game-friendly.

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  5. Hopefully though i suspect Metal API will cause more problems than it fixes them lol, though this may not affect older games. Originally posted by Lannister80 :.

    TUTO: iLol 1.1.3 fix - bug crash Play - league of legends on Mac

    Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 25 Aug, pm. Gmod opens fine, then when I load a map any map, even stuff like construct and it usually gets to Initializing game data, pauses, and then the game crashes. This has never EVER happened before! I've tried everything, I've got rid of all my addons, Validated the game files and even reinstalled the game. It's done nothing. And for the record: I have two Windows PCs, an 8 and a 10, they both suck at handling anything, which is why I play on my Mac because it's the only computer I have that can handle a game at above 20 fps.

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    Mac High Sierra - fix for crashing and disconnecting – Riot Games Support

    Showing 1 - 15 of 28 comments. Mangonie View Profile View Posts. Maybe you have too many mods installed? Mine keeps crashing too, because of that. I've survived with hundreds of mods.

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    I thought of that too, so I got rid of every single one. So I don't have any. Thanks anyway. Oh, btw, I said that in the description.

    Steam Support

    What's even the point of that comment? Maybe you could think of something helpful? What does that even say?

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    5. Is no-one actually going to be helpful? I just want a bit of advice!