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If your operating system is bit, Backup and Sync will upgrade to bit seamlessly. Backup and Sync will continue to run as a bit process on bit systems. When copying a link to your clipboard, Backup and Sync now displays a dialog with the current link sharing setting. Fixed an issue on macOS where Backup and Sync crashed when a synced file had emojis in the file name.

Mac OS X: Resetting the SyncServices folder

To start syncing, mount the network device to your Mac or PC. Select the mounted folder or subfolder, and click Open. Click OK. Network folders sync periodically only while mounted on your computer. You can now exclude Apple Photos Library metadata from syncing.

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When unchecked, only photo files from your library are backed up. Introduced more safeguards to protect from database corruption. Fixed issues where files were locked when saving from Adobe and Microsoft Office applications on Windows.

Mac OS X: Resetting the SyncServices folder - A Tidy Concept

Fixed an issue where users were erroneously signed out. More bug fixes and performance improvements. December 11, — Choose file types 3.

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You can now ignore files by extension. You can now right-click any folder and select Sync this folder to start syncing that folder to Google Drive. Fixed an issue where multiple copies of the executable were being created in Windows. Fixed an issue where quitting Backup and Sync was taking a long time. November 6, — Bug fix release 3.

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October 30, — Multiple account support 3. Users should now see fewer duplicate photos and videos in Google Drive. Users can now sign in from an external browser in order to use security keys. September 11, — High DPI support 3. The Backup and Sync window now shows upload and download percentages, and the time each item was synced.

If you quit and reinstall Backup and Sync, it now reconnects local folders to their cloud targets instead of creating new folders. You could use the excellent GUI client SourceTree to get a really good overview for merging when conflicts occur. Note however that Word documents will not be treated as plain text files by Git.

Sync ANY OS X Folder With Dropbox - Tekzilla Daily Tip

A Word document is formatted text with quite an obscure markup and possibly embedded media. Therefore Git will either treat them as binary files or the diff will contain the obscure markup as well as your content.

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  • Any software only operating on a byte-by-byte basis without actually understanding the file format will have the same problem when it comes to show a usable diff between versions. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

    Asked 7 years, 7 months ago. Active 4 years, 11 months ago. Viewed times. I'm looking for a solution which works in my LAN. No cloud services like Dropbox please. Der Hochstapler MemphiZ MemphiZ 2 2 bronze badges. Rivas Dec 28 '11 at Does it have a Merge option showing me the differences?

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