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I'm still not certain if the Roomie Remote will complete unseat a physical remote. It offers sound and vibration, but it's not the same as single-handed clicking. I think it will shine in movie situations. TV viewing might be a hurdle. I don't see my wife giving up a traditional remote for this just yet. My components are all in my basement, so will splice an existing ethernet cable to wire an IR emitter from my TV to the iTach, allowing it to be controlled by the Roomie.

The big hurdle with Plex is the Mac mini and its inability to wake from sleep. The Mac mini will wake, but not the display. That app sits on the Mac and you need the Roomie Agent pack to communicate with it. The beauty of this app is that it can be a simple straightforward remote or a full blown home theater controller.

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It controls Logitech camera, Vera Z Wave. When everything is in place, watch movie should switch to Plex on the Mac mini, dim the lights and crank up the volume. Looking to replace your remote? Roomie Remote on App Store. Oct 30, The iTach came today.

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Connected it via ethernet and Roomie immediately recognized it. It allowed me to add a few more devices, including my Apple TV, Onkyo receiver. IR emitters can be a bit flaky. The app allows you to send repeat commands. I've been able to get a few major activities completed. That had always been a huge problem for me. Also, the Plex controls never worked great on the Logitech and navigating via Bluetooth keyboard was spotty at best.

It powers everything down and up, no problems. I've yet to get the TV into the sequence. What's nice about this solution is that I'll be able to power things up when not being in line of sight. Same goes for turning stuff off. Members of my family like to turn things on and not turn them off. Given the amount of time it takes to configure, I don't want to lose stuff, so have been sending it to my Dropbox in app. A WiFi mesh network synchronizes all of the devices.

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I cannot imagine having to run through this again on a different device. I still think it's a user friendly app, but it all depends on your setup. I'm asking a lot of Roomie. I feel pretty comfortable that when it is setup properly, the results will be consistent. Wife absolutely hates it. Then again, she hasn't used anything but TiVo. When she wants to watch a movie, she'll become a fan, knowing how that usually involves me messing around and running to the basement. Oct 31, Did my IR emitter splicing last night. Wasn't as easy as I thought. The IR emitter has two wires, one of which is super thin.

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  5. Stripping them was not easy, at all. Initially I couldn't get any signal.

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    I had them each connected to a single wire from my Cat 6e. Blue to red, Blue and White to other wire. I then decided to pair two wires from the Cat 6e for each emitter wire. I have to get some electrical tape to clean things up. Only issues now are programming. I've yet to get the PS3 in the loop, since it uses the oddball Logitech remote adapter.

    Also, my switcher keeps power cycling. I have to re-add it and not auto-add to activities.

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    I'm so close to getting this nailed down. Big fan of the product. I think that's still a place for the TiVo peanut. Nov 4, For those interested, I've got a full write-up, review and video that shows how you setup Roomie and how it works. Sam Ash New Member Aug 19, Aug 19, 2 0 1.

    Roomie Remote

    I am looking for a reasonably priced system to control my gear via my iPhone using WiFi. It would be nice to be able to control just one light in the room and 2 plugs as I like to completely switch off all equipment when I'm done so that none of the equipment is in Standby mode. After conducting some research, its sad to learn that there are absolutely no WiFi based switches or plugs. Hence, I am thinking of getting the following:- 1. Vera Lite Controller. Live screen viewing, mouse control, and keyboard commands for OS X are directly integrated into Roomie.

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    A full size clock display turns Roomie into a wall clock or bedside alarm clock. Integrated alarm functionality executes commands to any of your Roomie devices at designated times. Open your drapes and turn on your lights every morning. Just tap the video image to enlarge to full screen or switch to HD resolution.

    Clock and Alarms require separate purchase of the Roomie Service from the Roomie Store inside the application. Roomie breaks new ground with industry leading proximity automation. Third-party dedicated iBeacons such as the Estimote can also be used to designate the rooms in your home. No more need to find the room in your list of rooms as you walk around the house. Proximity Automation requires separate purchase of the Roomie Service from the Roomie Store inside the application. Roomie Remote POA. Our extensive high-end infrared library provides many commands not available on manufacturer remotes including discrete power on and off commands for many devices.

    Infrared support requires a Roomie Blaster adapter from the Roomie Store. Using any other adapter or a version of Roomie prior to 3.

    Roomie Sync for Roomie Remote

    Virtual Remotes Roomie provides a virtual remote control for any supported device, automatically optimizing each remote for iOS. Live Feedback Roomie provides advanced two-way feedback support for many devices via direct IP control and serial connections. Personalized Guide Roomie provides integrated cable, satellite, and antenna television listings for 34 countries. Advanced Macros and Customization Advanced macros can be created for exacting control over your systems.

    Apple TV, iTunes, Airplay Integration Roomie features direct network control of Apple TV including feedback, artwork, the ability to set the play position of the current show, gestures, and more. Your entire Media Library including iTunes Radio can be controlled directly from Roomie Roomie can even control Airplay through iTunes to stream your music to an Apple TV or other Airplay compatible device on your network.

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