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You are working at the highest level and the expectations are really high. I knew without a shadow of a doubt with every fibre of my being that I wanted to be a hairdresser. Amongst the bustle of Fashion Week shows, Kavangah admits he got a little emotional when he took a moment to step back and smell the roses. I was doing the hair and was touching up this model Freya Beha Erichsen backstage in the finale dress and I stepped back and took a look at what she was wearing.

It was this incredible midnight blue elegant dress and it was overwhelming. It was mind blowing. I asked myself a few pertinent questions one day like what do I need in my day? What do I need to feel satisfied in my life? And in the process of that I started working with photographers to do my shoots for the comps. I then decided I wanted to build a freelance career. So I had to build a career path for myself. Which meant being based in New Zealand but working overseas as well. If I want to do something I want it to be the best. After months of feeling burnt out and another reassess he employed someone else to manage the distribution and he returned to doing what he liked best, styling.

Despite his international success Kavanagh is a person who takes the fashion industry with a grain of salt. For nearest stockist: or visit www. Signs of great things to come we think… Nick Klarwill has been in the jewellery business for twelve years, collaborating with Ricochet on seasonal accessory ranges since I never really thought about being a jeweller. It seems that Nick is a natural when it comes to art. In saying this, it still requires hard work and a lot of time.

Although it begins with his teenage love of Guns n Roses, his fascination with skulls goes a lot deeper than just that. As far as what happens next for Nick Von K, plans to stock further nationally are on the cards. Being in the industry long enough has had its benefits. Creating his own jewellery line is clearly something Nick is passionate about and has no regrets doing. I can see this whole brand going for the rest of my life. Story by nicole leybourne. Play means different things to different people.

Vodafone Play is a new hub of entertainment - a place for music lovers and sporting fans alike to read and download content, follow their favourite team, stream a runway show or kill time on a slow day in the office. REMIX captures the sport vs. For more on these guys, and for all sorts more music, sport and entertainment head to www. You are in the early stages of becoming quite a successful pop artist. Tell us about your musical journey so far? I was signed by Sony probably over a. How did you come to be signed by Sony? And that went on for a little bit and then when I moved home from Australia in we met up and from there it kind of snowballed.

Yeah I was, and I kind of still am now. I recorded at least 50 percent of the record on a really dodgy laptop at home. How would you describe your personal style? I would say it has an element of a lot of different pieces in history. It comes across in my music as well. Those artists were so influential in their time and you can take elements of them and make it your own. What do you do for play? Do you know who I love? I love her music.

Just having Neil comment was awesome. The more you do it the more you want to continue. In terms of performing live, do you have any particular routines that you go through before you go on stage? Yes I usually get really naked and just. I actually just breathe funnily enough. Breathing is just something I do before I get up on stage. Professional rugby league star Jerome Ropati has played for the Vodafone Warriors since and was a member of the Kiwis team that won the Rugby League World Cup in How would you describe your own personal style?

I would describe it as quite simple. I like to take things a little easy and be cruisy when it comes to things outside of football. Whatever is comfortable and looks good. Just a t-shirt, jeans and Chucks kind of thing. Would you say you push the fashion boundaries then? Not really, although my wife tries to get me to go there. A few times she has changed my style in the past couple of years. Do you have any fashion icons? There are a few guys that I think have great style. And if you were to go to the extreme I would say Criss Angel has quite a cool look.

I spend time with my wife and my son, who is three in January. I quite like listening to a bit of RnB and a bit of Jazz. Artists like Maxwell and Jay Z are what I like listening too. It suits my style. I think Vodafone has opened up a great doorway with their Play website, connecting people with music more easily. Have you used the Vodafone Play website yourself? It gives you a lot of opportunities to explore a lot of music and sport. The highlight of my career would probably be in , winning the world cup.

We were the underdogs because we played Australia in the finals and we beat them, even though they had fielded what was arguably the best team that year. And I am interested in the anatomy of the body and that kind of stuff as well; sports science. Home is my favourite place. I just like to chill out and the most important thing in my life is my family. How did you become a professional league player? I was incorporated into the Warriors development. It was really a goal of mine play league professionally until that year.

Growing up through school I played league ever since I was five just for the fun of it. Come , my last year of high school, it kind of hit me that this could be a good career for me if I gave it a go. So I did. Do you have any particular routines you follow before you go out to play? Any superstitions? The only routine I have is my breakfast.

I always have four Weetbix, a strawberry yoghurt and a banana. Would you say you have a passion for fashion? Not a passion, but I do take pride in my appearance and what I wear and what I look like when I go out. I pretty much just learnt how to play guitar from people playing at parties when I was younger. Have you ever travelled to the USA before? I was there for a month. I was in Vegas for six nights which was probably about three nights too many.

After the third night I was shattered. Then we went on a snowboarding trip after that. I went all over. San Diego and Vegas were probably the best for me. Did Las Vegas live up to its reputation as a party town? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Winning the world cup in with the Kiwis. And I won a premiership in with the Tigers. And I was thinking, if I had no other talent I would be backstage or carrying some speakers and be a roadie.

I always look forward to coming home. Talk me through how you became a professional league player? Was it always something that you wanted to do from school as a young boy? I always wanted to play rugby to tell. But then I went on a trip to the Gold Coast and watched one of our mates play rugby league and they were having a trial game and they asked any of us if we wanted to play.

So I had a game and it must have gone alright because they got me back on scholarship and then I signed with the Tigers when I was at school and that was it. Do you have any superstitions or routines that you stick to before you play a game? And I always put my left sock on before my right sock and my left shoe on before my right shoe. J Williams Joshua Williams, aka J Williams, has made a smooth transition from world class dancer to singing sensation.

What do you mean? Throw out some words to describe how you dress? But I like to mix it up, so I have more of a street style but still classy at the same time. And I teach dance classes as well. Did you learn to dance through schools or are you self taught? Self taught - I actually learnt off YouTube.

I never thought it would be this huge, I never thought I was going to be a singer; I always wanted to be a dancer. What music are you inspired by? Usher is the man. I take my hat off to him, also Michael Jackson as well. Because I just got back from New York about two weeks ago and I was actually hanging out on those stairs where the music video was shot, that was a trip. That was an awesome experience. Before all this I taught loads of dance classes. Williams wears Little Brother cardigan, Marcs t-shirt and jeans, Ksubi sunglasses, Converse shoes, suspenders stylists own, necklace and watch models own.

Nia wears: Alex Perry slip worn as dress , Americana shoulder pads customised by Remix. A A picture tells a thousand words. These are our favourite shots of the goings-on behind the scenes. How was your first day of New Zealand Fashion Week? Being here for just one day so far, what I love best is probably BurgerFuel!

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I went and had a burger there today and it was delicious, I ate the whole burger and could have passed out and gone to sleep afterwards. One piece of gossip… I would just say when the cameras go down, some of the people you see on TV are not who they really are. What do you think of the Langham Hotel? Random question time: favourite colour? Black Favourite car? Hmm good one! Right now I like the Hyundai Genisis. Favourite makeup? What do you think about New Zealand Fashion Week in general? Swedish design has its tradition steeped in simplicity and functionality, with everything tested and retested.

As the design industry in Sweden has developed, Swedish design has become more diverse. Today it is focused on developing more beautiful things for every day use yet it always returns to tradition: clean, pure form dictated by function. Household names like IKEA and iconic fashion brands such as Nudie and Acne all come from the Swedish tradition of quality and innovation. Absolut Vodka is no exception; in fact the brand has become synonymous with creativity, design and innovation whilst retaining the functional, high quality Swedish aesthetic.

The Absolut Vodka concept is a pure vodka with a heritage of innovative marketing. The phenomenal success of this Swedish brand begins in with entrepreneur Lars Olsson Smith who introduced a revolutionary new distillation method called continuous distillation, a method they still use today. With more than ads, this campaign is the longest running ever.

The breakthrough came with the Absolut bottle, purely by chance. It stems from a chance spotting in an antique store of an old Swedish medicine bottle, a cultural icon that has remained unchanged for years. The advertising team decided that this bottle resounded with Swedish tradition; simple, functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Vodka had been used in the 16th and 17th centuries to cure sickness. Teamed with contemporary clear glass to display the crystal contents and the bold blue Absolut Vodka logo the icon was born. Absolut Vodka began exporting in ,. Since the inception of their worldwide marketing campaign the brand has continued to develop new product flavours, and with this the marketing has evolved encompassing new media and technologies.

For example the launch of Absolut Vanilia marked a step away from launching new product through print media advertisements and instead they used an internet campaign which offered an innovative, interactive variable. Narrative film like interactive parties, drink mixing tutorials, invitations to the internet users own parties and so on. Over the years over artists across the art, music, fashion and sculptural fields have been commissioned to design campaigns.

In Absolut commissioned an art program throughout America to run full page Absolut Vodka ads with images of the commissioned works every two weeks, with lithographs of each work sold to raise funds for Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids. Collaboration with Lenny Kravitz in marked the first Absolut track.

This song, entitled Breathe and 10 remixes by different musical artists around the world features its own video and was available as a free download. Some of the Absolut poster ads at bus stops and train stations featured a headphone jack where you could listen to the track while waiting for the bus. In in The Simpsons iconic opening sequence, the magazine Marge reads at the checkout features a fictional Absolut ad, entitled Absolut Krusty.

In , Absolut Vodka collaborated with renowned fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth and critically-acclaimed actresses Kate Beckinsale and Zooey Deschanel, in a campaign to bring the cocktail world to life by celebrating unique Absolut drinks captured photographically by Ellen Von Unwerth. The Absolut Vodka campaigns. The advertising appeals to their senses and inevitably has boldness to its execution. Absolut Vodka is pure and comes from a land that has an environment forests, lakes, fields and the sea that is clean.

The idea with the bottle is to portray the purity of the brand, the origin and the product. Why was communicating through new media such an important stepping stone for Absolut? Today they send film clips to each other and watch YouTube. Absolut is there too. How does a brand with so much history and fame continue to stay cutting edge and fresh?

Absolut always has to challenge itself and reinvent. The brand stays as a leader by working with artists and creative visionaries. The latest example is a short film produced by Spike Jonze entitled I am here. Swedish design is renowned for its purity, function and attention to detail. Explain how intrinsic these values are to Absolut? They are very intrinsic and part of our traditions, history and future. This is what we are passionate about and stay true to, as we evolve. Tell us a bit about your latest collaborations? What projects have you got coming up with Absolut?

The latest project is the Absolut Glimmer limited edition bottle that is being launched worldwide in time for Christmas.

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This Canadian electrofunk duo, P-Thugg and Dave 1, have been on a steady climb to the top since their second album Fancy Footwork exploded in popularity — and with good reason. The electrofunk movement has seen a massive resurgence of late after a brief hiatus. He describes the Chromeo sound as pure electrofunk, but in pointing out their influences lays claim to an eclectic mix. It all stays in your head and all gets used. But A-Trak keeps us a close family and together we combine all the genres. Patrick is more than happy to outline the basis for the album.

We wanted to focus on just having fun and getting the dance floor fired, but keeping it interesting for everyone and us at. It was our first semihit, where we realised we could actually make it. Getting into Fancy Footwork we were going back to measure against it and take those highlights and just improve — we wanted to draw on the good stuff. What has the journey from being an undiscovered passionate DJ to worldrenowned musical legend, been like?

MAC Studio Sculpt - FOUNDATION FEST Review & Wear Test - Dry Skin Over 40

Has your view on the electronic music world changed, because some of it has become less instrumental and remains very commercial, entirely based on making money? The word. If so, what can you tell us about it? If not, any other ongoing productions or collaborations? So, no collaborations nor side projects are planned in a near future. Favourite synth and why? To be honest we are not so much into synths, and dont have a lot of them. If you could interview anyone dead or alive who would it be? And what question would you ask them?

Sorry for the nerdy answer. How did you start making. One of you an amazing producer and the other an amazing DJ, and thought this could create an amazing combination? Actually our. We both used to be graphic designers before, and started and learnt to make music together, so we didnt have any other combination idea than just friendship. One of them being taught some wise entertainment tricks. Well, it. The French love their baguettes and.

One of the. Who wears the pants in your relationship? We share the only pair of leather pants we own. All Rights Reserved. Ubisoft and Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U. Wii is a trademark of Nintendo. Nintendo DS is a trademark of Nintendo. Boys Noize — DJ, producer, label owner Having started in his early teenage years, the route to success was always going to be an interesting one for Alex, he fondly recalls a simpler time when he started out in the scene.

It was about the music and the people — my first gig was in Hamburg at this club, like people, and the DJ booth was in the corner. There is one really good way around this however, a way of playing what you want, and what the people want, and that is so create an entirely new sound that people want to party to, and thus we have the Boys Noize sound.

I just went with my sound, it was so crazy, but I. Boys Noize Records, founded in , was launched by Alex as a way to retain full artistic freedom around his music while promoting similar sounds. Based in Berlin the label recently celebrated their 50th release with albums from the likes of Housemeister, Shadow Dancer and Siriusmo, and EPs from an assorted mix of musical anarchists like D. M and Strip Steve. But like any good label owner Alex is all about promoting his other signed artists too. The accomplishment he really wants to discuss?

Getting a Mixmag cover CD at the end of By Will Seal. But how does a hard rock band from Wellington, born and bred Kiwi lads with three 1 studio albums and a 22 year history, get mixed up in all that hoo-hah? I was lucky enough to catch up with Phil Knight, one of the dream team, to have a look back as the boys enter their third decade with a bang and see where to from here.

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We had a lot of fun with the heavy guitar riffs, but there are still a lot of electronic themes as well. The first song Jon just came in with the keyboard loops and drum machine parts and we just loaded it up and swapped a few bits around and went from there. Other bands might have to find others to work with but we all meshed. Always challenging ourselves — with shows, touring, albums, everything — we keep going forward.

All we felt was gratitude, and personally, luck that I had hooked up with three other guys that were as determined and passionate about making and performing awesome music as I was. It was a good buzz. A, everyone had flags on their cars, there was a lot of fear in the air and the. I just wanted to get out of there. Beside the stage was a paintball gun alley where kids were lining up to shoot effigies of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and French president Jacques Chirac.

That was the weirdest one. The amount of times I actually pointed out to Americans the fact that their Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French and they were supposed to be mates. We started recording everything on tapes, now on PC — we just spontaneously jam and see what happens. Are they at all nervous? Since its inception in in Melbourne, the Laneway Festival has become synonymous, with hot summer days, awesome locations and diverse, forward-thinking line-ups that favour talent over mainstream success.

On the 31st of January , New Zealanders will experience their second Laneway Festival in the newly revamped Aotea Square with two stages plus local arts showcases and delicious cuisine. Lineup: Yeasayer, Foals, Ladyhawke,!!! The Remix team will all be there! VIP ticketholders can look forward to star treatment in their very own area with a prime spot overlooking the main stage. The VIP enclosure also includes its own luxury toilets, huge undercover bar area and chillout marquee. At this central meeting point VIP hosts will be able to accredit you with your festival bands while you enjoy catered hospitality.

To enter go to www. Competition closes at 5pm Friday 17 December. In between Oscar nominations and appearing on hit American television shows like Lost, Dutch actress Thekla Reuten has scored herself a killer role alongside Hollywood royalty George Clooney in the new thriller film The American. Thekla plays Mathilde, a beautiful assassin who needs a big new gun to carry out her killing tasks. She turns to Clooney, an armourer and assassin himself who is on the run after having a hit taken out against him. It tracks along nicely, allowing the viewer time to soak in the characters and relationships, without forcing the action and the plot down your throat.

How much of the assassin is there in you? Playing a killer in a James Bond film is something so different to this film — here I mostly focused on the humanity of the character. So I focus on what she could be beside that. How do you feel about guns? Guns are an alien object for me. I voraciously take on such challenges. I went from taking 42 seconds in assembly to 23 seconds, all the same.

mac studio sculpt foundation | Caked in Make Up

I think we all find craftsmanship beautiful. The best things are hand-made. She also wants to impress him. When she shoots at the target she brings she wants to show him how good she is. She does try to make contact with him, that there is life next to the loneliness of the job, but he shrugs it off. George Clooney has a reputation for being fun to work with, was that the case on The American?

Did he intimidate you? He always socialises. For The American there were two films that he was promoting at the same time; everyone was in Italy for a while prepping and I was doing my gunwork. He arrived on Friday morning and his first shot was on Saturday. Every one of the main parts met with him for an hour and a half with Anton, just sitting down with some eye contact. The director Anton Corbijn is Dutch also — did you know him in Holland?

We never met in Holland, no. That must have put you at ease on set, what did you two bond over? The American opens in New Zealand on November 25th. Story by Tim Lambourne. Freeview 70 I Auckland Somewhere is the story of Johnny Marco. A Hollywood actor with everything going for him.

But Johnny, played by Stephen Dorff, is struggling to keep his head above water. Coppola first went there as a child with her father, legendary film maker Francis Ford Coppola. And Coppola admits that when it came to choosing a location for Somewhere, there was only. My producers want back up choices but I never have a Plan B. The Chateau Marmont is almost a rite of passage for a Hollywood actor such as Johnny.

Coppola has been friends with Dorff since the s. She wanted to juxtapose his natural sweet side against the bravado of his character. And to make sure that chemistry was right Copolla made. Dorff and Elle Fanning, his daughter in Somewhere spend time together outside of the movie set. It was a technique she picked up off of her father. Once Coppola got back to Los Angeles it was out of the frying pan and into the plastic fire. They cast two of their pole dancers from the reality television show Girls Of the Playboy Mansion.

The film Tron was ahead of its time. Released in it was the first film to use extensive computer graphics, disqualifying it from the Oscars because at the time they considered using a computer cheating. So how do you take such an innovative film with an almost religious cult following and make the sequel work 28 years later? How about getting an architect on board?

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  • The original TRON film was about video game engineer and hacker Kevin Flynn, played by Oscar award winning actor Jeff Bridges, who gets abducted into a computer world and is forced to undertake a series of gladiator like challenges. The futuristic blue, red yellow and orange cyber-bikes that raced on a grid and left acoloured light wall behind them.

    Kosinki used his background in architecture, product design, engineering and music to create a world for TRON: Legacy that is able to advance the visual style. For instance, every frame of the film inside the computer had to be hand-painted and traced out. Our approach is basically the opposite. Kosinki was fascinated with the idea that Kevin Flynn and his digital world had been evolving over the last two decades.

    Kosinki has added lightning storms and weather along with more natural features such as cliffs and mountains. The director heard they were interested in being involved in TRON: Legacy, so he arranged a meeting with the mysterious French musicians. Tron: Legacy is out in New Zealand on december 16th. Music has a way of describing complex, mysterious aspects of living in a way that nothing else can. It can get underneath your skin in the most beautiful way. Music is a beautifully presented new coffee-table book for any music lover, shot by Andrew Zuckerman.

    Following his previous work, the highly acclaimed Wisdom, this book features stunning high definition portrait photography and insightful interviews with fifty eminent musicians, including local artists Dave Dobbyn, Neil Finn and Bic Runga. The book is produced in collaboration with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. What was his role in the project? He helped develop the idea that we could create a collection of global elders and speak to them about their experiences and what they had learned.

    So, as with Wisdom, he helped compile the list of contributors and wrote each of them a letter personally requesting them to be a part of the project. Did you take a different approach to photographing Music than you did to your previous book Wisdom? Particular technical concerns have evolved.

    How did you go about selecting the artists you wanted to participate and how did you get them on board with the project? At the. The next step was to write letters to all of the artists asking for their collaboration and participation. From that list of we were able to complete about 50 sessions for this first edition of the book; however, I do plan on continuing to create more portraits in the future for further iterations of the project.

    There is a selection of renowned Kiwi artists amongst the big international names. What is your connection to New Zealand? I love New Zealand for many reasons, but a major one is that all of my book projects originate in Auckland with PQ Blackwell and because of our relationship I have been exposed to a lot of New Zealand culture. Why was it significant when compiling your selection of artists to select from a wide range of ages, styles and nationalities?

    I feel that by exploring the subject through the. What do all these artists have in common for you? Hard work, passion, and dedication. Five percent of the publishers revenue is donated to a variety of charities, can you explain why is this important to you? The charity pool, which we started on Wisdom, and continued with Music. The result is an invaluable reference for any comic book fan and a. A surfer himself since , Grannis began photographing the scene in California and Hawaii in the longboard era of the early s.

    An innovator in the field, Grannis suction-cupped a waterproof box to his board, enabling him to change film in the water and stay closer to the action than other photographers of the time. It is in these iconic images that a sport still in its adolescence embodied the free-spirited nature of an era a time before shortboards and celebrity endorsements, when surfing was at its bronzed best. Taking place almost entirely in Rome, the game sees the return of many classic characters to help or hinder you along the way — Machiavelli is never ever shy about chipping in with some advice and Leonardo da Vinci has your back with some handy technological innovations.

    The storyline is rich and masterful with plenty of intrigue, twists and turns. The story unfolds as your family villa is besieged and destroyed by the army of Cesare Borgia — son of the Pope and the guy you nailed last time. Luckily revenge is what you do best — particularly the high-profile, message-sending, overthrow-your-tyrannical-control kind. This leaves you in a great position to slink around Rome as you both eliminate people and utilise the best new feature of the game — Brotherhood.

    In a fantastic addition, you now have the ability to recruit, train, equip and dispatch teams of assassins across Europe to do your dirty work, or have them tag along on your missions to create a diversion or lend some much needed support. This game is fun, elaborate, brutal, time-consuming and sexy to look at. The kingdom is in peril!

    The wenches cry out for a hero, will you answer the call? Like an epic Knights of the Roundtable adventure saga hosted by Charlie Chaplin, this monumental RPG combines plenty of serious hack-n-slash moments mixed with the hilarity only John Cleese can provide. You find yourself once again in Albion, an immense 3D world full of gently bubbling brooks, quaint towns and very strange people. Picking up not really where the previous incarnation of the game left off perfect for those new to the series a quick run in with your tyrannical older brother, ruler of this land and all he surveys, sees you fleeing with your motley crew to a suspicious looking castle.

    Step 1 on overthrowing a government? Raising an army of course. It all comes down to choice — raise a family, play at trading, perhaps the occasional random murder? At this point Fable 3 takes a very unusual and really awesome turn. Congratulations Sire, you are now in control. And thus begins your time as a ruler — constantly juggling requests, costs, demands and cashflow like some miniature Obama trying to get universal healthcare. The crisp graphics and landscapes are a joy to rule with an iron fist, while the A-list voice acting avoids any dull moments.

    Gameplay too is superb, with a new romance interaction system that is borderline obsessive. Overall the game is the perfect timewaster and great for the experienced or occasional player looking for something a little less serious and a lot more fun. Exciting news! Since the last issue, Remix has secured an international distribution deal that will see Remix on sale around the world, in the U. The past few months have seen us travel all over the world to meet creative folks in various industries, in order to grow our brand and to find new global contributors.

    We intend on keeping this momentum going for See you there! How does it achieve this? By providing a unique combination of sleek, athletic design and performance with all the ground-breaking technology and stunning luxury you would expect from any Audi. Visit your authorised Audi dealership for a test drive. US version released Feb 1st Only from Joico, the Experts in Healthy Hair.

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    Photos by Photos by Guy Coombes www. In fantastic projects! Kiwis have a really distinct and individual sense REMIX 46 about the inspiration behind your current collection. Has your American background influenced your design style? While America is the land of cultural diversity, it has been my extensive travels around the world and the indigenous people, art, creativity, and architecture that have influenced my design vocabulary more than anything else.

    My furniture design career began as a pattern maker, and custom furniture maker. You are best known for your mastery of a range of styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional and classic forms. I would say that I feel more like an old young designer. I am not working following any design dogma. What really excites me REMIX 64 is new challenges and the will, may be sometimes it is a utopia, to find a new idea which can give another value to the product for the final user.

    I always try to be careful when I talk about ecology and want to avoid using it as communication justification as it often happens. Smashbox the brand was started by my brother Davis and I 20 years ago. ON-THE-GO holiday teal by smashbox If you want to experiment with a touch of colour in your eye makeup this summer, teal is a good option as it suits just about every skin and eye colour. With a fluffy brush, blend a little Jane Iredale Quad Bronzer into the crease, to enhance with the all-over bronze look. NW stands are Neutral Warm and is suitable for people that have a warm, pinkish undertone in their complexsion.

    NC, Neutral Cool, is suitable for people that have a yellow undertone in their complexion. This tends to be people with olive or golden beige skin colour. The best thing to do is pop in to your local Mac counter and ask the staff to test some on you or get a sample. Next, choose your number.

    This part is easier since is runs in order, normally starting at 15 then rising in 5s to 50, for example NW15, NW20 and so on. Another difficulty is the shades vary foundation by foundation, for example an NC25 in mineralize can be darker than an NC25 in Studio Sculpt — so always try before you buy!

    I popped into Mac last week to buy a new brush and check out the Surf Baby collection. Starting with Mac Duo Fibre Brush. The surface area of the brush head is quite large, almost as big as the Mac blush pots, making it difficult to contour or brush on small circles onto the cheeks. It can also look a little heavy handed. The Duo Fibre brush has a flat head and a mixture of both natural and synthetic bristles. For me, the and cream blush are a match made in heaven.

    The surface area is much smaller, enabling you to be much more directional — I can dab a little on the apple of the cheeks or use small circular movements along the cheek bone. It also fits into the compact much more comfortably. It would be great as a foundation brush, but will take longer to cover the full face. In fact it was probably my first make up love. My current obsession are nudes and peaches, but for a long time it was all about the pinks.

    Creamy, shiny, shimmery and luxurious. Long lasting but not sticky, smells great too. Nice on its own for a hint of glimmer and has a fabulous vanilla scent. Candy pink with a suitable gold shimmer. Quite highly pigmented giving it a great coverage. This gloss is the darkest of the bunch, verging on hot pink. It has soft, creamy feel — comfortable to wear and not especially sticky. Has a satin sheen finish.

    Unfortunately Pout cosmetics no longer exists, but you can still pick some of these babies up online. It smells and tastes minty with a cooling effect that plumps the lips and with regular use, and claims to increase collagen. The medium pink is great for a nice hint of colour without being too bold.