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These traits, combined with the expansion to his metagame and better, albeit still rare results, resulted in him being ranked 39th on the second tier list. He then dropped back to 43rd on the third tier list, as his results continued to be relatively sparse at national tournaments. While he has since dropped slightly to 44th on the fourth and current tier list, he is now ranked as the second lowest mid-tier character due to the expansion of the tiers.

As such, to this day, Little Mac's tier placement remains very contentious even within the current metagame. Little Mac has sixteen alternate costumes, half of which sport a wireframe design based on the original arcade version of Punch-Out!! His wireframe palette swaps have slightly brighter cel-shaded colors compared to his default costumes.

Two of Little Mac's alternate costumes. One is his signature hooded sweatsuit , while the other is his attire in Contender Mode when fighting in the World Circuit in the Wii version of Punch-Out!! Using KO Uppercut on Samus. Using the first hit of his neutral attack on Link. Using Slip Counter against Mario 's up smash.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Little Mac Guide

Taunting alongside Pikachu and Olimar. Using Rising Uppercut alongside Diddy Kong 's up smash. Jump to: navigation , search. For the character in other contexts, see Little Mac. Using KO Uppercut on Sonic. Using Rising Uppercut. Little Mac on Smash Ball standby. Using his down smash on Fox.

However, he's not the strongest fighter while airborne. Direct 4. Navigation Main page Smash Bros. Ultimate Smash Bros. Brawl Smash Bros. Melee Smash Bros. A jab, followed by a hook, followed by an uppercut.

If either of the initial two hits connect with an opponent and the button is held or mashed, Little Mac will perform an extremely fast flurry of punches, followed by an uppercut. Due to it hitting on frame 1, it is tied with Zero Suit Samus ' neutral attack as the fastest neutral attack in the game, and is one of the fastest attacks of any kind, making it extremely useful as an out of shield option or to cover whiffed attacks.

In addition to its speed, its anti-rebounding priority enables it to out-prioritize attacks within priority range and go on uninterrupted, such as negating Fox Illusion 's hitbox. Thanks to its outstanding speed and quick interruptibility, it can be jab canceled for almost guaranteed KOs at high percents, including Rising Uppercut and KO Uppercut , or pressure opponents to keep their shield up, which can lead to shield break combos. A one-two combo. Due to it hitting on frame 4, it is the fastest forward tilt in the game. When coupled with its decent range, anti-rebounding priority, and its second hit's very high knockback scaling, it is a safe and very reliable KOing option at high percents.

However, the first hit's hitbox on Mac's fist sends opponents at a higher launching angle, making the second hit whiff easily against aerial or falling opponents at high percentages. It is based on the one-two combo he used as an Assist Trophy in Brawl. An overhead arcing backfist. It covers the entirety of Little Mac's body, which allows him to use it as a quick option to punish overhead attacks or rolls.

It can also combo into itself and Rising Uppercut at low percents if the opponent is close to him. It can also function as a somewhat safe approach option when it is pivoted while dashing, thanks to its anti-rebounding priority. A crouching short straight-punch. It can combo into almost all of his attacks, most notably itself, all smash attacks, forward aerial, Jolt Haymaker and KO Uppercut at low to medium percents, and Jolt Haymaker or Rising Uppercut at high percents.

Like forward and up tilts, it has anti-rebounding priority. A lunging overhand. Due to its windbox hitting on frame 1, it is the fastest dash attack in the game. When coupled with its range and low ending lag, it can be used as a quick punishment option when an opponent is stuck in ending lag, and even combo into itself against heavyweights and fast-fallers. It also possesses KO potential at high percents near the edge.

However, it is notoriously risky as an approach option because of it being extremely punishable on shield, especially when considering Little Mac's abysmal offstage endurance. Due to its windbox hitting on frame 6, it is Little Mac's fastest smash attack, yet it also has respectable ending lag. However, as Little Mac steps forward to perform it, it can miss the opponent if they are touching him. An uppercut. Its first frame has a sweetspot that possesses a flame effect and deals significant shield damage.

Its sourspot also makes it useful for aerial protection, thanks to its respectable damage output, high knockback scaling, and hitbox placement. However, it has the highest amount of ending lag out of his grounded moves 35 frames , and its sourspot lacks super armor. Despite its appearance, it also only hits in front of Little Mac, although it possesses enough vertical range to hit opponents standing on Battlefield 's lower platforms. It is a semi-spike , hits on both sides, and has long range, although it has a blind spot near Little Mac's body.

Like his other smash attacks, it grants super armor frames and Unlike most down smashes, both of its hits have the same damage outputs and knockback values. All of these traits make it very reliable for edge-guarding, and difficult to punish. If an opponent is hit by the hitbox on Mac's upper arm, it is possible to drag them into the second hit at low percents, although this is difficult to do. A downward angled jab. Due to it hitting on frame 2, it is the fastest neutral aerial in the game. When coupled with its very minimal ending lag, it can be used as a combo breaker of sorts when in the air.

It is also capable of dragging aerial opponents back to the ground, warding off an opponent standing at the edge when used after an edge jump, and can even start intricate footstool jump combos. However, it is extremely risky because of its very short range and abysmal damage output.

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A hook. It has slight start-up and a low damage output. It is a quick semi-spike, which makes it useful for edge-guarding, especially against characters with poor recoveries. However, its very short range makes this difficult to do so reliably. It can also be used as a follow-up from down tilt, although this can be rather unrewarding. At certain percents, it is possible to chain multiple forward aerials into an offstage Jolt Haymaker as a KO combo, although this will result in a self-destruct regardless of the outcome.

A backfist. Like forward aerial, it is a quick semi-spike that can be used either to edge-guard or fend off opponents. However, its hitbox does not last long, and its awkward hitbox position makes this difficult to do so reliably. An upward arcing hook. Due to it hitting on frame 5, it is tied with Luigi 's up aerial for the second fastest up aerial in the game, which makes it a somewhat useful aerial combo move.

If used while near the ground, it can combo into up tilt and Rising Uppercut at high percents. However, its considerable ending lag and high landing lag makes it punishable if missed. It appears to be based on the jump Little Mac performs during his victory animation in the Wii version of Punch-Out!! A downward palm thrust. Due to it hitting on frame 7, it is tied with Jigglypuff 's down aerial as the fifth fastest down aerial in the game.

When coupled with its middle hitbox being capable of meteor smashing , it is also the fastest meteor smash in the game. However, it is also the weakest meteor smash in the game, and thus extremely ineffective against anyone but fast-fallers unless Little Mac footstool jumps on the opponent immediately after. Experienced players can use it to jab reset opponents by short hopping and then hitting a floored opponent before finishing them with any of Little Mac's strongest attacks.

Clinches the opponent. Due to his grabs' moderate ending lag and his overall grab range being tied with Cloud 's for the third shortest in the game, Little Mac's grabs are among the most ineffective in the game. However, his pivot grab has longer range, which is useful and easy to perform thanks to his outstanding ground speed. Another option to alleviate his grab's poor range is to perform a roll cancel grab, which is a very useful tool to catch the opponent during unexpected combos.

Rears his arm back and throws an overhand. Its low knockback scaling can allow it to combo into dash attack or Jolt Haymaker or at low percents if the opponent misses a tech. Outside of this, its only other utility is dealing damage. Spins the opponent around and throws an uppercut.

It has the highest knockback scaling out of all of his throws, which allows it to reliably set up edge-guards. June 20, June 3, April 22, April 16, Steven Strom An obsessive writer broadcasting to you live from the middle of nowhere. Thinks cute things are good, actually. The best of Fanbyte delivered straight to your inbox. Enter your Email address. Related Articles. September 26, October 1, March 21, March 7, March 6, March 1, February 11, February 9, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Social connect:. If you give each sprite a different color a red firefighter costume, a blue chef costume, etc.

A normal person heading into a fight would probably put on the biggest suit of armor they can find, but not Shulk. It looks confident, brash, and just a bit arrogant. The only problem? If both of those are in the same fight, good luck trying to figure out, in the middle of all these lightning bolts and flashing colors, which Pichu has the single ear with three tiny spikes on it. The rest of the costumes are weird is that a pair of underwear on the head of one of the Pichus?

For a man who is supposed to be an incredible spy and whose ability to blend in is second to none, Snake is certainly a guy with a peculiar fashion sense. This Snake obviously favors look over stealth, but his suit is audacious while also being retro. He would look at home in any 70s discotheque. The best one of the bunch, in my opinion, is the classic A Link to the Past look for Zelda.

Smash Ultimate Costume Battle: 5v3 Little Mac battle

So it would be nice if Fox could get his own outfits and stop trying to confuse gamers who play one too many Fox vs Wolf match. It could have been seen as an homage while Wolf was on hiatus. All of the Inklings look super cool, but the best of the bunch is the purple one with the hockey helmet. All right, so it might be closer to a skateboarding helmet than a hockey helmet, but the main point here is safety. Safety is important, and this Inkling is reminding everyone that you can be both competitive and smart.

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Those hockey helmets can take a serious beating, and you can take my word for it. Even if we discount the fact that Mario was never a real doctor, the black outfit has something… peculiar about it. Mario look like he should be playing the evil doctor in Human Centipede. Believe me, I am not here to judge. The sweat suit with the hood pulled on is often supposed to be mysterious and intimidating, and yet Little Mac combines it with a loud color like pink.

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Little Mac

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